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It’s Release Day! Vampire (1001 Dark Nights)(Dark Protectors #12.5) by Rebecca Zanetti

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  A Dark Protectors/Rebels series from New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti is available now!   From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti comes a new story in her Dark Protectors/Rebels series… Dr. Mariana Lopez has finally stopped bailing friends out of difficult situations. Well, except for substituting as the

It’s Release Day! Leviathan (Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire) by Sky Purington ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

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  An explosive enemies-to-lovers tale teeming with wicked secrets and fiery passion.   Leviathan Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire #1 Sky Purington Genre: Time Travel Dragon Shifter Romance Date of Publication: April 12, 2021 ASIN: B08NFGDNWR Number of pages: 210 Word Count: 70K Cover Artist: Tara West Book Description: The only thing Destiny knows is

Bachelor Beast (Interstellar Brides Program: The Beasts) by Grace Goodwin ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

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  I took a step closer, careful of the thick cords across the floor while remaining behind the cameras. Wulf’s hands gripped the arms of his chair as if they were keeping him from flying away. Maybe because I looked at people’s faces all the time, I could often tell what they were feeling, or

Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series by Elizabeth Pantley ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

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  Falling Into Magic Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 1 by Elizabeth Pantley Genre: Magical Cozy Mystery When Hayden was a child, she lost her cat. Adults told her the cat ran away, but she knew the truth. The mirror had taken her. She knew because the mirror had given her a glimpse

🎧 Audio Tour: The Witches of Vegas by Mark Rosendorf (Narrator: Jeffery Lynn Hutchins) ~ #YoungAdult

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  Author: Mark Rosendorf Narrator: Jeffery Lynn Hutchins Length: 7 hours 9 minutes Publisher: The Wild Rose Press⎮2021 Genre: Fantasy; YA Release date: January 21, 2021 Synopsis: Where can witches and their vampire mentor practice their powers without being discovered or persecuted? By using their magic, the witches of Vegas become the number one act

Cover Reveal: Hunt of the Dragon (Vale of Stars, #4) by Juliette Cross

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  🐉 Check out the fabulous cover for Hunt of the Dragon (Vale of Stars, #4) by Juliette Cross coming out June 7th 2021! 🐉   Photojournalist Krissa Nadeem ventures into the wilderness to record the destruction by the Larkosian army. When she captures on film the Morgon Guard’s top most wanted enemy in hiding,

Savage Wolves and Dangerous Deals (Blood and Magic : Hellbound) by Danielle Annett ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Jordy’s stare burns through me as he takes a step forward until we’re little more than an inch away from one another. His hand comes up to wrap around the column of my throat, his hold possessive. He runs his thumb over my jaw and slowly over my bottom lip. I stay still the

Dare (Pixieland Diaries) by Christina Bauer ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway #YoungAdult

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  DARE Book 3 in the Pixieland Diaries By Christina Bauer Opening Excerpt Day 95 Dear Diary, The next thing I know, Ghost Dare visits me in my room. Technically, this is a spell where Dare projects his astral body across space, but calling him Ghost Dare is just more catchy-sounding. At this point, I’m

It’s Release Day! Fighting the Fire (Warrior Fight Club) by Laura Kaye ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Today we have the release day blitz for Laura Kaye’s new contemporary romance, FIGHTING THE FIRE! Check it out and order yours now!   Here’s what you’ll get in Fighting the Fire: Smart-ass firefighter hero who’s also a closet nerd Kick-ass ER nurse heroine Frenemies to lovers when she nurses him back to health

Alien King Crashes the Wedding (Lumerian Knights) by Becca Brayden ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Sasha turned back toward Dagan but couldn’t meet his eyes as he stepped in so close she could feel the heat emanating from his body. Her feet stubbornly refused her silent command to move back and she nervously smoothed her hair. Why doesn’t he say something? Or move back? Dagan did neither, and Sasha

Heart and Seek (The Legacy) by Luna Joya ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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    Heart and Seek by Luna Joya (Legacy Series, #4) Publication date: March 23rd 2020 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Synopsis: Is their chance encounter a witchy second shot at love? Or just another score? Ruby Donovan is a lot of things—paramedic, single mom, Legacy witch. The one title she never wanted? Senate heir. But

It’s Release Day! Dare to Tease (1001 Dark Nights)(Dare Nation) by Carly Phillips

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  Dare to Tease an all-new A Dare Nation Novella that is packed with heat and chemistry from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips and 1,001 Dark Nights is available now! New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carly Phillips returns to her sexy Dare world of rich billionaire sports heroes in her

It’s Release Day! Royally Drained (V.I.L.F.) by Fritzi Cox ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  “He’s here!” Godmother’s eyes grew wide. She patted down her dress pockets, checking for her wand before barking orders. “Pumpkin, stay in your corner. Mirror Mirror, shut up. Penelope, you’re up. Let’s see how well you remember class and elegance. You can practice for your winery soiree. If we all become this vampire’s dinner,

Nightshade’s Bite (Blood Wars) by Zoe Forward ~ #BookTour

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  Nightshade’s Bite Blood Wars Book 2 by Zoe Forward Genre: Paranormal Romance Kiera Rossard’s secret life just got complicated. When not being a vampire aristocrat she’s leader of the Nightshade League, a rebel vampire society that rescues werewolves during the interspecies war. Everyone wants her dead—vampires and the werewolves who don’t know her secret.

Love Bites: A Dating Agency for Paranormals Series by Abbey MacMunn ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Dating a Dragon Love Bites: A Dating Agency for Paranormals #3 by Abbey MacMunn Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy A forgotten past. A friend’s betrayal. Dragons of fire and ice—forced apart by a centuries-old curse. Cursed by a jealous sorceress, fire dragon, Phoenix, has spent centuries searching for his soulmate, the ice dragon. He never

Marked For Death (Arbiters of Shadow) by Becca Blake ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  A bell rang over the intercom system as Councilman Thorne sat down, and the first trainee stepped into the now-silent gym. He carried himself with his broad shoulders squared and his chin held high. Black hair, shorter on the sides than on the top, fell lazily in his face, as though the only thing

The Warrior King (Inferno Rising) by Abigail Owen ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

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  Her breath caught in her throat when he covered her hand with his own and squeezed. “It will get easier for you,” he said. “The memories. For a long time, you won’t want to think of your mother at all. Then one day when you do, it won’t hurt so much. Eventually, you’ll be

Something Wicked (Lockhart Legacy) by Emery Nicolson ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  It feels like I have just fallen asleep when I’m awoken by someone obnoxiously ringing my doorbell, over and over and over again. Blinking sticky eyes open, I roll over and check the time on my phone screen. Seven o clock! Who in their right bloody mind goes knocking on someone’s door at that

🎧 Audio Tour: Meet Dahlia Poplar (Broomsticks and Board Games) ~ #Excerpt

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  Mysterious Questioner: Dahlia Poplar, hello and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me for this secret chat. It’s so incredible to speaking to a witch. I know you couldn’t meet me in person, so we’re doing this interview over Zoom. Dahlia: Yeah, sorry. I can’t leave my hometown, Luna Lane.  MQ:

Fire And Cinder (Fairy Tales of the Magicorum) by Christina Bauer ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #YoungAdult

  FIRE AND CINDER Elle Here I am, sprawled on the couch and feeling mighty sorry for myself. In other words, this is a typical afternoon at Chez Elle. All around, the floor is littered with pizza boxes and unopened mail. There’s a postcard which reads, congratulations on finishing high school online. I use it