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Excerpt Tour: Rough Rhythm (Made in Jersey #1.5)(1001 Dark Nights) by Tessa Bailey

  “Oh, goddamn you.” Lita plucked the card from his fingers and hurled it back into the hallway with a muffled scream. “Four years leads to this, huh? You’re just going to dump me in this fucking…”—she waved her hands to encompass the hotel—“…rock star purgatory and bail? If you’re doing this to teach me

Release Day Launch: Rough Rhythm (Made in Jersey #1.5)(1001Dark Nights) by Tessa Bailey ~ Excerpt

  ROUGH RHYTHM BY TESSA BAILEY NOW AVAILABLE     This time she would finally crack him. Ignoring stares from her cellmates, Lita jogged in place, preparing for the confrontation with James, her band manager. This was her ritual before shows, too. It loosened the limbs, shook out the demons. She took her role as drummer for