Meowloween Giveaway Hop ~ Oct. 6th – 20th

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Welcome to the Meowloween Giveaway Hop


Meow… Let’s take a look at some fun book covers with cats on them:


Winners choice of a $10 Amazon GC or a Book/eBook up to $10 US Dollars (Open INT).  International winner can pick a book from the BookDepository as long as they ship their for free (find that out here!).  If you want the GC you must be able to accept an eGift Card via Amazon from a USA Blogger.  USA winner can pick a book from Amazon or the GC.  The Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 48 hours to respond or a new Winner will be chosen.  Winning entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.  See full giveaway policy here.

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I'm an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, animal & book lover. I'm the owner, reviewer & mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy & my favorite shifters are dragons.

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168 comments on “Meowloween Giveaway Hop ~ Oct. 6th – 20th

  1. I love cats the most. My cat is sleeping now and is such a cutie.

  2. I like cats and animals.

  3. I love cats and I have the cutest, sweetest calico cat, Brownie girl, she’s 11. ☺️

  4. I love cats. I dont have some now but wish I could.

  5. I like cats but I’ve spent more time with dogs.

  6. I like cats a lot.

  7. I love cat. I have 3 of them myself.

  8. I do like cats, but I’ve always been a dog owner. I have a dog, 6 birds, and a mouse, so probably not a good fit for a cat. LOL.

  9. We love our 2 rescued kittehs (Bootie and Ninja) and can’t imagine how boring our lives would be without them!

  10. I don’t have a cat, but the covers with the cats look really cool.

  11. I have no cats but I like them.

  12. i like cats,,my son has 2 cats but i dont know if i have read a book with one on the cover

  13. I’m more of a dog person. We had cats growing up, but my mom didn’t really like cats.

  14. I do like cats, but I don’t own one.

  15. i adore cats. my first family pet is a cat and he is 5 years old. i love him so very much

  16. I love cats, though I can’t have any, because my husband is horribly allergic. I just finished reading Stephen King’s newest book, If It Bleeds. Yes, it has a cat on the cover.

  17. I love cats and we have one cat we just rescued last week

  18. I’m more of a dog person. Not so much cats. 🙂 They are okay but not my favorite. LOL

  19. I love cats. I cannot have one where I live. My mother, who lives 15 minutes from me has one. I go over often and love on her cat. I read a book called Murder, She Barked by Krista Davis. It has a cat and a dog on the cover.

  20. I have a cat that I love named Simba.

  21. I like cats. I do not have a cat. I have not read a book with a cat on the cover.

  22. I love cats! I have two cute black cats. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a book with a cat on the cover, however.

  23. I love cats. I have had awesome cats as pets in the past. They are no longer with me and I miss them.

  24. Yes I currently have a black cat! He has a little white on him. I do like cats. Much better than dogs lol

  25. I like the cats

  26. We love cats , we have had cats most of the time. We have had cat fancy magazine and yes some books in the pass.

  27. I don’t have a cat but I wish I did :/

  28. I love cats. I have 4 rescued cats at this time

  29. I love kitty’s and have always had one!!

  30. like cats and we have a shelter cat

  31. I like Cats

  32. I like cats but do not have any.

  33. I do like cats, but I dont have any…I like to watch youtube videos about cats sometimes.

  34. I love cats. Years ago we found a kitten on our front porch during a snow storm. Mom named him Budweiser.

  35. Love cats we have one and going to get another in a week!

  36. I have two cats, love them!

  37. I love cats, and I have 2. I love the warriors series

  38. Do you have a cat?

    not oficialy…but alot of streat cat’s come by to get some food and water

  39. I am allergic to cats. I can’t remember a book with a cat on the cover. Maybe The Cat in the Hat?

  40. I love cats. I don’t have any, but my parents live next door and they have 8!

  41. We don’t have a cat right now. But have in the past.
    Thanks for the chance.

  42. I love cats. I have an adopted cat from the Ten Lives Club called Opah. I have not a read a book with a cat on the cover yet.

  43. I have read Cat in the hat , and remember some old movie of a talking cat.

  44. I am a dog person. I read a mystery with a black cat on the cover, but I can’t recall the title.

  45. I do like cats but I am allergic. The neighbors cat comes and visit everyday…I call him rent a cat. I give him a treat and my husband gives him a pat and sends him on his merry way.

  46. Yes, I like cats. I have 3. Love cat books!

  47. Love cats?
    I am owned by a cat! Fred, my feline overlord is the center of my world.

  48. I never had a cat.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I do like cats, 🙂 I have two

  50. I love cats. Our house has four kitties, but they are our grandma’s. My daughter so wants one of her own.

  51. Cats can be pretty cool.

  52. I have never had a cat. My daughter and her family have 2

  53. I love cats, I have 3

  54. I have a 10 year old cat named Patches. She’s a sweetie.
    Sonya Cocherell recently posted…Death By Tree LimbMy Profile

  55. I’m not a cat person!

  56. I like cats but my husband and son are both allergic to them.

  57. I like cats but I don’t have one.

  58. We love cats and all of ours are rescues.

    • I love cats.

