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Immortal Unchained (Argeneau #25) by Lynsay Sands (Tour) ~ Giveaway

  IMMORTAL UNCHAINED  An Argeneau Novel Lynsay Sands On Sale: 3/28/2017  ISBN: 9780062468840 In a spellbinding new Argeneau novel from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands, a dangerous rescue is just the beginning of red-hot adventure… Ever since Domitian Argenis recognized Sarita as his life mate, he’s been waiting for the perfect moment to

Interview: Kristal Hollis (Rescued by the Wolf) ~ Giveaway/Except

  Hello & Welcome! Today I’m happy to introduce Kristal Hollis author of Rescued by the Wolf. Kristal, Thank you for visiting Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and speaking with me today.  Hi Angela! I’m delighted to be here. What do you do when you are not writing? I work a full-time “day” job, so I do

Soul of a Viking (The MacLomain Series: Viking Ancestors’ Kin) by Sky Purington (Tour) ~ Excerpt/Giveaway

  “Who goes there?” came an all-too-familiar voice from the door. Lauren sighed and called out. “It is none of your concern, Tait.” Evidently, he thought differently because seconds later he entered, a frown on his face as his eyes swept around the lodge. “I heard a man in here.” “It was just Einar,” she

Interview: Sharon Clare (Trick Me Once) ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

Hello and Welcome! Today I’m happy to introduce Sharon Clare author of Trick Me Once. Sharon thank you for visiting Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and speaking with me today.  First, thank you kindly for hosting me here today. How did you choose the genre you write in? The first book I wrote (still unpublished) was a historical

Interview: Gemma Brocato (Hunger) ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

Hello and Welcome! Today I’m happy to introduce Gemma Brocato author of Hunger. Gemma, thank you for visiting Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and speaking with me today.  First let me say thanks so much for hosting me today. I really appreciate this opportunity. How did you choose the genre you write in? Well, you could say it

Guest Post: Traci Douglass (Blood Freed) ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

10 Facts No One Knows About Dex MacCallahan Dex, the sexy wolf-shifter hero from my new release BLOOD FREED, is a pretty secretive guy. But after a few glasses (okay bottles) of leftover New Years Eve Champagne, I managed to get him to spill a few secrets for me…  10. While he holds great affection

Guest Post: Karen Greco (Steele City Blues) ~ Giveaway

Top 10 Reasons to Try the Hell’s Belle series 10. Because a woman who eat burgers, drinks beer, and kicks ass is your BFF. 9. You finished Kim Harrison’s Hollow’s series and want to try something new. 8. You’re looking for new ideas on how to kill vampires.  7. You are a fan of secret

Mistletoe Kisses (Westmore Wolves #5) by Erzabet Bishop {Tour} ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

  Thorne sat across the desk from his new employer and tried unsuccessfully to shake away the incredulous feeling gnawing at his gut. He’d come to Westmore with the understanding that this would be a two-week Ops mission to locate and destroy the violent hybrid wolves he’d been hearing about. They a role to play

A Viking Holiday (The MacLomain Series: Viking Ancestors’ Kin) by Sky Purington {Tour} ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

  Svala wrapped her fur cloak around her shoulders and started to breeze past them as she eyed his crew mate. “So you’re New England’s finest, are you?” “Naw.” Nick chuckled and nodded at Sean. “Most ladies think he is.” “Hmm, I’m not sure about that,” she said before she started down the hallway. “I

Guest Post: Suzanne Johnson {Belle Chasse} ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

10 Fun Facts About Drusilla Jaco aka DJ Suzanne Johnson The heroine of the Sentinels of New Orleans series, DJ Jaco, has come a long way from her early days in the series to the more kickass wizard she’s fast becoming in the newest book, BELLE CHASSE. Here are a few fun facts about our

Blood Bound (Blood Ravagers #1) by Traci Douglass {Tour} ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

  “You take care of that problem?” Basher snarled as they rode side-by-side down the highway, taking up both lanes. “We can’t afford some other nosy human bitch poking around.” “Yes, I took care of it,” Dante shouted over the roar of the wind. Part of him wished he could take care of Anna Frost

