Review: Crochet and Cauldrons (Vampire Knitting Club #3) by Nancy Warren

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Crochet and Cauldrons Book Cover Crochet and Cauldrons
Vampire Knitting Club #3
Nancy Warren
Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Ambleside Publishing
October 25th 2018
Kindle Unlimited


Every family has annoying relatives; mine just happen to be undead.

My Grandmother, Agnes Bartlett, used to own Cardinal Woolsey’s knitting shop in Oxford then died and left her shop to me, without informing me that she wasn’t actually dead. She’s a vampire and part of the world’s strangest craft circle – the Vampire Knitting Club.

As you might imagine, this means she’s free to interfere in how I run the business that used to be hers. She’s trying to teach me to knit and it’s not going well. She’s also trying to teach me how to be a witch, since it turns out I’m from a long line of witches. Another tiny detail about my family that no one ever told me, along with the long-lost witch cousins I recently discovered.

But I’m learning. I’ve got my family spell book, my black cat familiar, some powers that sometimes scare me, and an interesting new group of friends.

My archaeologist parents are coming to visit and bringing me a gift I could do without.

So, to recap, I run a knitting shop and I can’t knit. I’m a beginning witch who can’t always control her cat, never mind her magic, and my love life is as tangled as the last sock I tried to knit. Oh, and for some reason, I keep getting involved in murder investigations. Good thing I have my vampire knitters to help sniff out clues.

At least I’ve finally hired the perfect assistant, a real demon with the crochet hook. Or is she too perfect?

Crochet and Cauldrons is the third book in the Vampire Knitting Club series of fun, paranormal cozy mysteries.


I might have to meet a scary witch, but I wasn’t doing it without a lot of caffeine in my system.43% Crochet and Cauldrons


Crochet and Cauldrons is book three in the Vampire Knitting Club series by Nancy Warren. It was another fun cozy mystery. 

Lucy has to deal with an ancient curse, an unknown demon, a cat thief, and many pretty boys. She was brave and determined. She is becoming more conformable with her life in Oxford and I like seeing her settle in. 

The mystery. Unfortunately this go around it was obvious to me who the demon was. I can’t understand how Lucy didn’t figure out. They’re where a lot of give aways. Thou I did still enjoy the mystery and everyone working to keep Lucy safe. 

We do get to meet a few new characters and Lucy’s group of friends expands.

Crochet and Cauldrons is an enjoyable read. Now onto the next one. 

Rated: 3 Stars

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