Dual Interview w/ Alexandra Ivy & Daisy Banks ~ Featuring: Darkness Eternal, Marked for Magic, & The City Beneath

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Hello and Welcome Everyone! 
Today I am very lucky to be interviewing Alexandra Ivy and Daisy Banks.
Welcome Ladies! 


First lets start off with Alexandra who is the author of the Guardians of Eternity series and her latest release Darkness Eternal. 

How did the Guardians of Eternity series come about? It started out of my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  I was fascinated with the combination of horror, humor, and romance.  It’s what I’ve tried to capture in my books.

Do you have a favorite scene from Darkness Eternal? When Kata faces her evil sister.  Although it’s always fun to have yummy heroes, I like my females to be kick-ass. 

How do you relax? Reading in a hot bubble bath…heaven.

What would you say has been the funniest encounter with a fan?  I was at a conference and we were all on the dance floor having a good time. I turned around and one of the nearby dancers read my name tag and started screaming. The poor DJ turned off the music thinking something terrible had happened.

Last what is next for you? The next book in the Guardians of Eternity series will release the end of May.  I’m super excited to share Cyn’s story!!

5 Quick Things About Alexandra Ivy

Favorite Book?  Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Author?  Overall I love Robert Jordan. He’s the author of the Wheel of Time, a sprawling epic fantasy that I read over and over.

Favorite Color?  Purple

Favorite Band or Musician?  Green Day

Favorite Vacation Destination?  Mmmm…that’s hard. Paris or Venice. I love both cities.

Thank you Alexandra for taking time out of your busy schedule to visiting with me today. I had a lot of fun and look forward to more Guardians of Eternity and other works in progress from you.


Next up is Daisy Banks who is the author of Marked For Magic.

How did Marked For Magic come about? A long time ago I was studying palmistry and discovered a rather odd mark. I knew I could hide the mark if I wanted and then wondered what would happen if a girl couldn’t hide the mark. The story rolled on from there.

Do you have a favorite scene from Marked For Magic? The first time Nin and Mage kiss.

Has there been any particular author or book that influenced you in any way wither growing up or as an adult? I read lots of stuff. Some of it like Tolkien some of it like daily news. Words help a person focus.

Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why? I would love to meet Roger Le Strange. He may have lived in the 18th century but his commentary taught me how to write, along with some love and help from my dear friend Mary. Le Strange showed me voice and made me recognize my own.

Last what is next for you? More writing and more books.

5 Quick Things About Daisy Banks

Favorite Book? Lord of the Rings

Favorite Author? Tolkien

Favorite Color? Violet

Favorite Band or Musician? Mozart

Favorite Vacation Destination? St Lucia

Thank you Daisy for taking time out of your busy schedule to visiting with me today. I had a lot fun learning about your latest release Marked For Magic and you.


Paranormal Kensington April Banner

 Marked For Magic

 Darkness Eternal


The City Beneath

Marked for Magic

Title: Marked for Magic
Author: Daisy Banks
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Kindle

The witch mark on Nin’s hand is a curse. She has no magic powers, whatever the lore says. But the village believes. The old crone’s wisdom is to see her banished. Ragged and hungry, she must serve the Mage. Alone in his tower, she is his chattel. But Mage Thabit is not what Nin expected—the bright green eyes and supple form under his cloak are not the stuff of nightmares, and kindness hides in his brusque heart. Thabit senses that Nin is more than she seems, too. When true nightmares haunt the land, it is precisely her elusive powers that might deliver them…

Marked for Magic is available at Amazon

Goodreads: Marked for Magic


I am a romance writer. I write sweet sensual romance with a bit of a bite.

I love writing fantasy stories and letting my mind run free with them. I also write paranormal stories and historical tales.

I was born in the Black Country in the West Midlands in England. I am very proud of that heritage.

At present I live with my husband in a converted Chapel in Shropshire in England. Luckily any lingering spirits here are kind.

I have retired from a career in teaching and can now concentrate on other things.

My inspiration to write is one of long standing and I continue to develop my skills as an author to tell the stories in my mind.

