Holiday HOHOHO Giveaway Hop ~ Nov. 18th – Dec. 2nd

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Welcome to the Holiday Ho Ho Ho Giveaway Hop


Winners choice of a $10 Amazon eGift Card or a Book/eBook up to $10 US Dollars (Open INT).  International winner can pick a book from the BookDepository as long as they ship their for free (find that out here!).  If you want the GC you must be able to accept an eGift Card via Amazon from a USA Blogger.  USA winner can pick a book from Amazon or the GC.  The Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 48 hours to respond or a new Winner will be chosen.  Winning entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.
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138 comments on “Holiday HOHOHO Giveaway Hop ~ Nov. 18th – Dec. 2nd

  1. I have not decorated yet, hoping to this weekend.

  2. Yes, we have decorated already.

  3. Yes, we have decorated already.

  4. Got our tree up but limited on how much decorating with a rambunctious boy toddler in the house.

  5. I typically have decorated by now. I’m just not feeling up to it this year.

  6. I have already decorated for Christmas.

  7. Yes, we decorated our house and Christmas tree already.

  8. We have started decorating for the Holidays. We have our tree up but the ornaments are not on it yet.

  9. We have started decorating in early November.

  10. We are not decorating this year. We will be traveling December 18th-24th so we will just enjoy the holiday in our same drabby walls. Thank you

  11. I decorated Thanksgiving night!

  12. We don’t really decorate for the holidays.

  13. I have decorated the inside, not the outside yet

  14. I started decorating right after Halloween. We needed some early Christmas cheer!

  15. I have decorated with the items I had for the holidays. I would love to get a few more things if my budget allows it.

  16. We have decorated most of the house but not the tree yet.

  17. We are planning to decorate tomorrow!

  18. We finished our tree today! I always wait til after Thanksgiving!

  19. I just finished decorating for the holidays.

  20. we always start decorating after thanksgiving

  21. I have not started decorating,I will this week.

  22. We haven’t start decorating yet…I’ve been working on getting the rooms straightened up to make room for the tree and decor. Thanks and God bless!

  23. I live alone in an apartment so I don’t do much decorating.

  24. We decorated last weekend.

  25. I started decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but I got more to do!

  26. yes, we decorated over the weekend

  27. I have started decorating but we ordered a new tree and it hasn’t come yet!

  28. We’ve already decorated for the holidays. We like to put everything up early and enjoy it for a long time.

  29. We are decorating this weekend!

  30. We wanted to start decorating this past week, but I need to enlist my brother’s help getting the decorations out of the attic this year.

  31. We don’t really decorate.

  32. No, I have not decorated for the holidays yet, other than putting a wreath on the door. We usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  33. I haven’t done so, yet. I’m waiting to have time and energy at the same time!

  34. I decorate about a week before Christmas at my house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I wait until it’s the actual Month of Christmas. But, I live my life by Logic.

  36. I haven’t decorated yet, usually wait until next month

  37. I don’t think I will be decorating this year.

  38. I don’t decorate for any holiday. That sounds bad but I deal with MS every day. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  39. I have not decorated yet.

  40. We have not decorated for the holidays yet. We will keep it simple this year, I think.

  41. I usually wait until the 1st of December.

  42. We still have the Halloween decor up. Not going to decorate much this year with everything going on.

  43. No decorations yet! Hopefully the day after Thanksgiving.

  44. I decorated some for Thanksgiving.

  45. I’m waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating.

  46. We’re already decorated and ready!

  47. I’ve had my Fall/Thanksgiving decorations up since around the first weekend of November. We put up our outside Christmas decorations on Sunday, but the lights are on yet. We still have the scarecrow couple at our front door. Hopefully this weekend we will put up indoor Christmas decorations.

  48. Probably the day after thanksgiving

  49. Not yet, we always wait until Thanksgiving or after.

  50. I usually decorate the Saturday after Remembrance Day.

  51. Not yet, probably after December 1st.

  52. After Thanksgiving!

  53. I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving.

  54. I’m waiting until after Thanksgiving.

  55. I’m waiting until the weekend after Thanksgiving….and it’s coming fast!

  56. We decorate after Thanksgiving.

  57. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas.

  58. waiting till after thanksgiving

  59. We will get our tree after Thanksgiving and then we will decorate for Christmas. We have a fall them going on now.

  60. I don’t usually start decorating till after Thanksgiving.

  61. I decorate the first week of December.

  62. I decorate after Thanksgiving. I get really sick of the decorations after a few weeks, so I never decorate early.

  63. My kids were done waiting, they’ve put up several decorations and they want me to get more.

  64. We decorate for Christmas the weekend following Thanksgiving.

  65. I have not decorated yet.

  66. I wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate.

  67. I usually deck the halls after Thanksgiving.

  68. I have not decorated. Not sure that we will. My kids are grown and don’t really care if there are decorations or not.

  69. I am not doing very much decorating at all this year. Just not in the mood at all. It’s been a really sad year for me.

