Quote-Tastic Monday #5 ~ Silence of the Wolf

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Quote-Tastic Monday ~ Silence of the Wolf

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I was lucky enough to win an ARC early copy of Silence of the Wolf from Terry Spears. Silence of the Wolf comes out on Tuesday March 4, 2014. I enjoy Terry’s wolves. They are fun, loving and an adventure is always waiting. This book was a fantastic read.


    He kissed her. Softly, gently. Her lips opened to further exploration, but he didn’t push it. Until she licked his mouth and smiled a little at him with the invite. He locked his lips over her lower one. Again, she smiled a little. Kissing her was like sampling a sweet, forbidden dessert, tantalizing and enticing the sampler to want more. ~ Silence of the Wolf by Terry Spear
“Cinderella,” she said.
    “Hmm?” He pulled his own sweater off and then unbuttoned his flannel shirt.
     Her eyes widened, but she didn’t say anything.
    “I’ll help you to sit and dress you in my flannel shirt. It’s warmer then the one I brought for you from the bedroom.”
     She nodded.
    “Cinderella?” he asked. 
    “Cinderella left her … glass slipper behind.”
    “With the handsome prince. Only Cinderella is a beautiful shifter, and she left behind a sexy, lacy blue bra,” he said
    She smiled a little. ~ Silence of the Wolf by Terry Spear
     An all-knowing, smug smile. He might make her wet, but she made him rock hard. She slid her hand over his jeans and the rigid bulge eager for release, and stroked, telling him she wanted him. His kisses grew more urgent, his hands tightening his hold on her ass. He was about ready to strip, forget the foreplay, and get on with business. ~ Silence of the Wolf by Terry Spear


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4 comments on “Quote-Tastic Monday #5 ~ Silence of the Wolf

  1. Heh nice! Love a good shifter read. I haven’t tried her yet but sounds like an entertaining one.

  2. Sounds good and congrats on the win!

  3. YAY for winning the ARC. I’ve yet to read Spears but I do have a book sitting n my Kindle. I like the quotes you chose.