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At the end of Sept. KU was offering up a deal $30 for 6mo subscription and I signed up.  I was still not reading much, but the deal was good!  I like KU for the PNR and SciFi Romance.  I also get to try a bunch of New To Me Authors. Here is what I enjoyed during my time with Kindle Unlimited.


Sept. 2021

Peta – A Novella in the Elemental series. I was bing reading the series through my library, but they didn’t have this one. Recommend The Elemental Series. Great Urban Fantasy.


The Witching Vault – This looked good and I had high hopes of enjoying, but turns out it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t stand that our lead spent the entire book bumbling around and not learning anything. Not a good start.


Oct. 2021

Steph’s Outcast & Sam’s Secret – Both are part of the Icehome series. I very much enjoy Ruby Dixons Ice Planet Barbarians and this spin-off Icehome on the same planet. Well written Alien SciFi Romance. Entertaining and Romantic.


Nov. 2021

Wiretaps & Whiskers – I love the cover and blurb had me intrigued, but this wasn’t for me. I ended up DNFing which is always unfortunate. Our leads constantly biker and our lead heroine is supposed to be the best of the best, but she didn’t show any outstanding talent or knowledge.


Dec. 2021

Mind over Magic – This one is a decent start the series. I enjoyed. It had some interesting aspects I enjoyed and some I don’t quite care for, but still I had fun with this first book. I plan to read more.


Jan. 2022

A Home for the Alien Warrior – This is part of the Treasured by the Alien series. I’ve been enjoying all the books in the series. Each features a new human and a lizard type alien species. The males are oh so sweet and so tender with the kids featured. I just adore the romance and series.


Spell Hound – The second book in A Witch in Wolf Woods series.


Feb. 2022

Waking of the Witch – Witches of Keating Hollow series. I adore the series. It’s light on magic, but you feel it. The town has this sweet small town feel and everyone knows everyone. The romances are sweet and heartfelt.


Firefighter Dragon, Firefighter Pegasus, Firefighter Sea Dragon, The Master Shark’s Mate, Firefighter Unicorn, Firefighter Phoenix – Who doesn’t like a sexy shifter Firefighter. This series has it all with a verity of supernaturals, suspense, action, and romance. I just love Zoe Chant. She’s a new favorite author and I can’t get enough of her work. It’s well written, great world and character building, and has you wanting to dive into the next book.



Daddy Biker Bear, Protector Bear, Fake Biker Bear Boyfriend, Biker Bears Best Friend, Biker Bears Redemption – This series was ok. Not the best, but not bad. It was something different to pass the time. I like a sexy shifter biker. Just look at those covers. Sexy! Each features a different couple and a different struggle.


Rescued by her Alien Mate, Ambushed with Her Alien Mate, Shadowed by her Alien Mate & Captured by her Alien Mate – I was not sure on this series, but by the end of book 1 I had to dive into book 2 and I’ve been bing reading the books. I like the alien plant and our couples.


March 2022

Wildfire Griffin & Wildfire Unicorn – This is the Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew series. It’s a spin-off of Zoe Chant’s Fire & Rescue Shifters. This series features the kids of the couples from the other series. It’s got a verity of fun shifters, adventure, suspense, and romance. It’s another bing worth series and I’m binging.


The Tracker’s Mate, The Trackers Secret, The Tracker’s Rage, The Tracker’s Revenge, & The Tracker’s Dawn – This is a complete series. It’s was an ok read. Enjoyable for a 1 time read. The romance I wasn’t too keen on, but its more UF then PNR. Lots of sexual tension, but main focus is on the plot to start a war and revenge. Our heroine is just 20, so more Young Adult. I am going to jump into the next series (Demon Hunter) that features our leads sister. We will see!



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