  59. I like cats, but I’m more of a dog person.

  60. I love cats and I have 3 of them, I also love books with cats in them, be they big or small 🙂

  61. I like cats but I don’t have one and will not be getting one because I live in a ‘pet-free’ apartment building.

  62. I am very allergic to cats. I get swollen eyes and have a hard time breathing.

  63. I do not have any cats, I am more a dog person

  64. I love cats but don’t have one never read a book with a cat cover that I can remember

  65. I like cats and my son really wants us to get one, but my husband is allergic so we can’t.

  66. I like cats, but I don’t have one because my husband is allergic.

  67. I think cats are precious, but I do not have one since I am allergic. I would love to read the Black Magic Kitten book… it looks adorable!

  68. I used to have a black cat. And I haven’t read a book with a cat on it but I would like to read A Spell Of Trouble.

  69. I used to have a cat but she passed away a few years ago.

  70. I like cats but I don’t own a cat now. I like seeing animals on the covers of books.

  71. I don’t have a cat.

  72. I like cats, We have 4 barn cats that are super special. I dont think I have not read one with a cat on the cover. Thank you

  73. I love cats and I don’t have any right now but I did have them growing up. Hopefully someday soon!

  74. i love cats!

  75. I love cats and I have one.

  76. I honestly have always been more of a dog person until I was introduced to my best friend’s bengal cats who are so affectionate and so loving.

  77. I love cats!

  78. I like cats. I have 5 of them

  79. I like cats but I don’t have one at this time.

  80. Yes I love cats. We have two of them.

  81. I’m allergic to cats, but I like books with them.

  82. I’m allergic to cats so I’m not a fan but I wish I were.

  83. I’m not a big cat person. The only book I can think of is Cat in the Hat, but surely you wouldn’t count that! Haha

  84. I love cats! I had a cat which I loved very much. Ha! I just read Why Do Cats Meow?: Curious Questions About Your Favorite Pets to my grandson. That is weird that you asked.

  85. i LOVE cats! i have 7!!!! and one of my favorite series ever – Nevernight – has a cat (shadow cat!) on the covers!!!

  86. Love cats but I’m allergic so I now have a dog.

  87. Cats are ok. I don’t have any, but I would own a black cat if I could.

  88. I have a cat named binx. He’s so sweet and has an attitude. My favorite book with a cat on it is pet semetary

  89. Honestly I’m not super excited about cats, but my 14 year old daughter LOVES them and has a little bobbed tail tabby looking cat. His name is Sunny and he is pretty sweet:)

  90. Yes I like cats and had them for many years although I no longer have any.

  91. I love cats and I have two of them

  92. I like cats. We have 1 cat. I don’t think I”ve read a book with a cat on the cover.

  93. like cats

  94. I like cats. Do not currently have a cat but have had many over the years.
    Thanks for the contest.

  95. I LOVE cats, but dogs a tad bit more. Because I do have 2 big dogs with high prey drives I can’t have cats. I know I”ve read cat books BUT they were when I was little.
    Black Magic Kitten, Kitty Confidential, and Spell of Trouble, HY Hanna look interesting.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  96. I like cats. But, I love dogs.

  97. i love cats i have a baby kitty named spice hes orange and white

  98. I LOVE cats! I had a cat…but my daughter took her to college with her. She is going to 18 years old next month! The cat, not my daughter haha. My daughter is 22 so we have had that cat since my daughter was 4 years old.

  99. I love cats.. I’m sitting here typing with my black kitty trying to ‘help’

  100. I don’t love them.. but prefer them over other animals. I can’t think of a specific books, but know I’ve read some cozy mysteries with cats on the cover for sure!

  101. I’m a dog person.

  102. I love cats and have one. I have read so many books with cats on the cover but titles escape me. Maybe WHITE CAT.

  103. I do like them but I don’t have one, and I can’t think of a book I’ve read with one on the cover.

  104. I wasn’t a fan of cats until our daughter got one, we raised him for a few years but now he lives with her and her husband.

  105. I love cats but I don’t have one.

  106. i like cats but never had one of my own.

  107. Our family LOVES cats. It was one of the things that attracted me to my husband.

    We currently have two sisters named Gamora and Nebula.

    This is them when we brought them home last January:

    They don’t sit so well for pictures anymore.

  108. YES! I love cats 🙂

  109. I like cats, because I have Asthma I don’t own a cat, and I would say Pete the Cat is the last book I can recall reading to my grandsons with a cat on it.

