Review: Enthralled – The Devil’s Due (Breeds, #28) by Lora Leigh

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They have the power to hold you spellbound, to captivate your senses, and to keep you forever in their control. Four authors leave the reader enthralled… 

Lora Leigh – The Devil’s Due (Breeds #28)
Leigh’s stubborn Breed meets her match, and can deny neither him nor herself.

Alyssa Day – The Curse Of The Black Swan (League Of The Black Swan #1.5)
Day introduces the League of the Black Swan, and a woman cursed to kill the man she loves.

Meljean Brook – Salvage (Iron Seas #3.5)
In Brook’s steampunk Iron Seas world, a man bereft of everything finds his marriage in jeopardy, and sky pirates stealing his wife.

Lucy Monroe – Ecstasy Under The Moon (Children Of The Moon #3.5)
Monroe unleashes a werewolf’s passions on the body, mind, and soul of his prey, his lover, his lifemate.

 ~ 3 Devils Stars ~


I only read Lora Leigh’s story The Devil’s Due.

Lora Leigh returns to her familiar Breed world with The Devil’s Due. This is the story of the dealer of Death, Devil and his mate, Katie. What they undergo is not simply about finding each other, but also dealing with those enemies who want Katie dead.

We don’t get the usual sexual tension and woman fighting the mating heat, but Lora does’t disappoint us with the intense sexual Breed encounters that we have come to enjoy in this series. 

I am an avid Breed series fan, but I had trouble at the beginning of this story understanding what was going on. Once I got into The Devil’s Due and read Lora Leigh’s Blog post (here) about this story; did I finally understand what was happening.

We see Kate’s rescue as a child and a peak at the Bengal Breed that everyone has been hunting in the last few books. He has been hiding out in plan site at Lobo’s ranch. We finally understands why he has been hunting the girl/women so intently. 

Fan’s of the Breed series will not want to miss this story or her blog post on it, because she’s pulling some new things together for future stories.

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2 comments on “Review: Enthralled – The Devil’s Due (Breeds, #28) by Lora Leigh

  1. I really need to get caught up on this series. I read the earlier ones then got distracted by other series. lol Glad you were able to figure out what was going on!

    • Me too. I started the series long after it had been out a while, but I’m finally all caught up.