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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – Nov. 2017

  The start of the month me and my family went on vacation to Disney. We had a blast. You can see all the fun things we did here, 2017 Disney Family Vacation. We also finished AYSO Soccer (outdoor). After our last game we had a party. The season was fun and it’s nice to

Monthly Library Love – Nov. 2017

What do you think of this new feature? I’m going to separate my Library Love from my Monthly Wrap-Up posts on the blog. I want to put focus on all the wonderful things you can pick up at your local library. I practically visit my library once a week and I check out the online

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – Oct. 2017

  As you are reading this The Angel Clan will be on vacation in Florida, so for the first week and half of November the blog will be mostly quiet. I’ll share when I get back all the fun we had on our vacation. As for October it has been a quiet month. I’ve been

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – Sept. 2017

  We made it through one full month of school. My son just loves school and everyday when I pick him up he chatters away about his day. I love listening to him talk about all the fun and exciting things he did that day.  We also got school pictures back. OMG he looks surprised.

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – Aug. 2017

    Don’t forget to check out the current giveaways happening on the blog!   Amazon Free –  Striker: No Prisoners MC, Unleashed, Dating the Undead, Digging the Wolf, Blue Moon Saloon: Volume Two, Healed by Love, Rules of Engagement, Steal My Breath, Bond: Stargazer Alien Mail, To Tame A Wild Heart, Charmed Again, A

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – July 2017

          Don’t forget to check out the current giveaways happening on the blog!   I did some book shopping in July and spent all my birthday money. I may have gotten a little carried away. Amazon Free – Jumping Barrel, Being Green, Blonde & Blue, Only Vampires Cry Blood, Call to

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – June 2017

June was full of new adventures. Now that school is out the library is doing their summer reading program. My son got a free book and we started the reading challenge. We also went to our library’s storytime for the fist time. It’s offered every Thursday in the morning throughout the summer for kids. We

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – May 2017

May went by fast. This is the last week of School for my little man. We have a whole two and half months before he goes to Kindergarten in the fall. I’ve at least got soccer class scheduled two days a week and swim classes for a week. I also set up for him to

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – April 2017

WOW! Where has they year gone? We are already done with April. April was a very busy month for me and my family. My son had spring break the week of Easter and grandma came to visit. I love when grandma Rollie is in town. We do so much and my boy gets to spend

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – March 2017

WOW, March is over and April is here. I did some gardening this month. The weather has been rain and then sun, then back to rain. We only get a few days of clear weather then more rain. I’m ready for the warm sunny weather to stay. The days that it’s been nice I’ve been reading

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – February 2017

Monthly Updates Well dang where has the month gone. I thought I had one more day, but nope Feb. 28th is the last day of the month. Geewhiz! I’m putting this post together at the very last minute. I’ve been battling a migraine for two days now. Those that get them, know how bad the

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – January 2017

Monthly Updates The holidays ended well. I survived the family visiting. I was a bad bad girl. I kept my Christmas tree up until mid-January. I love the lights on the tree and it’s so pretty that I don’t want to take it down and put it away. My son wanted to keep it all

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – December 2016

I made it through the holidays. I hope everyone had a fabulous and joyous time! 2017 will be here tomorrow. WOW 2016 is over and what a fun year it was with several changes and events happing for my family and on the blog. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year! I picked up

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – November 2016

  We celebrated my son’s 5th birthday at the beginning of the month. We had Mr. Angel’s parents in town during that time for a visit. We also finished up AYSO Youth 5 soccer.  I survived Thanksgiving. I hosted for the first time and cooked my first turkey. Here I am with my Mr. Angel

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – October 2016

This month was fun and enjoyable. I got my second auto-approved on NetGalley. This one is with CrushStar Multimedia LLC. Very exciting to receive that email! I’m also getting ready for the Holidays and a Birthday. We’ve got family in town for Halloween, then my son’s 5th birthday comes up the first week in Nov, next

Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – September 2016

Over on Herding Cats and Burning Soup, Anna, does a Monthly Wrap Up for her blog. After thinking on the subject I decided to stop doing the Sunday Post (a weekly post) hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and instead I’ll be doing a Monthly Wrap Up on the blog. You can check out my last Sunday