Review: Centurion (Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #3) by Anna Hackett

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Centurion Book Cover Centurion
Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #3
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance
October 20, 2019


Rescued from her alien captors, the only person who makes her feel safe is a cold, emotionless cyborg.

Abducted from her exploration ship, paramedic Sage McAlister has spent months locked in cells and labs belonging to the Edull. Rescued by the cool, powerful cyborgs of the House of Rone, she finds herself among fellow human survivors on the desert world of Carthago. But despite being free, Sage feels cold inside and is struggling to cope. The only person she feels safe with—who she doesn’t feel the need to pretend with—is a deadly cyborg who feels nothing.

Forced into a military cyborg program as a teen, all Acton Vonn remembers of his past are violent missions and the cybernetic enhancements forced on him before he broke free. His emotions have been dampened to nothing for decades and he’s fine with that. It makes him an efficient member of the House of Rone. Yet the more time he spends with the copper-haired woman he helped rescue from the Edull, the more unfamiliar, strange, and perplexing things he starts to feel.

When a tip reveals that more humans are being held captive at a mysterious desert lake, Sage will stop at nothing to help rescue her crewmates. As she is drawn closer to Acton, she worries about risking her heart. Being with Sage breaks down barriers inside Acton and he struggles with the emotions he doesn’t want to feel. But deep in Carthago’s dangerous deserts, with the Edull hunting them, Sage and Acton will have to risk it all: their lives, their hearts, their souls.

Includes a preview of Edge of Eon (Eon Warriors #1).


Centurion is book three in the Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone series by Anna Hackett. I love Hackett. She is an amazing science fiction romance author. 

Acton never understood why his fellow cyborgs kept falling for their Earth women, but when he helps rescue Sage, his world implodes. Acton is the most machine like of the House of Rone Gladiators, but everything changes when Sage moves in.

Sage was torn from her solar system and sold to the Edull. She was their prisoner and knows too well the danger they pose with their unspeakable robots. Now that she’s free she’s determined to find and save her fellow prisoners, but first she has to show the tasty looking Acton how good emotions can be. 

I loved Acton and Sage’s story. They started out as friends, but quickly realized their attraction to each other. Acton was so sweet in how he helped Sage deal with find her place in this new world and the trauma that happened to her. On the other side Sage helped Acton find his feelings. I was delighted with their budding romance and that they both helped each other to heal and find love. 

Besides the healing and romance we are treated to many action-battle scenes. There is no shortage of trouble from the Edull as the hunt goes on to find the Edulls hidden city and free the humans. 

Centurion is another fabulous, entertaining, and exciting read. I can’t wait to get the next story in the House of Rone series. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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6 comments on “Review: Centurion (Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #3) by Anna Hackett

  1. This looks good. I love the sci-fi elements. Another series that needs to go on my list. I haven’t tried this author yet.

    • I really like Hackett. Her writing is great and the world building is top notch. I totally recommend her sci-fi stuff. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. You are certainly having a great time with this author!

    • That I am!

  3. i have my eye on this series because it’s on KU, but i am only doing the free two months and one is gone already. so….i’ll be thinking about it and have had my eye on hackett for some time
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • I hope you enjoy. Hackett is a great sci-fi romance author to read.