Review: Touch Of Eon (Eon Warriors #2) by Anna Hackett

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Touch Of Eon Book Cover Touch Of Eon
Eon Warriors #2
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance - Military Fiction - Aliens
January 6th 2019
Kindle Unlimited


She’ll do anything to free her sister and save the Earth from invasion, even if she’s blackmailed into stealing sacred alien artifacts…and becomes the prey of the dark, deadly warrior sent to hunt her down.

Special Forces Space Marine Lara Traynor wants to save her sister and her planet from annihilation by the deadly insectoid Kantos. Earth’s Space Corps give her one option: steal three gems sacred to the Eon Warriors. Lara has never failed a mission and she doesn’t plan to start now. What she doesn’t expect is the big, hard-bodied warrior the Eon sent to stop her.

Security Commander Caze Vann-Jad was born and raised to be the best Eon warrior in the empire. Honed by the military academy, his years as a stealth agent, and by his hard warrior father, he has never failed. He knows one weak, inferior Terran is no match for him. But when he finds himself face to face with the tough, skilled Lara, he realizes he’s underestimated the female warrior.

When they are attacked by a Kantos kill squad, it soon becomes clear that the Kantos are planning something far darker and dangerous. Caze and Lara are forced to change their dangerous battle of wits and skill into a fierce battle for survival. Neither of these fighters believe in love, but on the trail of a stolen gem, they will ignite an unstoppable desire, and discover that not only are their lives at stake, but their hearts as well.


Touch Of Eon is book two in the Eon Warriors series by Anna Hackett.

We continue on to meet Eve’s older sister, Lara, who has also been blackmailed by earth government into stealing the 3 Eon Gems. The thing is she has no idea that her mission is needless; since her sister Eve, in Edge of Eon, has saved herself.

Lara is determined to do this mission even if it costs her. She is full of surprises as she tricks, steals, and bamboozles the warrior who’s been sent to hunt her down, bring her to her sister, and collect the gems back.

Caze doesn’t fail. To him his mission and calling are everything, but this one human women is starting to have him question himself.

Things don’t go as planned for either; Lara or Caze in that the Kantos, bug aliens, end up getting in the way and causing trouble. We go on an adventure of non-stop proportions. Lots of battles and hunting take places. It’s got action, adventure, and some sexy alien times.

As for the romance; Lara and Caze do their fair share of sparing and working together; before figuring out that their is more to live then duty.

The only thing about this one was I wasn’t as in like with Lara. She’s a good character, but something about her bothered me. I will say I loved the introduction to the next sister, Wren, and her story that is to come. I enjoy when an author weaves characters in to get you ready and hooked for the next book.

I’m really liking this series. The sisters are enjoyable; each with their own personalities. Their is no shortage of world building, character development, and action to keep you entertained.

Touch Of Eon was another fabulous adventure in the Eon Warriors series and I can’t wait to continue on. Anna Hackett is a must read for any Science Fiction Romance fans. She has a way of pulling you into the world, characters, story, and romance.

Rated: 4 Stars

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12 comments on “Review: Touch Of Eon (Eon Warriors #2) by Anna Hackett

  1. I’m glad it’s still going strong with this next book, too. Oh no… our earth government sounds awful the way they tricked and tried to use her.

    • They aren’t necessarily bad, just desperate and when you get desperate you don’t think clearly. It’s a good series. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. I’m glad you continue to enjoy this author. I’ll have to check it out sometime while I have KU. Wonderful review!

    • Some of Hackett’s novels, 1st in a series, are FREE and she is on KU. I’m very much enjoying her work and this series. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Awesome review Angela!! Shared on my socials!!😉💞💋

    • Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love all these alien warrior type books that are available right now. This sounds like a fun one. Not sure I like the thought of bug aliens though. lol

    • Well the bug aliens are the bad buys. ^_^ Thank’s for visiting!

  5. i’ve seen anna’s name around but i don’t know if i have read any of her work. your review makes me think i need to see if i have any of her books hanging around
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • A few of her books, 1st in a series, are free. She is also in Kindle Unlimited if you have that. I’ve seen her around too. Reading Reality book blog features her work and that is how I found Hackett and became tempted to try her out and now I’m in love with this author. Hope you enjoy whatever you decide to read.

      • thanks for the heads up. i went to her amazon page and grabbed this one to check her out. Undiscovered (Treasure Hunter Security Book 1)i love treasure hunting and navy seals with pasts that won’t let go

        • Hope you enjoy!