Free Blitz: Fever (Blood Moon Rising #1) by Lola Taylor ~ Giveaway/Excerpt

    CHAPTER 1 All right, it was official—her date had stood her up. Honestly, it shouldn’t surprise her. Seriously, who took someone on their first date to a bar?  And not even a nice bar. Howl was anything but swanky. With wooden floors that looked like they hadn’t seen polish—or a broom—in a decade, posters of

Gest Post: Ann Gimpel {Demon Assassins Series Tour} ~ Excerpt

Thanks so much for inviting me back to your blog, Angela. Always a pleasure to be here! You’d asked for the top ten reasons to give the Demon Assassin books a whirl. Here we go: Celtic mythology Hot, hunky Sidhe men Hot-tempered witches who value their sisterhood. Magic galore Changelings straight from Irish lore. My

Vengeance of a Viking (The MacLomain Series: Viking Ancestors’ Kin #2) by Sky Purington {Tour} ~ Excerpt/Giveaway

  “All right, lead the way, kidnapper,” Samantha declared. “But I hope to heck it’s in the direction of your fortress because last I checked you had an ailing father and a best friend turned king who needs you.” Bjorn ignored her sarcasm and frowned as he nudged her along through the forest. Näv had

Interview: Jane Godman (Otherworld Challenger) ~ Giveaway/Exclusive Snippet

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Jane Godman author of the Otherworld Challenger.  Hello and Welcome Jane! What inspired the Otherworld series? I’m fascinated by the ancient Celtic idea of an ‘otherworld’ that is situated, not in some distant, unknown region of planetary space, but here on our own earth just out of sight

Coven Enforcers Series by Ann Gimpel {Tour} ~ Excerpt(s)

      Blood and Magic Coven Enforcers #1 Ann Gimpel Dream Shadow Press 63K words Release Date: 7/18/16 Genre: Historical paranormal romance with a steampunk edge Coven Enforcers = Dark, Dangerous, Magical Men  Coven Witches bow to no one—least of all Enforcers. Sparks ignite. Tempers run high. Passion explodes. Hot. Sweet. Impossible to ignore….

Rise of a Viking (The MacLomain Series: Viking Ancestors’ Kin #1) by Sky Purington {Tour} ~ Excerpt/Giveaway

  Rise of a Viking The MacLomain Series  Viking Ancestors’ Kin Book 1 Sky Purington Genre:  Time-travel Fantasy Romance Date of Publication:  August 9, 2016 ASIN:   B01FFXUWKO Number of pages:  270 Word Count:  80,000 Cover Artist:  Tamra Westberry Book Description: Cybil is thrilled when she and her family inherit a million dollar ocean-side house

Garen & Lars (Rubicon International #1 & #2) by Ann Gimpel {Tour} ~ Excerpt(s)

  Garen Rubicon International Book One Ann Gimpel Dream Shadow Press 55K words Release Date: 6/14/16 Genre: Shifter Romantic Suspense Undercover Shifter Bad Boys = Alphas With Serious Attitude Tumble Across the Rubicon Into the Death-Riddled World of International Espionage Book Description: As an agent for an international espionage firm, Miranda has her hands more

Guest Post: Rhenna Morgan (Waking Eden Tour) ~ Excerpt/Giveaway

My Favorite Scene From Waking Eden By the time I finished writing Healing Eden (book two in The Eden Series), I really had zero idea what Ramsay’s story was going to be, or how the whole series would conclude. Oddly, despite my lack of direction, Waking Eden came out really fast…and it’s still one of

Release Day ARC Review & Interview: Juliette Cross – Dragon in the Blood (Vale of Stars #2) ~ Excerpt/Giveaway

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Juliette Cross author of Dragon in the Blood. Hello and Welcome Juliette! Hi, Angela! Thank you so much for having me. It’s good to be back on Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. What was your favorite scene to write in Dragon in the Blood? Why? Hmmm. That’s a tough one.