Review: Heart of Malice (Alice Worth #1) by Lisa Edmonds

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Heart of Malice Book Cover Heart of Malice
Alice Worth #1
Lisa Edmonds
Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance - Mystery
City Owl Press
June 27, 2017
Kindle Unlimited


Meet Alice. Private Investigator of the Supernatural.

The first time Moses Murphy’s granddaughter killed on his orders, she was six years old.

For twenty years, she was a prisoner of an organized crime syndicate, forced to use her magic to make Moses the most powerful and feared man on the East Coast. To escape his cruelty, she faked her own death and started a new life as Alice Worth. As a private investigator specializing in cases involving the supernatural, Alice walks a precarious line between atoning for the sins of her grandfather’s cabal and keeping her true identity hidden.

Hired to investigate the disappearance of a mysterious object of power, Alice enlists the help of Malcolm, a ghost running from a past as nightmarish as her own. It soon becomes clear the missing object was taken by someone with a dangerous secret and an unknown agenda. When her client is kidnapped, Alice must find her and the object of power before a vengeful killer destroys the city and slaughters thousands—starting with Alice.


Heart of Malice is book one in the Alice Worth series by Lisa Edmonds. It’s full of magic and mystery.

This is a new to me author and after finishing the novel I was unsure on how I felt about it. It had things I liked and things I didn’t. What pulled me to this novel was the synopsis. It was intriguing and sounded like something I might enjoy.

We meet Alice Worth, a private detective (PI) who has fled her past, is in hiding, has some major powers and by chance finds herself linked to a ghost and will now have a sidekick for her investigations.

I like the magic and mystery that we get. Though things are much more complicated than expected and the investigation into some missing books turns into something more dangerous than Alice anticipated. Her and her sidekick find themselves dealing with darker forces that could put Alice in the limelight with people she wants to avoid.

The romance. Sean is a werewolf, but not any wolf. He’s an Alpha. I liked him, but I didn’t care for the quick one night stand that turned into something more faster then I think it should have. I was disappointed on how quickly things went. I was also dismayed in Alice when she turns on Sean the moment she hears something bad about him. It was unfair, harsh, and a bit too much. I really could have done without a romance in the story. It didn’t add anything for me. It actually took away from my enjoyment.

For the most part I had a good time. I did have a little trouble at the beginning getting into the story, but little by little I become more curious about Alice and the mystery.

There is a lot of open endings at the end of Heart of Malice like (the FBI agent and his interests in Alice, Malcom’s story, Sean and his family, and most importantly Alice’s past), but the main case is solved and finished.

Heart of Malice was an ok read and had a lot of cool ideas, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll read on.

Rated: 3 Stars

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6 comments on “Review: Heart of Malice (Alice Worth #1) by Lisa Edmonds

  1. I did read this one as well and I think I had a bit of the same feeling about it
    Melliane recently posted…DNF: The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah WildeMy Profile

    • Nice to know it’s just not me having a bit of an issue with a few things in this one. Did you read on? I can’t remember if I saw more reviews in this series on your blog. I’ve been flipping back and forth on reading more in the Alice Worth series. Thank’s for visiting!

  2. I can understand why you had a problem with the romance. It does sound like an interesting story though.
    Mary Kirkland recently posted…Review: Her Vampire Obsession (Midnight Doms Book 7) by Lesli RichardsonMy Profile

    • Thank’s for checking out my review for Heart of Malice.

  3. I love when there is a blend of urban fantasy and mystery, but bummer the romance was so distracting for you.

    • Ya, I don’t care when the romance takes away instead of adds. I’m also still conflicted on whether I’ll continue. Thank’s for visiting!