ARC Review: Silence of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #13) by Terry Spear

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Silence of the Wolf

Paranormal Romance
Gray werewolf Tom Silver is determined to find the wolves who have been attacking local livestock. While tracking the pack through the Rockies, a blizzard forces him into a remote cabin where he hears a plane crash nearby. 

When he discovers the sole survivor is a beautiful female werewolf/coyote shifter mix, bound as a prisoner, he knows it’s his duty to hide her. Now, they are both at risk as a search ensues for the missing prisoner. 


Will Tom be able to protect this beautiful stranger while tracking down the wolves responsible for terrorizing the local livestock?

~ 4.5 Wolf Stars ~

Silence of the Wolf is book thirteen in Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series. Terry takes us back to Silvertown territory where Darien, Jake and Tom run the pack and town. We get mystery, adventure and passion.

I really enjoy Terry Spear’s written style the ease in which it flows. How I can just get pulled back into her wolf series! I love the pack dynamics created in this series. They center on family, doting on the young and welcoming of others. The characters always complaint each other and I enjoy seeing characters from previous books make an appearance.

Silence of the Wolf focuses on Tom and Elizabeth. I loved Tom. Hot Ripped Alpha Wolf, but he also has a helpful and caring side. He’s not yet ready to settle down, but encountering Elizabeth and spending time with her makes him start to think and reconsider his bachelor lifestyle. I liked Elizabeth she kinda lucked into Silvertown unaware of the wolf population. She’s skittish and secretive about her past with good reason. To change things up she is also a mix-breed (half-wolf/half-coyote), making her an outcast amongst her surviving family and coyote packs. I like this change up, but I know some people will not like this aspect. I found it interesting, not the same old full wolf or human turns wolf love story.

I enjoyed the mystery story line as well as Tom and Elizabeth’s developing relationship. Yes there were ups and downs in the relationship, but it still worked. I did wish that Elizabeth would confided in Tom, but I get that she has had a hard time trusting with her background. Tom did have some stupid moments, but most guys do. The best thing about this series for me is the Pack. The pack was wonderful to read about as well as how open and welcoming they where of Elizabeth. My favorite part in this book was the kiss that was filmed by a pack member and then the video was sold to everyone in the pack.

Silence of the Wolf is a satisfying read in Ms. Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone, but you will have greater enjoyment with the characters/story if read in order. I look forward to more wonderful books from this author. I also recommend checking out her Heart of the Jaguar series as well. It’s as fun as her wolves.

Disclaimer:  I won a complimentary ARC copy of this book from the author. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.




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2 comments on “ARC Review: Silence of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #13) by Terry Spear

  1. I’ve never read anything by this author, but if the thirteenth (THIRTEENTH) book in the series is getting 4.5 stars from you, then I definitely need to check her out!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Book one in her series was hard for me to get into, but after that I just feel in love with her wolves. Her and Patricia Briggs know how to make a wolf pack and I’m spooled bye them. Terry also has Heart of the Jaguar series out as well and it is just as good as her wolves. Hope you get a chance to check her out. Also she has some Highlander Wolves. Umm yummy if you love highlanders!