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Hello and Welcome!

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Dr. Jason Ayers from Harvest Moon. Hello Dr. Ayers, thank you for stop by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures and talking with us today.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background? 

Hi. It’s great to be here. I’m a general practitioner with my own practice. I’m also the doctor for our Pack, but we need to keep that on the down low. No one believes werewolves really exist.

Do you have any special strengths? Weaknesses? Skills?

I’m a fighter, that’s probably my greatest skill and weakness. I’m also an artist when I’m not patching up my Pack brothers.

What is your motto?

I’m not sure I have a motto. These days I guess it’s something along the lines of “Anger is not my master. Not anymore.”

What is your greatest fear and/or regret? Why?

I have so many. If I could go back in time, Malcolm our Alpha, would still be alive and my father never would’ve been attacked and left in a coma.

What do you want more than anything?

To protect those I love and keep them safe.

What do you most value in your friends?

I’ve grown up with my Pack brothers, and while we often disagree, have even come to blows a few times, when the chips are down, my Pack is right beside me, no questions asked. I don’t always like them, but I love the hell out of every single one of them.

What is one thing you wish other people knew about you?

That being a doctor weighs on me. I gave up my dreams to be what the Pack needed. I don’t regret my choice and I would make it again, but sometimes it’s a heavy burden.

What is your most treasured possession?

I’m not much of a collector of things. I can’t think of anything I treasure other than my family and my mate.

Are you currently in a relationship? How is it going?

Yes. Kilani is like a cool breeze on a hot day. I never get enough of her. Which is a good since we work together now.

What is she like?

She’s beautiful and intelligent, and even though she’s barely five feet tall, she has no trouble keeping a Pack of werewolves in line. She’s my lover, my best friend, and my partner in the medical office.

How was your first kiss? 

I wish I could say I swept her off her feet, but I could barely stand on my own that night. She tells it better than I do…

(Kilani’s Point of View)

He rested his head on top of mine and whispered, “I’m warning you now. I’m a horrible patient.”

I smiled in spite of myself and pulled back. “Of course you are. That’s why you’re a doctor.”

I closed the lid on the toilet and had him sit down so I could get a better look at his banged-up face. In the bright lights of the bathroom, it was tough not to cringe. “You have some first-aid supplies, I hope.”

He nodded. “In the medicine cabinet.”

I opened the cabinet on the wall and chuckled. “Bactine and Band-Aids? You call this a first-aid kit?” I turned around to find him shirtless, and my breath caught. Every muscle was well defined, strong, and discolored. So many bruises. “How many fights have you been in?”

“Too many.”

“Understatement of the year.” There was no way Bactine and Band-Aids could fix this. I set them on the counter beside him. “Have you had any X-rays? Your ribs are probably cracked in a few places.”

“They’re bruised, but I don’t think I have any breaks.”

There was the confident doctor god complex. I sighed, glancing around the marble counter. “Cotton balls?”

He pointed under the sink. I pulled a bag out of the cabinet and soaked one in the antiseptic. Gently, I touched it to the cut over his eye.

“Jesus.” He pushed my hand away. “That’s making it worse.”

“You are a bad patient.” I raised a brow. “If you get an infection, this could get even uglier. Better to clean it now.”

I pressed it back over the cut, ignoring his growls. By the time I finished with the contusions, he’d given up fighting me. He probably recognized in his present state I could take him. Nurses weren’t shrinking violets. And I was a damned fine nurse.

“Can I shower now?”

I inspected his face one last time, trying not to allow my gaze to linger on his lips. “I guess so. I’ll get some ice packs ready for your face and a bucket for your hands.”

He got up as I went to the door. In the reflection of the mirror, he rolled his eyes. “I don’t need ice.”

“The hell you don’t.”

Before I got out the door, a vision flashed in my head. Jason collapsing in the shower, his head bouncing off the cold tile, and blood. I spun around as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts.

“Wait. Leave them on. I’m going to help you.”

He looked back at me, confusion in his swollen eyes. “I’m perfectly capable of showering.”

“I’m sure you are, but you probably have a concussion, so we should be careful.”

He shook his head and turned on the shower. “I don’t have a concussion, but if it’ll make you feel better…”

His words drifted off as his eyes rolled back.

