Review: Mating Brand (Mating Heat #3) by Laurann Dohner

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Mating Brand

Mating BrandMating Heat #3

by Laurann Dohner

Erotic Paranormal Romance – 18+ Adult

Published May 20th 2014 

Source: Borrowed from library



Brand meets his dream girl in college—a half-human, half-leopard shapeshifter who cannot shift. Werewolves and cats are natural enemies but the power of their sexual chemistry overwhelms them. She steals his heart and makes him whole. When she abandons him it fractures his world and he knows no woman can ever take her place. Though many seek his attention, he is cold and unattainable.

The love they share is soul deep but the fate of Charma’s family lies in her hands. The memory of every heated touch they share will cut out both their hearts when she leaves him but to save them all, she must run. After nine years of desolation and heartbreak Charma is back. She risks forfeiting her life to warn Brand of an impending attack but she doesn’t hesitate. Brand has her in his arms once more and he will never lose her again.


– 5 Mating Brand Stars –

Mating Brand is book three in the Mating Heat series by Laurann Dohner. This series keeps getting better as it goes along. Mating Brand is my favorite so far in this series in that it has to do with the characters having a past and previously knowing each other. 

Brand is introduced in book two, His Purrfect Mate, where we find out he was in love with a leopard shifter who left him in the dust.

Charma was in a no win situation at the time and had to leave Brand to save her family. Now that her family is safe, she can run from her bad situation, but where can she go? To the only place/person who has ever made her feel safe. 

The author takes us back in the past where we get to see the previous relationship and what happened to both Brand and Charma. It is an emotional tale and we learn that cats and dogs don’t mix, but now years later times have changed. Charma comes back into Brand’s life and we learn why she left Brand and it is a heart breaking story, but a very brave thing she did.  I will say I don’t like the cat shifters. They are portrayed badly and I don’t think all act like the ones we have read about so far in the series, but boy do they come off evil. 

This is a very dirty sexy series full of alpha males. Most of the story is love and mating heat sex. We also get a very sweet moment from Brand in the things he says to Charma, I love this sweetness from the author, and Charma needed it after everything. We also get to know more about the brothers/cousins and I look forward to reading there stories. 

This series is all about the alpha males. If you love alpha males and straight up dirty all-consuming sex, then you will want to pick this up. This can be read as a standalone, but you should check out the others.

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