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The Winter Bear’s Bride by Mina Carter {Tour} ~ Excerpt

  “Whether you like it or not, Analise, you will marry and ensure the continuation of our bloodline,” Magnus, alpha of the Asmundr clan and Elder of all the bear clans, bellowed loud enough to rattle the hall windows. “Do you understand me?” Analise stood before the dais and throne-like chair that marked her father’s

Mini Review: Protect and Service (Paranormal Protection Agency #3) by Mina Carter

Title: Protect and Service Series: Paranormal Protection Agency #3 Author: Mina Carter Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance - Supernatural Publisher: Blue Hedgehog Press Release Date: May 14th 2014 Format: eBook Pages: 39 Source: Bought   Eloise is a woman on a mission. She needs to find a date for the annual hospital ball, and fast. The

Review: Hard as a Rock & Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Paranormal Protection Agency, #1 & #2) by Mina Carter

    Hard As A Rock Paranormal Protection Agency #1 by Mina Carter Genre(s): BBW, M/F, Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter’s Published: September 11th 2011 by Blue Hedgehog Press Pages: 24 Source: Bought Buy Links: Amazon – B&N – Goodreads Iliona’s had a rough day, so the last thing she wants is a whiny ex on her doorstep throwing accusations about

Review: Dragon’s Chase (Paranormal Protection Agency #7) by Mina Carter

Title: Dragon's Chase Series: Paranormal Protection Agency #7 Author: Mina Carter Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance - Shapeshifter's Publisher: Blue Hedgehog Press Release Date: Published May 22nd 2014 Format: eBook Pages: 116 Source: Review Copy: Part of Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection   He’s found his mate. But can he convince her that he’s her

Blitz: Santa’s Naughty List (Paranormal Protection Agency #8) by Mina Carter ~ Teasers/Snippet

  Santa’s Naughty List   A Christmas Elf, Mia loves the holiday season, but due to her family moving when her father was a child, she’s never been to the North Pole, nor seen a Santa until she joined the PPA. Now she only has eyes for Cole, one of the agency’s Claus elves…but she

Review: Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Title: Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection Author: Anna Zaires, Dima Zales, C.E. Black, Charlie Daye, Izzy Szyn, Jenika Snow, Lili Saint Germain, Mina Carter, R.E. Butler, Sharon Kay Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: November 10th 2015 Release Date: City Owl Press Format: eBook Source: Review Copy   There is a gathering on the horizon... It's

Blitz: Seduced By Santa (Paranormal Protection Agency #4) by Mina Carter ~ Teasers/Snippet

  Seduced By Santa   A woman determined to spread the Christmas spirit… Former socialite turned community centre worker Candice Kane loves Christmas. In the run down area she works in, economics and rising unemployment mean that there isn’t a lot of Christmas spirit to go around. Determined to do something about it, for the

Review: Mated by Midsummer (Stratton Wolves #1) by Mina Carter

Mated by Midsummer Stratton Wolves #1 Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance – Werewolves Published September 25th 2014 by Mina Carter   Source: Free   Goodreads – Amazon   Ten years ago, werewolf Kelli Copeland ran from Stratton to avoid being claimed by the new pack alpha, Max Daniels. Since then, she’s made a life for herself in

Spotlight: Smut-Shorties by Mina Carter

Smut-Shorties  by Mina Carter Master of the City  The Midwinter Ball…a time when the lycan packs of the city are required to send an offering to please the Master of the City; a woman. Young, nubile and eager to please the Master in his bed.  Only this year, the struggling Trevais pack are all out

Spotlight: Project Rebellion Series: They’re not heroes, they’re something else… by Mina Carter

Monsters do exist… and they’re the good guys. Perfect Mate   Blurb for Perfect Mate:   Monsters do exist…and they’re the good guys.     Lillian Rosewood leads an ordinary, boring life working as the manager of a psychiatric hospital. The highlights of her day, other than her skinny hot chocolate, are the hunky guards

Review: Hitting on the Hooker (Strathstow Sharks, #1) by Mina Carter

Hitting on the Hooker Contemporary – Erotic Romance – Short Story (Goodreads) Hacked off after being stood up, Fern Morgan doesn’t much fancy hanging around when local Rugby team, the Strathstow Sharks crash the bar, so makes rapid plans to leave. One look at the cute brunette trying to make a break for it and Sharks

Book Spotlight: Pack Princess by Mina Carter & Milly Taiden

An exciting new collaboration from bestselling authors Mina Carter and Milly Taiden! Blurb A single night of passion, or the one meant to be…Evva Castillo knows she’s a pack princess. Duty to her family and her pack will always come first. But duty turns to hardship when she’s ordered to marry someone she doesn’t want.