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Witchhunter Series by Quinn Blackbird ~ #BookTour #Giveaway

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  Witchhunter   Witchhunter Book 1 by Quinn Blackbird Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance DARK PARANORMAL ROMANCE. FANS OF THALASSA AND HUTCHINS WILL DEVOUR THIS SERIES! ‘I want to hurt people, those awful, unspectacular humans. But the Hunters …? Oh, what I wouldn’t give to tear them limb from limb.’ The land is divided into two,

Seasons of Magic Series by Sarah Biglow ~ #BookTour

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  Do you love urban fantasy? Are strong leading ladies your jam? Do you enjoy a good supernatural mystery?   Then you’ll love the Seasons of Magic series.   For every season there is a Savior…and for every Savior a destiny. When a series of brutal crimes lands in her lap, newly-minted Detective Ezri Trenton

Rituals & Runes: A Limited Edition Anthology ~ #BookTour

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  Rituals & Runes   A Limited Edition Anthology Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy The runes are cast, the rituals prepared. Now it’s time to break the rules… Fall under the spell of swoon-worthy supernatural heroes and magical heroines in fantastical worlds filled with dangerous adventures and epic romances. Witches, Wizards, Shifters, Vampires, Demons, Devils,

Jousting and Justice (Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic) by Elizabeth Pantley ~ #BookTour

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  Jousting and Justice   Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 5 by Elizabeth Pantley Genre: Magical Cozy Mystery An invitation to a medieval festival. A ferry ride to a mysterious island. A scheming, inept witch. An office break-in, an unidentified body, and a string of suspects. Can Hayden, her brave, sassy cat, Latifa,

Pirate’s Paradox (Sentinels of Savannah) by Lisa Kessler ~ #BookTour

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  Pirate’s Paradox Sentinels of Savannah Book 6 by Lisa Kessler Genre: Paranormal Romance Pirate Caleb Graves may be an immortal, but he’s also a navigator and a man of science. And yet he can’t explain the erratic tides threatening Savannah. Nor the terrible dreams of sailing through a vicious, supernatural storm that he keeps

Book Burgling Blood-Magic (Jas Bond) by Gretchen S.B. ~ #BookTour

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  Book Burgling Blood-Magic Jas Bond Book 3 by Gretchen S.B. Genre: Urban Fantasy The last thing I need, is the book everybody wants… When a volume eight of Geysers Journals falls into my lap I’m left with a conundrum. Do I hold onto it and try to get the most money out of it

Spectacle Stealing Supernatural (Jas Bond) by Gretchen S.B. ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Spectacle Stealing Supernatural Jas Bond Book 2 by Gretchen S.B. Genre: Urban Fantasy Magical break-ins abound… The two nearby stores owned by supernaturals are broken into. The Fix ‘n’ Find, my store, is not. What I have instead are suspicious magical handprints on the front windows. Combine that with a weird set of glasses

Guest Post: Of Mettle and Magic (The Magicsmith) by L.R. Braden ~ #BookTour

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Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?  Talking about myself is probably my least favorite pastime, but here goes. I’m a creative, meaning I’m someone who is only truly happy when I am creating something. I’ve tested this theory a few times over

Guest Post: Green Goo Goblin (Jas Bond #1) by Gretchen S.B. ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  What inspired you to write this book? My inspiration for this book is a little funny. I wanted to write a supernatural book about my husband and his job. My husband is a retail manager and our Rottweiler goes with him to work. The stories he comes home and tells me are hilarious and

Magical Midlife Misadventures Series by Jennifer L. Hart ~ #BookTour #Excerpts

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  Over the Faery Hill Magical Midlife Misadventures Book 1 by Jennifer L. Hart Genre: Paranormal Women’s Fiction A mountain of regrets. A bargain with a mischievous faery. Could tinkering with her past create a better future? Joey Whitmore longs to escape her dead-end world. Facing a midlife crisis at age forty-two and still living

A Milkwood Murder Series by Sam Bond ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

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  The Puccini Connection A Milkwood Murder Book 1 by Sam Bond Genre: Cozy Murder Mystery An idyllic English village, a lovable heroine, and a Puccini-inspired murder. Who knew opera could be so deadly? British expat, Josie Monroe, returns to the idyllic village of Milkwood and finds herself chief suspect in a family murder. Surrounded

Nightshade’s Bite (Blood Wars) by Zoe Forward ~ #BookTour

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  Nightshade’s Bite Blood Wars Book 2 by Zoe Forward Genre: Paranormal Romance Kiera Rossard’s secret life just got complicated. When not being a vampire aristocrat she’s leader of the Nightshade League, a rebel vampire society that rescues werewolves during the interspecies war. Everyone wants her dead—vampires and the werewolves who don’t know her secret.

Love Bites: A Dating Agency for Paranormals Series by Abbey MacMunn ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Dating a Dragon Love Bites: A Dating Agency for Paranormals #3 by Abbey MacMunn Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy A forgotten past. A friend’s betrayal. Dragons of fire and ice—forced apart by a centuries-old curse. Cursed by a jealous sorceress, fire dragon, Phoenix, has spent centuries searching for his soulmate, the ice dragon. He never

Marked For Death (Arbiters of Shadow) by Becca Blake ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  A bell rang over the intercom system as Councilman Thorne sat down, and the first trainee stepped into the now-silent gym. He carried himself with his broad shoulders squared and his chin held high. Black hair, shorter on the sides than on the top, fell lazily in his face, as though the only thing

Healed with a Kiss (Cat’s Paw Cove, #20) by Sharon Buchbinder ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Externally, the cottage looked like all the other little houses on the street: a mirror image of Charly and Dylan’s Furever Home. Internally, however, all the required furnishings displayed eye-searing shades of neon green, orange, and pink. Even the refrigerator bore a paisley pattern in the same hues. No wonder the owners had been

The Wild Mustang Security Firm series by Delta James & Maren Smith ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Wild Mustang Security Firm Series    Hampton A Wild Mustang Security Firm Prequel by Delta James Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance He loves the chase… John Hampton is a US Marshal on the way home from an extended fugitive retrieval assignment. When he stops in at his favorite steakhouse he finds that what he wants

Stealing Jia (Coletti Warlords) by Gail Koger ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  “What are you staring at?” Trayon pointed at my legs. “Do not move!” I looked down and gasped. I knew I had picked up some hitchhikers, but wow. There was a brown snake with a crocodile’s head and bright blue eyes coiled around my left thigh. A baby dinosaur chewed on my right pants leg.

Try As I Smite (Brimstone Inc.) by Abigail Owen ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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News of a mage going mad and lashing out with magic would typically raise alarms, but today, yet another such report in his hands was the least of Alasdair Blakesley’s worries. A bigger problem had just walked into his office. His long-time personal assistant, Agnes. She entered laden with a tray. Presumably his lunch. “Thai

Chasing Magic (The Last Witch Coven) by Rachel Medhurst ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Something made my gaze lift to the closed front door. A strong compulsion overtook me, so I followed my instinct and ended up standing at the top of the townhouse steps, just outside the door. “How did you know I was here?” Antony sat on the bottom step, his arms resting on his thighs.

Casting Shadows (The Magicsmith) by L.R. Braden ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  The brakes on my old Jeep groaned as I slowed, then followed the green turn arrow through an intersection. Above the surrounding buildings, clouds glowed with ribbons of sunset like someone had spray-painted streaks of fuchsia and sapphire across the sky, and long shadows cloaked the street down which I drove. At the far