I always hope the stories I write give readers enjoyment.


Visit Daisy’s website


Darkness Eternal

Title: Darkness Eternal
Author: Alexandra Ivy
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Kindle

For the Guardians of Eternity, battle is a way of life—whether the plight of their world is at stake, or the fate of their heart…

After being held captive by one vampire for four centuries, Kata had no intention of taking another one to the underworld with her. Yet even in the pits of Hell, there’s no ignoring the intoxicating desire awakened by Uriel’s touch…

Previously published in Supernatural.

Darkness Eternal is available at Amazon

Goodreads: Darkness Eternal (Guardians of Eternity #7.5)


Alexandra IvyLike most writers, I was born with an avid love for reading. Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hand or wasn’t dreaming up wild stories in my head. And when I stepped into my local library for the first time I thought it was paradise. There were so many books on the shelves I didn’t know where to start!

Still, I didn’t plan to grow up and become a writer. I was much more interested in a glorious career as an actress on Broadway.

I followed my dream by acquiring a degree in theatre and performing for several years in summer-stock productions, but after I married my college sweetheart I decided to put the career on hold while we started a family. After the arrival of my two sons, Chance and Alex, I found myself seeking a new creative outlet and decided to turn my occasional scribblings into a genuine effort to get published.

I’d like to say that I was an overnight success, but the truth is that it took years before I finally got ‘the call’. The rejections were painful, but now I’m relieved. All those manuscripts that I thought were the next Great American Novel are now exactly where they belong…gathering dust under my bed.

They did, however, help me learn my craft, and just as importantly, they gave me the opportunity to enjoy writing in a wide variety of genres as I searched for my voice. Which no doubt explains why I started writing traditional regencies under the name Debbie Raleigh and then moved to steamy historicals under the name Deborah Raleigh before transforming into a contemporary paranormal writer as Alexandra Ivy. Now my career spans everything from erotica to romantic suspense.

When I’m not writing I love to travel, it doesn’t matter where I’m going as long as it doesn’t include any cooking or cleaning. I also love to spend time with my family who continue to be my greatest source of inspiration. And since some things never change…when I have a few minutes, you can still find me with a book in my hand!


Visit Alexandra’s website

Connect with Alexandra on TwitterFacebook, and Facebook Fan Page


The City BeneathTitle: The City Beneath
Author: Melody Johnson
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Kindle

As a journalist, Cassidy DiRocco thought she had seen every depraved thing New York City’s underbelly had to offer. But while covering what appears to be a vicious animal attack, she finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed. Her exposé makes her the target of the handsome yet brutal Dominic Lysander, the Master Vampire of New York City, who has no problem silencing her to keep his coven’s secrets safe…

But Dominic offers Cassidy another option: ally. He reveals she is a night blood, a being with powers of her own, including the ability to become a vampire. As the body count escalates, Cassidy is caught in the middle of a vampire rebellion. Dominic insists she can help him stop the coming war, but wary of his intentions, Cassidy enlists the help of the charming Ian Walker, a fellow night blood. As the battle between vampires takes over the city, Cassidy will have to tap into her newfound powers and decide where to place her trust…

The City Beneath is available at Amazon

Goodreads: The City Beneath (Night Blood #1)


Melody JohnsonMelody Johnson is the author of the gritty, urban fantasy Night Blood series set in New York City. The first installment, The City Beneath, was a finalist in several Romance Writers of America contests, including the “Cleveland Rocks” and “Fool For Love” contests.

Melody graduated magna cum laude from Lycoming College with her B.A. in creative writing and psychology. While still earning her degree, she worked as an editing intern for Wahida Clark Presents Publishing. She was a copyeditor for several novels, including Cheetah by Missy Jackson; Trust No Man II by Cash; and Karma with a Vengeance by Tash Hawthorne.

When she isn’t working or writing, Melody can be found hiking the many woodsy trails in her Pennsylvania hometown or sunning and swimming at the beach.


Visit Melody’s website

Connect with Melody on Facebook and Twitter


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