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Well the first thing that popped in my head for this giveaway was coffee and how I miss going to Starbucks. I used to go once a week, but now that COVID has become the new norm I’m using my KEURIG Coffee maker everyday and I’ve not been to Starbucks since February 2020.  I love my Keurig!!  I used to get the plastic K-Cups in no particular brand, but I stumbled across the SF Bay Coffee brand and feel in love.  Why? Because of it’s environmentally safe packaging.  I’ve become more Eco-Friendly since I moved to California.  I now stop to consider how this will affect the environment and in what way’s can I cut back on my imprint. 


What I have for you today is a 120 Ct. Pack SF Bay Coffee Verity Pack for one lucky USA Winner ($50 Value). The Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 48 hours to respond or a new Winner will be chosen.  Winning entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.  See full giveaway policy here.

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155 comments on “Thanks a Latte Giveaway Hop ~ Oct. 16th – 31st

  1. My favorite coffee is hazelnut coffee with creamer and sugar.

  2. Starbucks Frappuccinos are my favorite type of coffee

  3. French Vanilla is my favorite.

  4. Cafe Mocha

  5. Yum Yum.. Delish..nothing better than coffee..and pods are most convenient ,Love them!

  6. My favorite coffee is coffee latte.

  7. If I’m at home, it’s a dark roast. If I go out, it’s a white chocolate mocha.

  8. My favorite coffe is a dark roast, but I also love cinnamon coffee!

  9. I love dark roast coffee.

  10. My favorite coffee is a hot mocha flavored

  11. French Vanilla

  12. I love pumpkin spice coffee

  13. I like hazelnut.

  14. love coffee with coconut milk and vanilla

  15. French Vanilla coffee is my favorite.

  16. My husband jokes that I like my cream & sugar with a little bit of coffee! 🙂

  17. I love Gevalia Mocha Coffee

  18. What a better way to start my day. A cup of Carmel coffee with a cheese Danish. Yum

  19. Love coffee. Especially love HAZELNUT

  20. i like hazelnut coffee

  21. Gotta be Blueberry

  22. I absolutely love Kona coffee and my hub’s favorite is anything vanilla or Hazelnut flavored!

  23. Blueberry

  24. My favorite coffee is just strong black coffee..

  25. Toffee nut latte’s are my favorite.

  26. I like regular coffee with flavored creamer

  27. I love just regular strong coffee from my Bunn maker with just a shake of powdered creamer

  28. Vanilla latte!

  29. My favorite coffee of all time is the Kona blend from Joffrey’s.
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  30. Revv extra caffeine

  31. caramel latte!

  32. I love White Chocolate Iced Coffee

  33. I love Starbucks on ice with caramel.

  34. I love just regular strong brewed coffee with a splash of milk preferably a medium roast.

  35. SF Bay Coffee Hazelnut Crème sounds so good.

  36. SF Bay Coffee Hazelnut Crème sounds so good.

  37. i love dunkin donuts with cream only.

  38. I like hot cocoa with a shot of espresso.

  39. I love my iced coffee with sugar and a few different kinds of flavored cream.

  40. I love my coffee iced with vanilla and cream.

  41. my favorite coffee is dunkin donuts original.

  42. I really love caramel flavored coffee.

  43. This time of year, I would have to say a Fall flavor like Pumpkin spice!

  44. Medium roast!

  45. vanilla latte with whip cream on top !!! yum

  46. My favorite coffee is Dark Roast, strong and black.

  47. French vanilla!

  48. espresso is my favorite coffee. I like it strong.

  49. I love French vanilla!

  50. I love Hazelnut coffee!

  51. I like mine black with cream and sugar.

  52. I like butterscotch coffee.

  53. I always get a variety of flavors but hazelnut is my favorite

  54. One of my favorites is hazelnut black coffee.

  55. I love French vanilla and pumpkin spice!

  56. My favorite coffee is Kona coffee

  57. I like hazelnut

  58. I love hazelnut.

  59. I like caramel

  60. I love a good caramel cappucino.

  61. Hazelnut is my go to coffee I keep on hand at all times. I would love to win some mocha for my husband that’s his favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Mornings I treat myself to a pumpkin pie spice coffee

  63. I don’t drink coffee so decaf would be my favorite.

  64. Breakfast Blend

  65. vanilla coffee

  66. My favorite coffee is pecan pralines flavored

  67. I love coffee especially the strong brews like espresso and french roast.

  68. I like French vanilla flavor coffee

  69. I hazelnut coffee and French vanilla coffee the best.

  70. The stronger the better on coffee.

  71. I love a rich peppermint mocha

  72. I love hazelnut coffee

  73. yes please

  74. pumpkin spice flavor

  75. Anything with caramel in it!

  76. I like caramel vanilla coffee.

  77. I love lattes – espresso with milk.

  78. I love iced coffee with a little splash of vanilla creamer.

  79. Caramel Macchiato

    • If it’s a pick up order I’ll go for a flat white with coconut milk. My favorite new coffee brand for home is Top of the Morning by Jacksepticeye.