  70. We haven’t started decorating yet.

  71. I like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving.

  72. I put the tree up two weeks ago. But that’s all the decorating I’ve done so far. 🙂

  73. If I decorate this year it will be after Thanksgiving.

  74. We’re going to be decorating after my son gets home from college.

  75. We are currently in the process of fixing up our new house and will close on the house we are leaving on Dec. 17th. I am hoping to at least have the living room ready at the new house after Thanksgiving so we can at least decorate a Christmas tree. Its going to be a crazy Christmas season, but I’m trying to feel festive instead of stressed.

  76. We decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving

  77. I don’t really decorate for the holidays.

  78. I have my tree up and a few things outside. This weekend I should be finishing up inside and outside

  79. I usually don’t decorate until sometime in the first week or so of December. It also depends on my mood.

  80. I haven’t decorated for Christmas yet. Will probably wait until Dec01 unless the Grandchildren come to visit. I did put the little outdoor Christmas Tree on the front deck though.

  81. I haven’t decorated yet. I am waiting until after Thanksgiving.

  82. Haven’t decorated yet.

  83. Have you decorated for the Holidays or are you waiting until a specific time?

    here in PT we are already decorating houses and streets


  84. In Italy we usually decorate after the 8th Dec, but a lot of shops have already decorated!
    I will wait for the 8th though ^^

  85. We have done our holiday decorating but it’s not unusual for our family to do that mid-November.

  86. We start decorating after Thanksgiving.

  87. Haven’t even thought about it yet! My Granddaughter just had her 16th birthday and I had to get through that first!

  88. No i have not all my kids are grown and not in the spirit this year

  89. It’s too early for decorating.

  90. We’ve started to get our decorations together, but we won’t be putting them up for a little bit now. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving.

  91. Yes, started a month ago, still working on it!

  92. We decorate after Thanksgiving.

  93. I am waiting to decorate until my granddaughter visits. She loves to help with the tree.

  94. We like to be sure to celebrate Thanksgiving. We don’t start decorating for Christmas until the day after/weekend after Thanksgiving.

  95. Yes, we have our deco up 🙂
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  96. We decorate the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  97. I haven’t really decorated for Christmas in quite a while.

  98. I don’t have any major decor plans this year.

  99. I decorated outside because it was nice one weekend in Wisconsin and figured I would take advantage when I could, will wait until Thanksgiving to turn them on.

  100. No havent started but I wait until after thanksgiving

  101. I have not started yet but usually start the day after Thanksgiving. Thank you

  102. Yes we are all decorated like to put up early so we can enjoy them

  103. We stopped years ago. I still have one 50 gal. container of stuff to giveaway.

  104. We’ve already decked the halls; one less thing to worry about. 🙂

  105. Usually the beginning of December.

  106. No, I usually wait until after Thanksgiving.

  107. I have not. I don’t do much decorating since my son is grown. My mother decorates early so I’m enjoying hers. Thanks for the chance.

  108. Waiting until after Thanksgiving.

  109. I start decorating right after Thanksgiving

  110. Yes I enjoy decorating for the holidays. We usually put some up inside and out.

  111. Yes, inside and out! I love decorations that have lights and music.

  112. I am waiting until after Thanksgiving.

  113. I usually wait till Dec 1 but I think I’ll get them up this coming weekend. Everyone could use a little more brightness this year.

  114. We usually decorate for the holidays the day after Thanksgiving. That is when we buy a Christmas tree!

  115. i love decorating, we start after thanksgiving!

  116. I’m still waiting until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  117. I haven’t yet. I will start December 1st.

  118. I wait until after Thanksgiving.

  119. I havent decorated yet probably by Dec 1 I will

  120. I start the week of Thanksgiving. Wrapping is soon after. Like to be all done before the second week of December

  121. right now i am looking for an artificial tree. have never had one, but i think this is the year. seeing we won’t be going out of town for thanksgiving, it definitely gives me more leeway in decorating

  122. I have not decorated yet but plan to on Thanksgiving Day and the day after.

  123. No, I have not.

  124. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving.

  125. I’m planning to do my Christmas decorating this week.

  126. I usually wait until the week before Christmas. Any earlier, and the excitement wears off before Christmas. Then I keep them up until Ukrainian Christmas, after which they come down.

  127. I usually wait until Dec 1st

  128. I got bored and started decorating early but usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  129. We have started putting up the Christmas lights.

  130. I plan to this weekend.

  131. I decorate from December 1st, but this year I already put the decorations up 🙂

    • I plan to start decorating tonight – making some new ornaments with the family first.

  132. We haven’t yet.

  133. thank you for the giveaway, we always decorate after saint nicolas so after 6t december

  134. we usually start our decorating on black friday!

  135. Not planning on doing any decorating this year. Nobody visiting.
    Thanks for the contest.

  136. Thanks for the chance. We haven’t decorated yet but it was forbidden to buy decorations in France because they said it’s non essential so…
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  137. We usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving!