Quote-Tastic Monday #1 ~ Darkness Revealed

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Currently I’m reading Darkness Revealed (Guardians of Eternity #4) by Alexandra Ivy. I’ll share a few Quote’s that have popped out at me.



“Oh, it was just a little thing handed to me by my multi-great grandfather, who happens to be King Arthur and oh yeah, he’s dead and haunting some ancient ruin.” ~ Anna (Darkness Revealed by Alexandra Ivy)


“He is…edible.” Sybil (Darkness Revealed by Alexandra Ivy)


“Handcuffs?” Anna swallowed a nervous laugh, instinctively tightening her grip on her bag. “I always wondered how you managed to keep a man in your bed.” ~ Anna (Darkness Revealed by Alexandra Ivy)


“Desperate for a taste of the overused, silicone-implanted, Botox-injected body? A man could buy an inflatable doll with less plastic then you.” ~ Anna (Darkness Revealed by Alexandra Ivy)


“Ah, so the mouse has teeth,” he mocked, giving her a light nip. ~  Conde Cezar (Darkness Revealed by Alexandra Ivy)



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4 comments on “Quote-Tastic Monday #1 ~ Darkness Revealed

  1. Oh I think I like Anna! I may have to check out these books.

  2. Iy’s a series that gets better as you read more 😀
    Love the botox quote

  3. @Herding Cats ~ I lol at the handcuffs. I’ve had Alexandra on my read list for a while and just started getting into her Guardians of Eternity.

  4. Bwaha I love the handcuffs quote. I need to give her a read. She’s been on my wishlist for ages! Thanks for joining in this week Angela!