  80. Coffee with flavor

  81. Coffee with cream for me

  82. I love breakfast blend coffee

  83. Hazelnut flavored

  84. My favorite is Green Mountain House coffee, breakfast blend.

  85. I love french roast!
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  86. I love hazelnut coffee or medium roast with cream and sugar

  87. I love hazelnut best.

  88. Coffee with cream and thank you

  89. My favorite coffee is Coffee AM Mistletoe Joe. I enjoy my coffee black, not strong or bitter.

  90. I love any dark coffee…for example french roast! Thanks!

  91. I like French Vanilla.

  92. Favorite coffee chocolate raspberry!

  93. My favorite coffee is hazelnut.

  94. My favorite coffee is strong black coffee. I just love it:)

  95. I love French roast coffee.

  96. I’m a fan of Community Coffee with Chicory but I really like all types of coffee plain or flavored.

  97. I usually buy a breakfast blend.

  98. Mocha flavored coffee is my favorite.

  99. French vanilla is my favorite coffee.

  100. I love Hazelnut Cream…such a rich and delicious taste. The other flavors are great too, but that one’s my fave!!

  101. I like any coffee not decaf

  102. I love eggnog lattes.

  103. I really like Dunkin Donuts breakfast blend. I also like vanilla flavored coffee.

  104. Vanilla Latte with oatmilk

  105. My favorite kind of coffee is any coffee that is hot, dark, bold and strooonnnnnggggg! Strong enough to peal paint off the wall is what my brother says.

  106. I love hazelnut. French vanilla is also nice.

  107. I enjoy medium roast Colombian coffee.

    • I like french vanilla Cappuccino

  108. White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks..but regular it’s breakfast Blend

  109. Hazelnut or French Vanilla.

  110. I like breakfast blend light roast coffees.

  111. My go-to is Green Mountain breakfast blend.

  112. Give me a really good dark roast

  113. I like vanilla and hazelnut flavored coffee

  114. I like French Vanilla

  115. I love the white mocha.

  116. I think my favorite is Dunkin’s Pumpkin Spice, I buy enough every fall to hoard for the rest of the year.

  117. When I do get coffee it’s usually from a drive thru stand called Big Foot Java. I’m not sure what brand they use tho.

  118. I like iced coffee.

  119. Green Mountain french vanilla is my go to coffee.

  120. I like medium roast coffee.

  121. My favorite has always been medium roasted coffee.

  122. I love caramel iced coffee.

  123. I like Peet’s Major Dickinson’s.

  124. I love cold brew!

  125. I love fresh ground coffee and sometimes I like chocolate in it.

  126. I like Kona coffee

  127. I do do many fall ors.Like hot or iced..bold, rich and dark best.

  128. My favorite Coffee is CC’s Mochasippi.

  129. I prefer Decaf Coffee, both flavored or unflavored; these don’t spike the body’s natural insulin level.

  130. I have so many favorite coffees it’s hard to list just one. I am especially fond of flavored coffee and one the I’ve had is Community Coffee’s Mardi Gras King Cake.

  131. My favorite coffee is SF Bay Coffee French Roast. I’m having a cup right now!

    • I like coffee with Caremal in it

      • I don’t like coffee. I would give this to my sister.

  132. Iced mocha. Brand – Caribou.

  133. My favorite coffee is Maxwell House. Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. Pumpkin Spice is my favorite coffee.

  135. I love black silk coffee

  136. I love French Vanilla Lattes!

  137. I love mochas.

  138. I like frappes.

  139. I like an iced white mocha with caramel

  140. I like hazelnut flavored coffee most.

  141. i well like any kind of coffee as long as its not decaff i will drink it and i also really dont like the poop coffee. dark coffee the best.

  142. Salted caramel is the my favorite.

  143. Love Dark Roast Coffee Black

  144. Thank you for this chance! I just love the regular coffee for me.

  145. Cinnamon would be the favorite.

  146. Starbucks Espresso Roast is my favorite coffee.

  147. I like any kind of medium roast coffee.

    • Folgers french roast.

  148. I like a french vanilla coffee

  149. At this time of the year I so love gingerbread coffee,my absolute favorite

  150. What a beautiful sight!! There is seriously nothing better than coffee..and pods are SO convenient. 😍