Review: Cosmic Bounty (The Quads of Galafrax #1) by Angela Castle

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Cosmic Bounty Book Cover Cosmic Bounty
The Quads of Galafrax #1
Angela Castle
Erotic Science Fiction Romance - Aliens - Menage
Evernight Publishing
October 25th 2012


Galactic warriors Gol, Hul, Riv and Ric of Galafrax, rescue a shapely female from a slave trader, while wandering the interspecies market. Her pale beauty stirs their lust, and her accepting nature softens their hearts. All four brothers agree she belongs to them—forever.

Stolen from Earth by greedy alien traders, Kat is sold to not one, but four, large muscled, alien soldiers. She’s shocked to discover they plan to share her!

With their sexy red skin and gentle seduction, Kat finds it impossible to resist. All too soon, she loses her heart to the brothers. When they take her to Galafrax, she struggles to learn about her newly adopted planet, but other forces seek to tear her from the men. Her quads will do anything to get her back between them, where she belongs.



~ 4 Cosmic Bounty Stars ~ 

I have a hard time finding good Alien Sci-Fi Romance books. They can be corny or a little to out there for me, but I decided why not try this book out. The description also added to my choice in picking Cosmic Bounty up. It just sounded interesting and something I would enjoy, so here we are. I am glad I discovered Angela Castle and The Quads of Galafrax.

Cosmic Bounty is book one in The Quads of Galafrax series by Angela Castle. Its a fast read with some action and steamy loving. 

The story/plot is not complicated. I also liked the world portrayed by Ms. Castle and how the author tells us about the Demos, their culture, and relationships they have. Each Demos man is unique and you can tell that they each have their own personalities even for being identical, they are different. The sex will get your blood pumping and set the sheets on fire. I liked Kat our heroine. She is a strong women, accepts her fate of not every going back to earth, and learns that maybe she can find what she needs with these Quad brothers. We do have some alien-language misunderstands, a bit of danger, and some weird alien rules that make for an enjoyable story. 

If you enjoy alien sci-fi erotic romances, then this book is for you. It’s a quick read with four very hot sexy read aliens who will love and cherish their women.

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