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A Look At Who’s Who in Changed (The Made Ones Saga) by Vicki Stiefel ~ #GuestPost #BookTour #Giveaway

A Who’s Who in Changed, Book 2 The Made Ones Saga, Vicki Stiefel Below are my characters from Changed.  I’ve separated them by Clan.  Each picture is labeled with the character’s name. ~Vicki  1st The Cat Clan — Breena, Gato, Bartholomew (panther), Audi (black cub), Fortis (tan cub), Fudge, Arina, Makena, and Taz   2nd

Out of the Ashes (The Hellbound Hellion) by Tansey Morgan ~ #BookTour #Giveaway

  Out of the Ashes by Tansey Morgan (The Hellbound Hellion, #1) Publication date: September 20th 2020 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Synopsis: Fresh out of Hell and into the arms of angels. For a demon, nothing could be worse. When a bunch of cultists drag me out of Hell to be their promised, demonic slave,

The Captive King (Royal States) by Susan Copperfield ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #Giveaway

    The Captive King by Susan Copperfield (Royal States #3) Publication date: February 12th 2018 Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy Synopsis: In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way. At the Texas Charity Auction, money can buy anything, and Summer Cassidy is under orders to take advantage of

Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors (The Guild Codex: Warped) by Annette Marie & Rob Jacobsen ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

    Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors by Annette Marie & Rob Jacobsen (The Guild Codex: Warped #1) Published by: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc. Publication date: August 7th 2020 Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy Synopsis: My name is Kit Morris, and welcome to my warped life. Picture the scene: Me, an average guy with psychic

The Blood King (Inferno Rising) by Abigail Owen ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  “Skylar?” Kasia choked as she rose unsteadily to her feet, her skin leaching color, leaving her now pale face in stark contrast to her dark red hair. “Holy shit.” Kasia’s mate had to reach out to keep his chair from tipping over as he stood as well. Maul raised his massive head from his

A Chip on Her Shoulder (Magical Romantic Comedies) by R.J. Blain ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

  A Chip on Her Shoulder by R.J. Blain (Magical Romantic Comedies #11) Publication date: September 1st 2020 Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy After a deal with loan sharks sours, Darlene’s brother is permanently transformed into a chipmunk. Not one to accept impossibility as a good excuse for failure, she’s determined to rescue her brother and

Playing with Fire (Magical Romantic Comedies) by R.J. Blain ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  No one in their right mind would ever license me as a private investigator, but that didn’t stop people from coming to me when they needed something found. Fortunately, I liked my job as the only human barista at Faery Fortunes Coffee and Book Shop. Most came for a cup of joe and left

Interview: R.J. Blain (Booked for Murder) ~ #BookTour

  Hello and Welcome All! Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing RJ Blain author of Booked for Murder.  Hi RJ, thank you for agreeing to this interview.  You’re welcome. Thanks so much for having me! For those readers not familiar with you, would you please tell us a bit about yourself? I am a

Armageddon (Angelbound Origins) by Christina Bauer ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #YoungAdult

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    Connor’s Treachery I glare down at Connor, my hands balling into angry fists. I so want hurt this man, it isn’t funny. Connor knows why Maxon was kidnapped… only he’s not talking. “I’ll ask you once again, Father.” Lincoln’s voice drips with menace. “What the hell is going on?” “Why nothing,” says Connor

Witch & Wolf: The Complete Series by R.J. Blain ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

  The world was full of corpses, and I, Dante Jackson Emmett Anderson, knew them by name. Unfortunately for me, my brother knew my secret. When my brother asked for help, it usually involved unidentified bodies or paperwork. When he had shown up at my door, I hadn’t expected an invitation to join an Inquisition

Calla (Pixieland Diaries) by Christina Bauer ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #YoungAdult

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  Calla Book in the Pixieland Diaries By Christina Bauer Opening Excerpt Day Seventy-One Dear Diary, Today I drop some diabolic retaliation harmless prankster fun on my new royal subjects, the summer elves. Trust me, they totally have it coming. Why the revenge? Yesterday I held my first formal court as Queen of the Summer

Claimed by the Alpha (Shifters of Ashwood Falls) by Lia Davis ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  He was staring like he usually did. “Forever the loving Alpha.” “I’m good at it.” She crossed her arms and glared at him. His black hair was cut short with the top long enough to curl. His ice-blue eyes were thankfully different from Royce’s midnight blue that looked black most the time. Black like

Null and Void (Royal States) by Susan Copperfield ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Null and Void by Susan Copperfield (Royal States #2) Publication date: November 15th 2017 Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy Born without magic, Mackenzie Little has few prospects. In a futile attempt to break her out of the null caste, her mother ropes her into participating in a charity auction, where anything can be bought with

Kaps (Angelbound Offspring) by Christina Bauer ~ #BookTour #Excerpt #YoungAdult

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Chapter One KAPS Sometimes, you simply must punch a shape-shifting vampire Nazi. Like tonight, for instance. I stroll through New York’s Central Park. Ahead of me, there strides a guy in a chicken costume. I’m talking yellow feathers, plumed tail, the whole smash. A sash extends from his shoulder to his hip that reads Eat

New Witch on the Block (Midlife in Mosswood #1) by Louisa West ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  New Witch on the Block Louisa West (Midlife in Mosswood, #1) Publication date: June 30th 2020 Genres: Adult, Paranormal Synopsis: She thought she was running away from her past, not catching up with it. Rosemary Bell just wants to live a quiet, happy life and raise her daughter as far away from her toxic

Fireborne (Raven Cursed #1) by McKenzie Hunter ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Fireborne by McKenzie Hunter (Raven Cursed #1) Publication date: November 1st 2019 Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy Synopsis: My magic isn’t just a curse – it’s an addiction. I crave it the way some people crave chocolate. But, chocolate doesn’t kill – my magic does. I’m Raven Cursed. When I borrow magic from someone,

Pirate’s Persuasion (Sentinels of Savannah) by Lisa Kessler ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Pirate’s Persuasion Lisa Kessler (Sentinels of Savannah #4) Published by: Entangled: Amara Publication date: June 22nd 2020 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Immortal pirate Drake Cole has a reputation in Savannah for his custom woodworking and historical restorations, but his work has grown into an obsession. He’s become a stranger to his crew since the

Kismet (Birch County Blue) by April Canavan ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Kismet April Canavan (Birch County Blue #1) Publication date: August 11th 2017 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense Never look back. In the dark of the night, 911 dispatcher Maya Daniels becomes the one thing she fears the most, a victim. Faced with new limitations, both physically and emotionally are what prove the hardest for Maya

Bait N’ Witch (Brimstone Inc.) by Abigail Owen ~ #BookTour #Excerpt

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  Bait N’ Witch by Abigail Owen (Brimstone Inc. #3) Published by: Entangled: Amara Publication date: June 15th 2020 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Rowan McAuliffe has been hiding most of her life. Secretly trained in her powers by an unusual source, she’d been taught not to trust anyone. Especially other witches. However, after she was

It’s Release Day! Under the Willows by Pamela McCord ~ #Excerpt

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  Under the Willows by Pamela McCord Published by: Acorn Publishing Publication date: May 15th 2020 Genres: Adult, Mystery Synopsis: After her husband is killed by a drunk driver, Kelly Harris and her son TJ move into a sprawling Victorian house in Ohio that her husband inherited from his grandmother. Dealing with her overwhelming grief