Review: Heroic Abduction (Alien Abduction #5) by Eve Langlais

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Heroic Abduction Book Cover Heroic Abduction
Alien Abduction #5
Eve Langlais
Science Fiction Romance
April 13, 2014


He’s determined to rescue her, whether she likes it or not.

Bucking family tradition, Dyre is determined to become his planet’s first hero, even if it breaks his mother’s heart. He sets out on numerous quests to bring justice to the universe. However, his altruism never seems to turn out quite as expected. Who knew doing the right thing was so hard?

In between saving those who don’t want his help—and the chaos that follows—he rescues a damsel in distress. She doesn’t appreciate his heroic abduction, and even worse, once Dyre gets to know the outspoken human, he entertains less-than-noble thoughts about ravishing her.

It takes only a couple of comical mishaps, some hot kisses, and danger for Dyre and Betty, to discover their happily ever after—and thank the stars for a heroine who ends up saving this hero, and the galaxy, from his chivalrous side.


Heroic Abduction is book five in the Alien Abduction series by Eve Langlais.

Several years have passed from this book and Dual Abduction. In Heroic Abduction we get one of the teenager girls who’s now grown into a women and looking for adventure.

Betty longs for more then a life in Av Village with a bunch of clucking hens. She wants adventure and freedom. She set out with a plan, but this purple dummy has ruined it by trying to be a hero… What’s a girl to do?

Dyre left his home world to seek adventure and live the Hero life instead of the Mercury way. He finds being a hero tough and no one seems to be grateful for his help. So, what if he destroyed a sacred forest, he got the monster, didn’t he?

Ah, these two where a lot of fun! It’s hilarious from begging to end. There’s adventure and hot sex. I liked that we have a guy trying his hardest to be a hero which is the opposite of what these purple aliens are about. It was also nice to see the human rescue the alien for once. Betty is cynical, feisty, and capable although she too gets herself into lots of trouble. Their back and forth dialogue cracked me up. Their attraction is quick, but it develops nicely into a relationship that works.

Heroic Abduction was fun, enjoyable, and hilarious. It can be read as a stand alone, but I’d at least recommend reading Dual Abduction first.

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. Her books are always so fun. I’ve still not tried this series Maybe it’ll have to be a fall binge 🙂

    • I agree her books are fun. Happy Reading!