Hocus Pocus Giveaway Hop ~ Oct. 16th – 31st

Hosted by MamatheFox


My Halloween Name Is: Spooky AppleBobber


You could win your choice of any Book or eBook up to $10 US Dollars. (Open INT)  Winners choice!  International winner can pick a book from the BookDepository as long as they ship their for free (find that out here!).  The Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 48 hours to respond or a new Winner will be chosen.  Winning entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.  See full giveaway policy here.

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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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96 comments on “Hocus Pocus Giveaway Hop ~ Oct. 16th – 31st

  1. Ghostly TrickorTreater

  2. Ghosty Spookypants =) lol

  3. Mine is Batty Dracula.

  4. My Halloween name is Tricksy GhostWalker. Boo!

  5. Spook O’Spooky!! I wonder if my middle name is Spooky too lol.

  6. Candy Witchytoes.

  7. Ghoul SpookyPants.

  8. Ghosty Witchytoes.

  9. Pumpkin McVampire

  10. witchy goblinhunter, lol….no….sigh…I don’t like halloween. God bless.

  11. I’m Pumpkin SpookyPants.

  12. Spooky TrickorTreater LOL

  13. Ghosty AppleBobber

  14. Mine is Candy… CandyMuncher.



  15. What’s your halloween name?

    Mummy Scaryclaws

  16. I am Goblin TreatnTreater

  17. It is Mummy GhostWalker! Thanks.

  18. I got Ghosty Trickor Treater

  19. Batty Scaremaker

  20. I am Ghostly Dracula
    Lola recently posted…Review: The Alchemist and an Amaretto by Annette MarieMy Profile

  21. Spooky Witchytoes

  22. Goblin ScaryClaws

  23. Treats TrickOrTreater

  24. Spooky Dracula.

  25. Spooky Candymuncher is who I am that’s so funny. To the above I love the picture of your cat.

  26. I’m Goblin Dracula. 🙂

  27. Monster O Spooky

  28. I’m Ghosty O’Spooky. LOL I like it.

  29. Candy SpookyPants is my Halloween name

  30. Tombstone Dracula

  31. I am Ghoul O’Spooky.

  32. Batty Dracula

  33. I am Candy Spookypants!

  34. Batty Scaremaker! LOL

  35. I’m Ghosty Ghostwalker. LOL!

  36. You can call me Ghosty McVampire

  37. Screamer AppleBobber 😮

  38. My name is Goblin Trick or Treater.

  39. Ghosty TrickorTreater is my name.

  40. Pumpkin ScaryClaws

  41. Batty ScareMaker

  42. My Halloween name is Zombie ScaryClaws.

  43. Pumpkin Scaryclaws

  44. I am Spooky Scaremaker

  45. spooky candymuncher

  46. Bony O’Spooky

  47. I’m the Ghosty Candymuncher and it fits! LOL
    Laura Thomas recently posted…31 Days Of Thrills And Chills #17 ~ The Dark GameMy Profile

  48. Witchy Scaremaker

  49. Ghoul Spooky Pants which is too funny to be scary.

  50. Mine is Pumpkin Goblinhugger 🙂

  51. I am Treats GhostWalker

  52. Eyeballs McVampire!

  53. Goblin Witchytoes hahah

  54. I’m goblin scaryclaws

  55. I’m Spooky Ghostwalker.

  56. Mine is Ghosty Dracula.

  57. Spooky TrickorTreater

  58. Hello there, I’m Bony Trickortreater!
    Dianna recently posted…Sonic DVD + Xbox Game #HalloHop #giveawayMy Profile

  59. tomstone applebobber

  60. Scary Candymuncher.

  61. ghostly scaremaker
    thanks for the chance!

  62. I’m Spooky ScaryClaws!

  63. Batty AppleBobber

  64. Zombie ghostwalker

  65. Batty Spookypants

  66. Candy witchytoes, lol

  67. The Night Crawler

  68. batty trickor treater
    sherry fundin recently posted…Legend of the Chupacabra by Michael Hebler @mheblerMy Profile

  69. Candy McVampire. 🙂

  70. Goblin O’spooky

  71. I’m Goblin O Spooky 🙂

  72. I am Pumpkin CandyMuncher.

  73. My Halloween name is Spooky Trickortreater 😀

  74. Ghostly Ghostwalker… which sounds like a horror version of Star Wars or something. LOL

  75. Mine is Ghoul GhostWalker.

  76. Goblin Scaremaker

  77. Bony Ghostwalker

  78. I am Zombie Truck or Treater

  79. Witchy Goblinhunter

  80. Mine is Eyeballs TrickorTreater

  81. Batty ScareMaker. 😊

    Thank you for a generous giveaway!!

  82. batty dracula is mine

  83. “What’s your halloween name?” Pumpkin Witchytoes.

  84. Tricksy TrickorTreater

  85. Batty ScaryClaws

  86. Mine is Mrs Mummy.

  87. I’m Batty Scaremaker! 😀

  88. spooky scaremaker

  89. Witchy ScaryClaws

  90. I am Goblin Dracula lol

  91. Candy Scaryclaws! Boo!

  92. Happy Halloween from Mummy McVampire!

  93. Pumpkin Candymuncher!

  94. Goblin Scaryclaws.

  95. If we go with Cathryn then I’m Candy Scaremaker. As Kate I am Zombie Scaremaker – take your pick!

  96. Little repetitive – Spooky O’Spooky

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