Review: Planet Mail (Mail Call, #1) by Kate Pearce

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Planet Mail

Sci-Fiction Romance – Manege – Erotica – 18+ Adult
As far as job hazards go, Douglass Fraser didn’t think crash-landing on an alien planet and spending her recuperation being erotically pleasured by three gorgeous men was in the United Planetary Parcel Service’s courier handbook. There certainly wasn’t a section on what to do when a very sexy king wants you to have his baby and save his world.
Marcus Blood Axe isn’t only a descendant of ancient Viking space travelers, he’s also a ruler dealing with a shortage of fertile women and no heir. Surely the gods are on his side when Douglass drops out of the sky and into his bed, giving him a last chance to stop his people’s death spiral into extinction.
Despite the exquisite pleasures to be found in the king’s arms, Douglass wants more from Marcus than to be his broodmare. When another woman claims to be pregnant with Marcus’ child, it’s past time to get back home. Now the war Marcus wages is one of sensual passion designed to convince his Earth woman that she’s worth everything to him…even if it means giving up what he cherishes most.



1.5 Planet Mail Stars

It’s a quick read. Lots and lots of sex. Manly the woman lets all these man sexually pleasure her and does not try very hard to get back home. As for Douglass I did not like her. As for the sex this book has a lot of it. Practically every page is some type of sex act. 

Douglass Fraser is a United Planetary Parcel Service’s courier and she has a 5 year old son back on earth to take care of and a mother who helps her out.

Marcus Blood Axe is ruler of his planet and is dealing with a shortage of fertile women and no heir. 

Dougless did not try all that hard to get home, she lets strange men sexually service her and she never asked questions or when she did she let the sexually allure pull her away from pursuing the answer to the questions: “By the evening of the next day, Douglass was alert enough to realize that something momentous was going on. Sven had returned and spent the night sleeping by her side. Every time she’d tried to find out what was going on, one of the men had distracted her with mind-blowing sex.” 

At one point she says she can fight, but when she does try to get back home and some bad men grab her she can’t even kick or punch them. Then later in the book she goes to the training grounds to watch her men practice fighting and they don’t want her their, so again she says she can fit and ends up doing some moves that puts one of her men on the ground. (Ahhhh!! She can’t fight; then she can). It felt like the author could not make up her mind on if her leading lady could be able to defend herself or if she needed some man to be the hero and rescue her.

What really got me upset was her thinking about her son and then she thinks about all the sex and trying to get back home to her son is replaced with oh I can’t leave; because of all the great sex and pleasure I’m getting from all these men.

I got this as a free read off Amazon. The sex was oh baby hot, but I need more then just sex. I need a leading lady who knows what she wants, can kick ass and will do anything to protect or get back to her family.

Received a copy free on Amazon




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