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Dragon Storm (Reign of Fire) by Delta James ~ #BookTour #Giveaway #Excerpt

  Dragon Storm   “Among other things. I also am not unmindful that the choice to become drakaina was not Aria’s and that she also feels forced into a pair bonding with me.” Basil shrugged. “That has been the way for drakaina for thousands of years. Over the millennia, dragons have discovered that while the

The Highlander’s Unexpected Bride (Lovers and Highlanders) by Nicole Locke ~ #BookTour #Giveaway Exclusive #Excerpt

  The Highlander’s Unexpected Bride   Escape to Medieval Scotland, where a Highlander searches for a bride… Is the wife the Highlander seeks …already by his side? Back from battle, Hamilton of Clan Graham makes a bet with his brother to find a wife by summer’s end. So, the Scottish warrior enlists the help of

Risk (Deep 8) by Kenzie Macallan ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

  The greatest danger is what you don’t see coming.   Risk   Series: Deep 8 Author: Kenzie Macallan Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller Release Date: September 25, 2023 Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs Blurb: She created a game-changing nuclear weapon. He must keep her safe from a powerful enemy. As embers ignite between them, will their

It’s Release Day! Marked in Flames (Aspen Pack) by Carrie Ann Ryan

    Marked in Flames          

I’ve Watched You Die by Karina Banks ~ #BookTours #Excerpt #Giveaway

    I’ve Watched You Die   by Karina Banks Publication date: September 22nd 2023 Genres: Fantasy, New Adult Synopsis: A young woman, cursed. A rebellious prince in hiding. A forbidden love that will threaten two worlds… There are two main things I’ve learned since my life turned upside down. The first is, if you speak of

Killer Hooks (A Crochet Mystery) by Betty Hechtman ~ #BookTour

  Killer Hooks   A Crochet Mystery by Betty Hechtman Cozy Mystery 15th in Series Setting – California Beyond the Page (September 18, 2023) Paperback : 230 pages When a baby girl is dropped off on Molly Pink’s doorstep, her life is thrown into disarray as she is putting together a troublesome author event at

Secrets and Scallywags (Magical Mystery Book Club) by Elizabeth Pantley ~ #BookTour #Giveaway

  Secrets and Scallywags   Magical Mystery Book Club Paranormal Cozy Mystery 5th in Series Setting – A Small Oceanfront Community Better Beginnings, Inc. (September 20, 2023) Digital Print length : 256 pages When this club selects a book, magic happens. They become the main characters in the story when the mystery comes to life.

Day Of Death (A Rise of the Dread) by LaVerne Thompson ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

  I will stop at nothing to get to the truth, no matter whom it hurts or whom I have to kill.   Day of Death   A Rise of the Dread Series Novel by LaVerne Thompson Genre: Dark Romance, SciFi Fantasy My name is Piper Adams. I’m young for a special agent to the

Wolf’s Keep (The Wolves of Langeais) by K.E. Turner ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

  Wolf’s Keep   by K.E. Turner (The Wolves of Langeais, #1) Publication date: July 25th 2023 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Time-Travel Synopsis: FROM EXCITING ROMANCE AUTHOR K.E. TURNER Book one in The Wolves of Langeais series He’ s all she loathes and everything she needs, but time isn’ t the only barrier she’ ll cross

An Autumn Embrace (A First Coast Romance Writers’s Anthology) With Stories By Lia Davis, Melody Johnson, Leah Miles, M.J. Gates, CS Bennett ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

  Hunker down by the hearth, pour a glass of cider, and fall into Autumn’s warm embrace by reading these five forced-proximity, spicy romances.   An Autumn Embrace   A First Coast Romance Writers’s Anthology #5 Genre: Mixed Romance Anthology with stories by Lia Davis, Melody Johnson, Leah Miles, M.J. Gates, CS Bennett Second chances,

It’s Release Day! Build with Me (Fellside Mountain Rescue) by Dani Elias

    Build with Me   Series: Fellside Mountain Rescue #6 Author: Dani Elias Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Small Town/Grumpy Sunshine/Sexy Boss Release Date: September 15, 2023 BLURB Return to Fellside in the highly anticipated sixth book of the thrilling Fellside Mountain Rescue Series Tommy, a workaholic and self-professed non-relationship kind of guy, finds himself

It’s Release Day! Destined Mate (Twisted Fate Trilogy) by Jen L. Grey

  Destined Mate   (Twisted Fate Trilogy 1) Author: Jen L. Grey Genre: Paranormal Romance Publication Date: Sept. 14, 2023 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Fate stripped everything from me and forced me to face my worst nightmare. As the adopted and weakest member of my pack, I’ve always been an outcast and mistreated, especially

The Lady and the Rogue (Return to Ladies of Sommer by the Sea) by Ruth A. Casie ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

  The Lady and the Rogue   Feisty and passionate. He’ll enjoy making her fall in love with him…or die trying. In the shadowy depths of London, Lady Euphemia Brandt, a renowned concert pianist, is mistaken by an English nobleman for his intended rendezvous. She defends herself, losing her reticule in the process. Reluctantly, she

Wicked Coven (Cursed Descendants) by A.S. Green ~ #BookTour #Giveaway

  Wicked Coven   by A.S. Green (Cursed Descendants, #1) Publication date: September 5th 2023 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Synopsis: Stella Aldren, a talented witch from Salem, has been chosen by her coven to fulfill a seventeenth-century curse that can only end in death. If Stella doesn’t want to get herself killed, she needs

Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas (Year-Round Christmas Mystery) by Vicki Delany ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

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  Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas   (Year-Round Christmas Mystery) by Vicki Delany Cozy Mystery 6th in Series Setting – Rudolph New York Crooked Lane Books (September 19, 2023) Hardcover : 288 pages It’s beginning to look a lot like murder in the sixth installment of this charming cozy mystery series, perfect for fans