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Spells for the Dead (Soulwood) by Faith Hunter ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  My eyes met Occam’s and his one good eyebrow lifted in agreement with my thoughts. Biological causation would be bad. A combo would be terrifying. PsyLED brass and the military had been creating response strategies involving militarized magical energies coupled with all the other elements of CBRNEP. None of the scenarios had resulted in

Shattered Bonds (Jane Yellowrock) by Faith Hunter ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

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  SHATTERED BONDS by Faith Hunter, copyright Faith Hunter Shook again. Water had not penetrated into deep coat. Had not washed into paw pads. Beast would not freeze. Pulled in air over tongue and over scent sacs in roof of mouth. What Jane called Flehmen response, but Beast called scenting. Stopped. Held muzzle into air

Interview: Faith Hunter (Circle of the Moon) ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

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Hello and Welcome All! Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Faith Hunter author of Circle of the Moon. Hi Faith, thank you for agreeing to this interview.  Tell us about the cover for Circle of The Moon and how it came about? My cover art starts out about 8 months before release date, with

Come take a Sneak Peek at Kill The Queen by Jennifer Estep ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

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Hello and Welcome All! Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Jennifer Estep author of Kill The Queen. Tell us about the series… Why should someone dig into this series? JE: Thanks for hosting me. I appreciate it. KILL THE QUEEN is book #1 in my Crown of Shards epic fantasy series. The series focuses

Dark Queen (Jane Yellowrock, #12) by Faith Hunter (Tour)

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    Win one of two complete sets of Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock novels! Contest runs April 23rd until May 11th. a Rafflecopter giveaway      

Excerpt: Flame in the Dark (Soulwood #3) by Faith Hunter (Tour)

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FLAME IN THE DARK Series: Soulwood #3 Author: Faith Hunter Publisher: Ace/Roc December 5, 2017 Mass Market Paperback $7.99 352 pages ISBN: 978-0451473332 PRE-ORDER LINKS: Amazon / Kobo / Barnes & Noble / Audiobook Nell Ingram has always known she was different. Since she was a child, she’s been able to feel and channel ancient

Cold Reign (Jane Yellowrock #11) by Faith Hunter ~ Excerpt

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Brandon—or maybe it was Brian; I didn’t look for the mole that differentiated them—said, “He’s living in a Harry Potter room. Long fall for a master of his own clan.” The other twin said, “No windows. There is no room with no windows but this one.” “Still. Long fall.” “Indeed.” The conversation ended. There was

Interview: Jennifer Estep (Snared)

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What types of scenes are your most favorite to write? JE: Action scenes are some of my favorite scenes to write. I just really enjoy showing how my characters use their wits and magic to defeat the bad guys. I also really like writing about food. Folks always say that my books make them hungry,

Book Blast: Nice Guys Bite (Elemental Assassin #15.5) by Jennifer Estep

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  NICE GUYS BITE (Elemental Assassin #15.5) Format: e-novella Author: Jennifer Estep   NICE GUYS BITE takes place after the events of UNRAVELED (#15). It is told from the point of view of Silvio Sanchez, Gin’s personal assistant. Working for Gin Blanco (aka the Spider, the assassin who runs the Ashland underworld) doesn’t leave much

Curse on the Land (Soulwood #2) by Faith Hunter {Tour} ~ Excerpt

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  “Where am I?” I asked.   “University of Tennessee Medical Center, the paranormal room of the Emergency Department,” Occam said.   “Why?”   “You weren’t breathing right when we got you free. Your heartrate was racing. There was the little matter of the blood. And someone had called an ambulance. Rick said to put

Unraveled (Elemental Assassin #15) by Jennifer Estep {Tour} ~ Excerpt

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  Two weeks ago, I’d been kidnapped and held hostage by Hugh Tucker, a vampire who claimed that he was part of “the Circle,” a secret group that supposedly pulled the strings on the underworld and everything else in Ashland. That had certainly come as news to me, since I was supposedly the head of

Shadow Rites (Jane Yellowrock #10) by Faith Hunter {Tour} ~ Excerpt

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  Outside, Eli wore an expression even more obscure than usual. I expected him to tease me or say something, but he simply looked me over and handed me a tissue. “Wipe your mouth and put on new lipstick. You’re smeared.”   “Spoilsport,” I accused. “You enjoyed that.”   He chuckled evilly. Leaving me behind, he

Blood In Her Veins by Faith Hunter {Tour} ~ Excerpt

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BLOOD IN HER VEINS Nineteen Stories From the World of Jane Yellowrock   Roc Trade Paperback   560 pages  Release: February 2, 2016  ISBN: 978045147576   In the brand-new “Cat Fight,” the witches and vampires of Bayou, Oiseau, are a war over a magical talisman, and Jane must figure out how to keep the artifact out