Review: The Magic of Highland Dragons (The Clan MacCoinnach #1) by Kella McKinnon

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The Magic of Highland Dragons

Historical Paranormal Romance – Time Travel – Magic



A clan chief has a duty to wed and produce heirs, especially if he also carries within him the power to keep his people safe from the evil that seeks to triumph over them. But Bren Mac Coinnach has long refused to take just any wife. He secretly waits for the one woman that legend says will be his and his alone: his perfect other half, and each year of waiting grows longer and more difficult than the last.

When a woman is placed under his protection, he makes a vow not to touch her against her own will, and he soon realizes it won’t be an easy vow for him to keep, especially since her will seems made of iron. Bren hungers for her with a need stronger than he has ever felt before, but in a world filled with magic and the timeless, endless battle between good and evil, both his honor and her life are soon at stake.

Faith McAlpin had never thought she was much different from anyone else… but she is, and always has been. She would soon learn just how different, and the lessons come fast and furious, until she wonders if she will lose herself entirely, especially to the fiery passion and mesmerizing gaze of the Mac Coinnach Chief. Now the struggle has only begun…


– 3.5 Magic of Highland Stars –

At the time Amazon was offering this book for free, so I picked it up to try it out. With the title I was expecting their to be dragons, but of course with my luck no dragons <sad face>. I did find myself liking this book more then I expected too. I’m not a big fan of historical romances or time travel, but the author sucked me into this story.


The Magic of Highland Dragons is book one in The Clan MacCoinnach series by Kella McKinnon. We get adventure, magic, history and romance.

Faith is a very likable character, she was level headed and open minded about what happens too her. I liked that about her, so she was put into a positive light right from the start with me. 

Bren I was drawn to his masculine charm and charisma. He is clan chief and lord of the MacCoinnach, very powerful and a just ruler. He had me swooning lots of times. I just feel in love with this Scotsmen of old. 

The author did a wonderful job describing past Scotland giving us vivd detals and making it easy to imagine, also through in a few twists that I did not see coming. They made sense and helped with the whole time travel and why Faith was the one. All the characters where intriguing and interesting in there own way. With the romance we feel the connection building between Faith and Bren, it was rift with seduction and sexual tension. There is one scene that I questioned (some might call rape), but I could not take it that way, because of what happened before, her thoughts, and what was at stake at the time plus our hero was as uncomfortable with it as I was in reading it. Only you can be the judge on how you feel when reading that scene. 

The Magic of Highland Dragons is a great start to The Clan MacCoinnach series. I enjoyed this one and the author has left me interested enough to find out what happens with Bren’s brother’s. If their is a women out there that can tame them? Thous who enjoy highlanders and time travel, might want to give this book a try.  


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  1. Was the title choice ever made clear in the book? I so would have expected dragons from both title and image. That’s so weird! It does sound great though. Thanks for the heads up on it 🙂

  2. Have your red Donna Grant? She writes the most amazing Dragon romances.