Review: Hidden (Clan of the Werebear, #1) by Madison Johns

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Paranormal Romance – Shapeshifter’s – Adult 18+



Serial novella, adult content and situations, not recommended for anyone under 18.

SEPARATED…Elaina had heard warnings about the Clan of the Werebear all her life, but as a foundling with no knowledge of her past, she has no idea whether or not her protector’s warnings that they are searching for her are true.

PROTECTED…The werewolf, Samson, tries to protect her from the world by hiding her away in a cabin high in the mountains, refusing even to allow her to “shift.” But when, at the age of eighteen, Elaina is stricken by “the mating fever” and Samson finds her in a compromising position with his grandson, he is forced to confine her even more.

FEVERED…Restricted, hidden away, in full frenzy of the mating fever, and strictly forbidden to mate, Elaina decides it is time she joined her own kind…to find her mate. But meeting the devastatingly handsome were-bears, Cullen and Damon, is dangerous because she is drawn to the both of them …like a bear to honey. The fever is so strong, all she can think about is being in their arms.Torn, Eliana must face one of the most difficult choices of her life: go back with them to their village and chance that they aren’t part of the Clan, or turn her back on the one man who could be her perfect mate in order to remain…HIDDEN.


~ 1.5 Hidden Werebear Star ~ 

Hidden is book one in the Clan of the Werebear by Madison Johns. This book left much to be desired. I love bear shifters and when I saw this was free on Amazon I said why not give it a try. I know wish I had not read this book. Don’t understand how this book can have so many 4 to 5 star reviews. 

Major disappointment. I despised the heroes Cullen and Damon. Neither where interesting and all they wanted was to keep their werebear bloodline going, so any women who can be a breeder will do just fine. They spread the love or should I say their seed around. Then we have Elaina the naive clueless heroine, who is only 19 still a child and doesn’t understand anything around her. She runs into two other bear shifters and they tell her she needs to mate with one of them and then eventually with both of them. Instead of saying see ya, she stays and lets her hormones take over. AH!!! No love & No mate commitment. We have the bear clan mentioned numerous times, but nothing happened on that front. Then we have the ending or should I say lack of one. 

Hidden was a major disappointment. I had a hard time rating this. It was lacking in several areas and I just can’t stand a naive clueless heroine. They get on my nervous and if you can’t love the hero’s then why even bother. I have no desire to read anymore in this series. Received a free copy off Amazon.

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