  110. I love cats, and would love to have one, but my other family members are against having them at home lol

  111. I love cats and I actually have four of them that are very entertaining and keep me busy with their shenanigans.

  112. I am allergic to cats so, I do not have one.

  113. I am mot a fan of cats. I don’t think I’ve read a book with cats on the cover or any story about cats.

  114. We don’t have a cat, but I like them.

  115. Cats are o k to me

  116. I like cats.

  117. We like cats – we like all animals. We do not own our own but have many in the neighborhood that come for visits daily.

  118. I love cats and always had one when I was growing up. I don’t have any pets right now.

  119. My boyfriend has a cat that I am obsessed with! He’s not just any cat, he is super sweet, smart and loving. I like loving, cuddly cats. I don’t care much for mean cats who run away when you approach them or scratch if you pet them. So I guess cats are kind of like people. Some are adorable and others I can do without, LOL!

  120. I’m a dog person. I don’t dislike cats, I just prefer dogs.

  121. I really love cats but don’t have one as I’m not allowed to have pets in my building.

  122. I like cats, but I don’t own a cat.

  123. I love cats! My cat died a couple years ago. I want a black cat so badly. 🙂

  124. Yes I love cats! I currently have one cat; he’s my all-black Halloween cat.

  125. Yes I love cats, we have a pretty girl named Jasmine. We rescued her 12 years ago when was very tiny her Mother got hit by a car and did not make it. She brings us alot of joy.

  126. I love cats, I have a cat and the only book that I can think of with a cat on the cover is the Cat in the Hat.

  127. I don’t currently have a cat, but I do like them!

  128. I love cats!! I’m a mommy to two fur babies, Felicity and Mimi!

  129. My husband is allergic, so we don*t have a cat. Personally, I*m more of a dog person.

  130. I don’t have a cat, but I have read Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.

  131. I Live with 4 cats, so I must like them. I’ve read many, many books with cats on the cover, including two of the above..

  132. I do like cats but dont have one.

  133. I like cats. Don’t have one but there are a few strays around the building. My landlord named one Fred. He’s an onery cat!

  134. I’m not really a cat person and my wife is allergic so we can’t have one.

  135. I have two cats of my own and three foster kittens in my care that I am hoping to find homes for soon before they become permanent residents. Five cats is a bit too many, but I love them all. The book you have above called Kitty Confidential by Molly Fitz… I went ahead & bought on Amazon today. The first three books in collection by Molly Fitz is on sale for $1.99. The trio is usually $6.99, but I couldn’t pass on the $1.99 price since I had enough credit in my account. If I enjoy the series and win Amazon credit I’ll probably buy the next set of books in the series. Thanks for the chance!

  136. We have a cat named Jackson, he’s black! We got him about 2 months ago

  137. I’m allergic

  138. I had cats as a child. I do not have a cat now since my husband is very allergic to them.

  139. I like cats but prefer dogs. I had two cats but now have a dog! The only book I remember reading with a cat on the cover was “Cat in the hat” books. 🙂

  140. I don’t like cats too much, some are cute thought but I wouldnt keep one as a pet.

  141. I don’t have a cat. I’m allergic to them.

  142. I love cats

  143. I do not have a cat.

  144. When I was young and still in school, I had a cat. I actually prefer dogs now.

  145. I have a cat called Sparky we rehomed from a rescue center 7 years ago , He is nervy still , but beautiful.

  146. I used to have cats, but now live with someone who is allergic.

  147. it needs to be said that if you know someone who does not like cats you should stop talking to that person because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

  148. Bless your fur baby’s heart. Twenty! I pray to the goddess you have many more loving years with your precious one.

  149. Thank you for this chance. I love cats! I actually love all animals but am partial to cats. I have my daughter Maya who is the love of my life! She is purrfect in every way!

  150. We do not have any cats. I am actually allergic to them.

  151. I love cats but due to living in a small apartment on a busy road it’s not feasible to own one.

  152. I love cats. Had them all the time growing up and then when I was a teen I became allergic.

  153. Yes, I have a black cat named CC, we spoil her as much as possible but mostly she just sleeps around our house. The most recent book read with a cat on the cover was likely a Pete The Cat book to my daughter.

  154. I love cats and Sami has recently turned 20! I don’t think I’ve read book with a cat on the cover lately.

    • Bless your fur baby’s heart. Twenty! I pray to the goddess you have many more loving years with your precious one.

  155. I LOVE cats and always have 🙂 I have two.

    (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  156. I love cats and I have a cat 🙂

  157. I love cats, i always had cats growing up. Our cat passed away and we have not gotten another one yet.

  158. I am not a big fan of cats.

  159. Cats are okay.

  160. I like cats, but I do not have one.

  161. Yes, I currently have one. Most I had was five at one time. They are great clever animals!

  162. I’ve owned several cats in the past, but no longer.

  163. I love cats & have one.

  164. I love cats, did have one til a few months ago he got sick and died

  165. I don’t have a cat, but I do like book covers with an animal on it. Thanks for the chance.

    • Kitty Confidential is my pick, I have seen that cover around a lot for a year or two now!

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