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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – February 2017

Monthly Updates Well dang where has the month gone. I thought I had one more day, but nope Feb. 28th is the last day of the month. Geewhiz! I’m putting this post together at the very last minute. I’ve been battling a migraine for two days now. Those that get them, know how bad the

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – January 2017

Monthly Updates The holidays ended well. I survived the family visiting. I was a bad bad girl. I kept my Christmas tree up until mid-January. I love the lights on the tree and it’s so pretty that I don’t want to take it down and put it away. My son wanted to keep it all

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – December 2016

I made it through the holidays. I hope everyone had a fabulous and joyous time! 2017 will be here tomorrow. WOW 2016 is over and what a fun year it was with several changes and events happing for my family and on the blog. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year! I picked up

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – November 2016

  We celebrated my son’s 5th birthday at the beginning of the month. We had Mr. Angel’s parents in town during that time for a visit. We also finished up AYSO Youth 5 soccer.  I survived Thanksgiving. I hosted for the first time and cooked my first turkey. Here I am with my Mr. Angel

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – October 2016

This month was fun and enjoyable. I got my second auto-approved on NetGalley. This one is with CrushStar Multimedia LLC. Very exciting to receive that email! I’m also getting ready for the Holidays and a Birthday. We’ve got family in town for Halloween, then my son’s 5th birthday comes up the first week in Nov, next

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – September 2016

Over on Herding Cats and Burning Soup, Anna, does a Monthly Wrap Up for her blog. After thinking on the subject I decided to stop doing the Sunday Post (a weekly post) hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and instead I’ll be doing a Monthly Wrap Up on the blog. You can check out my last Sunday