Review: Mr. Red Riding Hoode (Poconos Pack, #2) by Dana Marie Bell

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Mr. Red Riding Hoode

Paranormal Romance – Werewolves – Erotica
The better to make you mine, my dear…
When it came down to saving his best friend Ben’s relationship, Steven Hoode didn’t hesitate to trade his Florida timeshare for a month at Red Wolf Lodge. Cold weather isn’t his favorite thing, but hot snow bunnies are, so he plans to make the most of his vacation.
Good karma kicks in when he sees a pretty brunette chatting with the lodge owner. All thoughts of nuptials and nookie take a back seat to the heat that flares between them.
When Graciela “Chela” Mendoza catches sight of the gorgeous man shivering in a red-hooded parka, she realizes why he makes her heart beat faster. He’s her mate. The problem? Steven has no idea his friends are Wolves.
Chela plans to break it to him gently, but when he accidentally witnesses the whole Pack shifting, things get a bit…hairy. He bolts, locking himself in his cabin and refusing to listen, even to Ben.
Unless she can get him to see that Wolves are people, too, Chela will lose her mate faster than she can say woof.
Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, a man packing some nice goodies and a she-Wolf all ready to gobble them up.


~ 2.5 Red Stars ~

This is a short story best read in series order, that way you will understand the charactors and world. I recommend starting with “Halle Pumas” series The Wallflower it spine’s off in Steel Beauty into the “Poconos Pack” series. 

Steven Hoode is has been best friends with Ben from the Poconos pack since childhood. He has no idea his friend and everyone around him are Wolves. Mr. Hood is enchanted by Chela. He can’t seam to get her out of his mind and when he eavesdrops on her talking to a friend about a meeting at night he decides to sneak a peak and find out what is going on.

Graciela “Chela” Mendoza catches/scents a gorgeous man in a red-hooded parka, she knows why he makes her heart beat faster. He’s her mate, but there is one tiny problem he’s human and has no idea his friends are Wolves.

It’s a cute story and nice little pun on the title. The cover is Hawt! If your a fan of Dana Marie Bell it’s a nice read that brings you more into the Poconos Pack. I liked it! It’s not as good as some of the other stories in the Halle Pumas or Halle Shifters series, but Chela and Steven worked together. It took Steven some time to come to terms that his friend and everyone around him are Wolves. The texting between Chela and Steven to break the ice was funny.

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