“Shit.” I rushed to his side, easing his drop to the floor. There was no way I could support his dead weight, but I could keep him from hitting his head. Once he was on the floor, I wet a washcloth with cold water and sat down, lifting his head into my lap. I pressed the cool cloth to his forehead and patted his cheek, wishing I had smelling salts handy. “Jason?”

His eyes moved behind his eyelids and finally they opened. He stared up at me, disoriented at first before he reached up to take my hand from his forehead. “How? How did you know?”

“Know what?”

“About the concussion. You knew I’d fall.”

“Just a hunch.”

He sat up slowly, almost nose to nose with me. His gaze locked on mine. “You don’t have to lie to me.”

“That goes both ways.” Steam filled the room, masking the electricity zipping between us. His eyes dipped to my lips, and some idiotic part of my heart hoped he’d kiss me. Thankfully a bolt of clear thought jolted me into action. “We should get you in the shower while the water is still hot.”

He blinked and sat up, putting some distance between us. His master bath had a spacious glass shower stall and a big Jacuzzi tub in the far corner. He opened the glass door and a wall of steam billowed out. I braced him, my arm firm around his waist as he stepped inside.

“What about your clothes?”

I glanced down at my T-shirt and jeans. My only clothes I had with me. My bag was still outside in Jason’s car. But he couldn’t be trusted in a shower alone at the moment. If he passed out again…I didn’t allow myself to replay the vision of his blood washing down the drain.

“They’ve been wet before.”

“You don’t need to come in here. I’m much better now.”

“You are not. I’m coming in with you or you’re not showering.” I nudged him forward with my hip. “Stop being a baby and get in there.”

The warm water soaked through my clothes, but I hardly noticed. All my attention was focused on Jason. He was much taller than me and probably outweighed me by at least seventy-five pounds, but if he lost consciousness again, I could slow the fall and protect his head.

He tipped his head back under the water and closed his eyes. Before I could say anything, his mouth curved into a smile. “Still awake, but my eyes sting enough already without getting shampoo in them.”

I chuckled. “They wouldn’t sting if you stopped getting them punched.”

He lifted his head from the water, all his attention on me. “Thanks for helping me tonight.” His gaze wandered lower and I wondered just how see-through my wet T-shirt might be. He brought a battered hand up to my cheek, his thumb barely brushing my slick skin. “You’re so beautiful.”

My heart pounded, and I struggled to keep my body from thinking for me. “You’ve got head trauma.”

He almost smiled. “I thought you were beautiful from the moment you banged on my office door and chewed me out.”

I pressed my lips together, trying to find a safe place to focus my attention. He filled the entire shower stall, his skin clean and wet, every part of him chiseled. His gym shorts clung to a package I had no business noticing.

His finger caught my chin, lifting it until I met his gaze. “Sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I’m probably a real prize right now.”

Every bruise and swollen cut on his ruggedly handsome face only enhanced the spirit inside of him. “You’re still way too handsome for your own good.”

His legs bent, but not from a lack of consciousness. I rose up on my toes, my lips meeting his halfway. His chest rumbled as he pulled me closer. I couldn’t tell if it was a moan of passion or a groan of pain, but it didn’t slow the kiss. His mouth savored mine, lingering, tasting, until he parted my lips with his tongue. A sigh escaped my throat as the kiss deepened.

I ran my hands up his chest and around the back of his neck. He took a step forward, pushing me back against the cool wall of the shower. His erection pressed against me, but it didn’t wake me from the haze of passion, the urgency of desire. I didn’t want to think about reality, about danger, about lies, about the future.

I wanted this complicated man full of secrets and pain and wounds.

Breaking the kiss, he rested his forehead on mine as we both struggled for breath. “If I wasn’t so beat up, I’d be stripping you down and taking you right here.” He panted a couple of times, and a curl of wet hair dangled over his forehead. “But I’m pretty sure my legs’ll give out.”

Saved by weak legs. With each breath, reality encroached on the passion he’d stoked inside me. “Yeah, we should get you in bed.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

Last what do you think of your author? Do you think she will give you your happily ever after?

My author put me through hell for three books, but she kept promising me it would all be worth it in the end. I couldn’t see how, but damn if she didn’t deliver. Kilani, my mate, is everything and more than I ever could have wished for and being with her make me want to be a better man.

So my author is rough, but looking back every set-back molded me into who I am today, and today, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

Thank you Dr. Ayers for taking a moment to speak with us today! 


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When she’s not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, and has performed with San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego.


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