2019 End of Year Challenge Updates

It’s the end of 2019.  It’s time to showcase my Challenge’s and how well I did or didn’t do.  I picked challenges that would help me use my library or read the books I have sitting on my bookshelf and/or eReader.  The only one that focuses on New Releases is the New Releases Challenge.  I also put next to each challenge recommend or not.  Plus I’ll share with you the challenges I signed up to do in 2020 or plan to sign up for.


Recommend Challenge: First off is the Goodreads Reading Challenge. My goal is 150. Same goal I keep each year. I surpassed this goal and am still reading into the new year.

2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Angela (Angel’s Guilty Pleasures) has
completed her goal of reading
150 books in


Recommend Challenge: The Audiobook Challenge I set my goal at Stenographer (can listen while multitasking) 10-15. I surpassed my goal and listened to 45 audiobooks in 2019. Challenge Page.

  1. Light My Fire
  2. Last Dragon Standing
  3. The Dragon Who Loved Me
  4. How To Drive a Dragon Crazy
  5. Moonshadow
  6. Smooth-Talking Cowboy
  7. A Tale of Two Dragons
  8. Feel the Burn
  9. Untamed Cowboy
  10. Hot and Badgered
  11. Good Time Cowboy
  12. Hard Riding Cowboy
  13. Masques
  14. Run to Ground
  15. Snowed in with the Cowboy
  16. On the Chase
  17. Bring the Heat
  18. Raor
  19. Wolfsbane
  20. Survive the Night
  21. The Guardians
  22. Sterling
  23. Through the Fire
  24. Lionheart
  25. Sapphire Flames
  26. Wolf Rain
  27. Steal the Dragon
  28. Sweep of the Blade
  29. Trace of Magic
  30. Between Jobs
  31. Bite Me
  32. Three Mages and a Margarita
  33. Between Shifts
  34. Archangel’s War
  35. Wolf With Benefits
  36. Those Texas Nights
  37. No Getting Over A Cowboy
  38. Branded As Trouble
  39. Unbroken Cowboy
  40. Lone Star Cowboy
  41. Just Like a Cowboy
  42. When Demons Walk
  43. The Blacksmith Queen
  44. Heat Exchange
  45. Controlled Burn


Recommend Challenge: For The Backlist Reader Challenge all the books have to be published before 2018.  I set my goal at 30+ backlist books and I read 101, surpassing it by a lot.  For a full list of books read visit here.  

Not Recommend Challenge: For The Love Ebooks 2019 Reading Challenge this was a new challenge for me.  My goal is Phase 3: 21-30. I surpassed this one by a lot.  My total of eBooks read in 2019 is 103.  To see a list of all the eBooks I read visit here.  (I was looking for something to help me read the books I bought or picked up as freebies in eBooks, but this challenge didn’t help me focus on that. It’s all ebooks.)

Recommend Challenge: For the Library Love Challenge I did Overdrive Junkie 36+.  I read and/or listened to 43 books from my local library. Challenge Page.

  1. Smooth-Talking Cowboy (Audio)
  2. Untamed Cowboy (Audio)
  3. Widow’s Web
  4. Small Favor
  5. Good Time Cowboy (Audio)
  6. Hard Riding Cowboy
  7. Burn Bright
  8. Deadly Sting
  9. Kiss of Venom
  10. Midnight Wolf
  11. Wake a Sleeping Tiger
  12. Run to Ground (Audio)
  13. Snowed in with the Cowboy (Audio)
  14. Under Wraps
  15. Mail Order Cowboy
  16. On the Chase (Audio)
  17. Roar (Audio)
  18. Heart of Venom
  19. Survive the Night (Audio)
  20. Turn Coat
  21. Chocolate a la Murder
  22. Urban Enemies 
  23. Broken Soul
  24. Cowboy Wolf Trouble
  25. The Spider
  26. Through The Fire (Audio)
  27. Dark Heir
  28. Changes
  29. Between Jobs (Audio)
  30. Between Shifts (Audio)
  31. Redeeming Zorus
  32. Stealing Coal
  33. Taunting Krell
  34. Haunting Blackie 
  35. Archangel’s War (Audio)
  36. Those Texas Nights (Audio)
  37. Melting Iron
  38. Touching Ice
  39. No getting Over a Cowboy (Audio)
  40. Branded as Trouble (Audio)
  41. Unbroken Cowboy (Audio)
  42. Controlled Burn (Audio)
  43. Heat Exchange (Audio)


Recommend Challenge: The New Release Challenge my goal is 1-30 books per year (New Release Newbie).  I read and/or listened to 27 new releases in 2019.  To see a full list of the 2019 New Releases I read visit here.

Not Recommend Challenge: The Print Only 2019 Reading Challenge is a new challenge for me.  My goal is 11-20 – 1st Edition and I added an additional challenge to myself for this one to read all the books on my bookshelf that I’ve bought or won, but haven’t read yet.  I read 14 physical books.  3 where on my bookshelf and the rest I borrowed from my library.  You can see a list of my books I had on my challenge to read and the ones I did read for this challenge by visiting here.

Last up is the Discussion Challenge:

Recommend Challenge: My goal for this challenge is 1-10 – Discussion Dabbler.  I did 37 posts for this challenge.  You can check them all out by visiting here.

2020 Challenges

For 2020 I’ll be doing the library love since I host.  I’ll be signing up for the goodreads reading challenge, audiobook challenge, new release challenge, and the discussion challenge.  Feel free to check out the challenges and join any or all. 



How did you do this year (2019) on your challenges?  What challenges are your favorites?  Which do you recommend?  I like challenges and keeping track of my reading.  It’s interesting to look back and see how I read; ebooks vs physical vs audio or what genres I like more or do I enjoy more New Releases to the Backlist Titles, etc…  What’s your thoughts?


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Natalie Aguirre

I can’t pick a favorite. But I recently read Rebel by Marie Lu and enjoyed it a lot.


You did an excellent job on your challenges. I managed to surpass my goodreads challenge by 4 books and the audio book challenge by 8. I failed my other challenges.

Melanie Simmons

Great job on your challenges.I hope you do just as well in your challenges next year.


Wow! Great job – you almost completed them all and surpassed a few by a lot! Nice work. I only did the audiobook challenge in earnest, and did well with that. I tried a TBR challenge – but I stopped keeping track of it.

Tanya @Rantings of a Reading Addict

You did amazing! Do you find that completing the challenges drove you to read more? I always find I sign up for them, but never complete. This year I only did GR and Audiobook. I did a little over on both of them, so I’m happy this year. I need to go back through your lists to read the posts I missed!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Wow! You did FANTASTIC on your challenges! You met them all and surpassed a lot of them. Great job!!!

Anne - Books of My Heart

Wow you did a LOT and did them well. I did 4 plus COYER and surpassed them all. I did the Backlist in hope I would read some things I purchased – NOPE. So they weren’t really challenges. I am doing Library Love 2020 with you and COYER, but I may do something different this year which is actually a challenge like Discussion Posts or the one Because Reading hosts where you make your own goals.

I can’t do my year end challenge posts YET. I’ll probably read 10-15 more books!

Sophia Rose

Yay for you! You did great, Angela. I like how you shared what your goal was for signing up for the challenge and how it worked out for you along with your numbers. Looks like we participated in the New Release, Audio, and Library Love challenges together. I did great on those and wanted to do better at my Mt. TBR challenge goal.

Wishing you luck with this year’s challenges!