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Over the Faery Hill

Magical Midlife Misadventures Book 1

by Jennifer L. Hart

Genre: Paranormal Women’s Fiction

A mountain of regrets. A bargain with a mischievous faery. Could tinkering with her past create a better future?

Joey Whitmore longs to escape her dead-end world. Facing a midlife crisis at age forty-two and still living with her mother, getting fired from yet another job is the proverbial last straw. So when a fae trickster in human guise offers a chance at changing her history, she figures there’s nothing left to lose.

Though skeptical of his magic, Joey accepts the sly prince’s enchanted hourglass and begins a reckless journey back in time. But as she tries to act as her own fairy godmother and reverse her mistakes, her blundering interference causes a chain of catastrophic consequences.

Will Joey’s attempts to alter her deadbeat destiny end up erasing her entire existence?

Over the Fairy Hill is the first entry in the Magical Midlife Misadventures paranormal women’s fiction series. If you like relatable characters, paranormal twists, and laugh-out-loud humor, then you’ll love Jennifer L. Hart’s endearing tale.

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“So, you admit you want to kiss me then?”  

I didn’t see any point in denying it. “Yes.” 

He unfurled from his casual pose and stalked closer. “And what makes you think I want to help you?” 

“Because you could have been curb-boosting me all day. You gave me little trips around town and stayed with me, even when I lashed out at you. And you defended young Joey when I would have made verbal mincemeat out of her. I think you are invested in the outcome of my journey. I think you want me to succeed.” 

He shook his head. “Lamb, you are delusional. I live only for the bargain, whether it succeeds or fails.” 

“Then why do you want me to kiss you so badly?” I held my breath, waiting for his answer. 
His eyes glowed in the dim light. “I couldn’t say.” 

I wondered if that meant he didn’t know. At first, I thought he just wanted to push my buttons, to make me squirm since that was the fae prince’s MO. But I was beginning to believe that Robin was hanging around with me, not because I was one of his bargain biddies, but because he actually liked me.  



The Fae Side of Forty

Magical Midlife Misadventures Book 2

She made a bargain with a fae prince…but how high is the price?

Joey Whitmore has learned her lesson when it comes to magic—it just isn’t worth the toll. Her plan is to keep her nose clean and enjoy midlife to the fullest. Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, the works. But when the fae prince appears to call in his favor, Joey has no choice but to live up to the bargain she made and leave Wine Wednesday in her wake.

The ruse is simple. Play Robin’s mortal fiancé in exchange for wiping the slate clean. But the more she learns about the tricksy fae bachelor, the more Joey becomes convinced that the fae prince is hiding something…something that only magic can illuminate. Does Joey have what it takes to untangle herself from the fae or will she lose herself to them forever?

The Fae Side of Forty is the second entry in the Magical Midlife Misadventures paranormal women’s fiction series. If you like relatable characters, magical twists, and laugh-out-loud humor, then you’ll love Jennifer L. Hart’s endearing tale.

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His hand crept up and lay over the top of mine, entwining our fingers. A glance at his face stole my breath. He stared down at our joined hands and his eyebrows pulled together tightly.

“You look baffled,” I said.

“Explain this to me.” he all but ordered.

“What?” I asked, a bit breathless. That electrical connection flowed between the two of us yet again.

“This need I have to touch you.” He frowned. “It’s not sexual. At least not entirely. But it’s a want that I find I can’t ignore. And when I do touch you like this….”

I held my breath, almost afraid to hear what he was going to say.

“It eases something within me.” He looked up. “Can you explain what it is?”

“It’s companionship. Caring. Affection.” I bit my lip. “Don’t you ever just enjoy being with someone, Robin?”

“Just you,” he murmured. “Only ever you.”


USA Today bestselling author Jennifer L. Hart writes about characters that cuss, get naked, and often make poor but hilarious life choices. A native New Yorker, Jenn now lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her imaginary friends. Her works to date include the Damaged Goods mystery series and the Magical Midlife Misadventures.

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