Review: A Mate’s Bite (Sassy Mates #2) by Milly Taiden

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 A Mate’s Bite

A Mate's BiteSassy Mates #2

Paranormal Romance – Erotica – Werewolves

by Milly Taiden

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Mission: Don’t fall in love

After an explosive night of passion during a scenting ceremony, Karla Alves is sure she was just a one night stand for the man she’d been crushing on for years. She teased him and pleased him, and Nate hasn’t been around since. Her fear of becoming clingy kept her from risking her heart and asking for more than a few hours of skin sin.

Mission: Crack her walls

She. Is. His. Nathan Wolfe marked Karla. His mate. Deeply involved in pack politics, Nate has had to stay away. When his sister warns that Karla needs him more than he thinks, he’ll discover a bundle of secrets only his wolf can sniff out. But getting the woman he cares about to let down her guard may prove to be his undoing.

Mission: Embrace the bite

With Karla’s wayward sister wreaking havoc and friends needing more of his time than ever, Nate will have to rearrange his priorities if he ever hopes to earn Karla’s trust. But will time with her be enough? Only true love and a wolf’s promise can hold together a relationship created with a bite, a scenting, and a hope for tomorrow.




~ 5 A Mate’s Bite Stars ~ 


A Mate’s Bite is book two in a Sassy Mates series by Milly Taiden. We start off with another women at the scenting ceremony, which was introduced/explained to us in Scent of a Mate.

This is another fabulous installment to the Sassy Mates series. We never have a dull moment from the first page to the last. Karla has never seen a good relationship growing up, which has caused her to erected walls. It was easy to relate to Karla and her situation. It’s something that can happen in life. Nate the only man whom she has had feelings for has his work cute out for him, especially after the scenting ceremony where he ends up having to take care of pack business instead of spending time with his one true mate. Both characters complemented each other and watching them open up and let the other in was nice. The sexual chemistry is of the charts hot. The sex is steamy and well written. Their of course is still trouble with rogues in the area and attacks, so we have no shortage of action either. 

This was a nice addition to this series and I am look forward to reading more. If you enjoy hot Alpha werewolves, then this is one you don’t want to miss.

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