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Holiday Extravaganza: Tranquilli Bloodline Series by Celia Breslin ~ #Excerpt

  I love to share this recipe every year for the December holidays. We have my Grandma Eddie to thank for this classic treat. Enjoy! Celia’s Holiday Caramel Candy Ingredients: 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 2 cups white sugar 2 cups white Karo Syrup 1 stick of butter (1/4 lb.) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

A Scot’s Pledge (The MacLomain Series: End of an Era #1) by Sky Purington ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

  From friends to lovers, forbidden passion sparks between a modern day woman and a medieval Highland warrior.   A Scot’s Pledge  The MacLomain Series  End of an Era Book 1 Sky Purington Genre: Time Travel Fantasy Romance Date of Publication: December 17th, 2019 ASIN: B07XH58Q4F Number of pages: 180 pages Word Count: 61K Cover

It’s Release Day! Shifter’s Storm (Ice Age Shifters #5) by Carol Van Natta

  Shifter’s Storm  Ice Age Shifters  Book 5 Carol Van Natta Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: Chavanch Press Date of Publication: 12 December 2019 ISBN: 978-1946165176 ASIN: B081NPSFT9 Number of pages: 220 Word Count: 49,000 Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey, Razzle Dazzle Design Tagline: In a dying fairy fantasy land, can two shifters tell if the magic

Holiday Extravaganza: Annie’s Gift (Rocky Hill Holiday Romance) by Barbara Bretton ~ #Excerpt

  I love holidays. I love tradition. I especially love it when you can combine the two at Christmas time. I love piling memory upon memory until the years are nothing but a sweet blur of happy occasions spent with the people you love best in the world. Every year I attend the candlelight tour

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular: Jasmine Moon (Black Hills Wolves) by Celia Breslin ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

  Celia’s Werewolf Top 10 Hi Everyone! Halloween is the perfect time of year to binge-watch supernatural shows. For your viewing pleasure, here are my top ten favorite movies and TV shows featuring wolf shifters in either a primary role or as fun supporting characters.  In no particular order… MOVIES 1. The Underworld movies.  Seriously

Viking’s Conquest (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon) by Sky Purington ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

  An alpha Viking dragon shifter and his fated mate face their demons in a scorching medieval romance about second chances.   “How did you and Helga meet, anyway?” Tess began walking again. “Or did you grow up together?” He seemed relieved to speak of lighter things as he joined her. “I met Helga when

Guest Post: Ice Age Shifters Series by Carol Van Natta ~ #BookTour

Top 5 Reasons to Try the Ice Age Shifters Series by Carol Van Natta 1. You Love Hot Heroes with Secrets The idea for my Ice Age Shifters series sparked from reading about South American paleontologists unearthing the bones of an extinct Ice Age bear. What if, said my muse, certain rare shifters were born

Character Interview: My Solace (Bewitched and Bewildered) by Alanea Alder ~ #Excerpt

  She’s been Bewitched, he’s Bewildered   Izzy and Oron stopped by to answer a few questions for readers and fans of the Bewitched and Bewildered series.  Who do you admire the most in history? Izzy:  Night Witches Oron:  Sophie Scholl What, if anything would you change about your life? Izzy:  My parent’s death Oron:  My

Interview: Chris Stoneheart (Unhuman Light) ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

Hello and Welcome All! Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Chris Stoneheart, author of The Chronicles of the Light. Hi Chris, thank you for agreeing to this interview.  Thanks so much for having me! Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m in my fifties, I love reading epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and murder mystery

Viking’s Ransom (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon) by Sky Purington ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

    Viking’s Ransom Viking Ancestors  Rise of the Dragon  Book 4 Sky Purington Genre:  Time Travel Fantasy/Shifter Romance Date of Publication: April 9, 2019 ASIN: B07MJR3ZWQ Number of pages:  265 Word Count:  78,000 Cover Artist:  Tara West Book Description: Kenzie is determined to be there for her sisters no matter what it takes. Even

Viking’s Intent (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon) by Sky Purington ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

    Viking’s Intent Viking Ancestors:  Rise of the Dragon  Book 3 Sky Purington Genre:  Time Travel Fantasy/Shifter Romance Date of Publication: January 22, 2019 ASIN: B07JNHG6D8 Number of pages:  285 Word Count:  84,000 Cover Artist:  Tara West Book Description: Part of a burgeoning ancient prophecy, Shea’s sole focus is to protect her sisters. Not

Holiday Extravaganza: A Magic Redemption (A Demon’s Witch) by Tena Stetler ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

Twinkle Bright – Elves Secret Santa Direct from the North Pole, welcome to the Elves Secret Santa party! Here at the North Pole it’s extremely busy, but we still have time for a little holiday fun and shenanigans. Let me introduce myself.  I’m an elf and my name is Twinkle Bright because my elf hat

Holiday Extravaganza: Black Dog: A Christmas Story by Victoria Danann ~ #Excerpt

  Black Dog: A Christmas Story Knights of Black Swan  Book Thirteen Victoria Danann  Genre: paranormal fantasy Publisher: 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC Date of Publication: December 22, 2018 ASIN: B07JBK9DNR Number of pages: 201 Word Count: 43k Cover Artist: Victoria Danann Book Description: Old dogs tell no tales. New York Times and USA

Guest Post: The Hell’s Belle Top 5 Holiday Songs Ranked (Sin City Salvation by Karen Greco) ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

The Hell’s Belle Top 5 Holiday Songs Ranked by Karen Greco I’m one of those people that tunes into holiday radio as soon as the turkey dishes are cleared. I dig my Christmas music! So, here are the Top 5 Tracks of Christmas songs that you’d hear if you popped into Babe’s On the Sunnyside,

Viking’s Valor (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon) by Sky Purington ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

  Redirecting his wrath, Håkon soared toward them and opened his mouth to rain down fire, only to shift back to his human form against his will. He had a split second to try to slow down with quickly dwindling dragon magic before he hit the ground hard and started rolling. “Håkon!” Sage screamed from

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Tour: Stalk by Victoria Danann ~ #Excerpt

A Spooktacular Poem “MY mother says I must not pass Too near that glass; She is afraid that I will see A little witch that looks like me, With a red, red mouth to whisper low The very thing I should not know!”   “Alack for all your mother’s care! A bird of the air,

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Tour: Fey by Kirsten Weiss

  Wherein Jayce Battles a Phooka Halloween Flash Fiction from the Witches of Doyle By Kirsten Weiss “Well, you didn’t have to answer so honestly,” I grumped. My sister Karin could be bossy. A farmer wandered the pumpkin patch beneath a full, harvest moon, his curses floating on the warm, night air. He prodded a

Viking King’s Vendetta (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon) by Sky Purington ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

    She eyed someone suspicious. The warrior was smaller than his counterparts, but there was no missing his stealthy ways as he managed to keep just out of the fighting. Though there was no sign of a tattoo, to her mind that made sense. Why put it where it could be seen again? If

Come take a peek at Frenchman Street by Susannah Johnson ~ Interview/Excerpt

Come join us as we explore the Frenchman Street novel…. Tell us about the book with this fun little challenge using the title of the book: F is for Faeries (in particular Florian, the Faerie Prince of Summer, who is determined to kick off a preternatural/human world war by taking over New Orleans’ Mardi Gras).

Interview: The Seafaring Rogue by Sky Purington ~ Excerpt

Tell us about the book with this fun little challenge using the title of the book… Thanks so much for featuring my pirate tale today. Fun challenge! Let’s see…Bent on avenging his one true love, Fraser MacLomain takes to the sea painting himself as the seafaring rogue to strike fear into the hearts of his