Review: Haunted Warrior (Highlander, #6) by Allie Mackay

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Haunted Warrior

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance – Time Travel

Kendra Chase is exhausted from her work as a ghost whisperer, so she’s been looking forward to her vacation in Edinburgh. But work awaits her as the tiny fishing village is being excavated, and supernatural uprisings have been reported.

Graeme MacGrath knows the source of the psychic trouble. The excavation is disrupting the protective veil between this world and darker, more ancient ones. He hates to admit it but he will need the fetching Kendra and her paranormal abilities to save the town he loves from unspeakable evil.

~ 2 Stars ~ 

I had a hard time with this book. I only finished it; because I wanted to know how it ended for Kendra & Graeme. I have read a few others by Allie Mackay and enjoyed them, but this one just did not have the same appeal. 

Haunted Warrior is book six in Allie Mackay’s Highlander series. This book can be read as a stand a lone.

Haunted Warrior was slow going through out the book. I never felt that connection between the two main characters Kendra & Graeme. It lacked that “Wow Factor” of falling in love and Kendra kinda got on my nervous with her constant talking of I want to kiss him and oh poor me I’m going to have to go home blah blah blah… I would have liked to see more of Kendra’s interactions with the ghost’s, since that was the main reason she came to Pennard. I was also disappointed in the confrontations between Graeme and Ramsay. It lacked intensity! I will say I did enjoy Graeme as a character and his dog Jock.

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3 comments on “Review: Haunted Warrior (Highlander, #6) by Allie Mackay

  1. I am glad I saw this review. I was going to read this book. Saved me some time. Maybe I will check out other books by her.

    • Paulina I read Some Like It Kilted #4 & Must Love Kilts #5, both were ok. It’s been some time since I read Allie Mackay’s books.

  2. This sounds so familiar, I think I may have read it at some point. It doesn’t stand out as anything special in my mind, so it must not have been that good, lol. Great review!