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Seduced By Santa


A woman determined to spread the Christmas spirit…

Former socialite turned community centre worker Candice Kane loves Christmas. In the run down area she works in, economics and rising unemployment mean that there isn’t a lot of Christmas spirit to go around. Determined to do something about it, for the last couple of years she’s arranged a Christmas Party, complete with a visit from Santa for the neighbourhood kids. This year though, a break-in and damage from vandals means the party could be cancelled.

A Santa who hates Christmas…

Rhod is…was…a Santa. For years he joined the other men in his family delivering presents, until the attitude and ungratefulness of the rich children he delivered to made him hang up his red suit. Working for the Paranormal Protection Agency, he’s convinced himself that he’s happier without being the big guy anymore.

When he and his partner rescue Candy from an attack in a secluded alley, all Rhod’s decisions are put to the test. Can he hold out against a woman with Christmas spirit in her heart, or will he lose his own in the process?.

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“I’m not going to hurt you. I’m Rhod. What’s your name, sweetheart? And where does it hurt?”

At the sound of his voice she looked at him, tilting her head back and frowning. He swore to himself as it became obvious that she was having trouble focusing.

“Candy…err, Candice Kane. Just my head. I think I hit it.” Her voice was soft, barely there at first, but quickly grew in strength as she struggled to sit up. Gently he put a hand on her shoulder to keep her where she was for a moment. Then her name registered.

“Your name is Candy Kane?” he blurted out, his attention divided between the mesmerising storm-grey of her eyes and the still bleeding cut on her temple. Nothing serious, thankfully. It looked as if she’d been pushed against the wall, but the dilation of her pupils was worrying him a little.

“Yeah… Candy Kane. I’d say my parents had a sense of humour, but believe me, they don’t.” She chuckled, the musical sound doing things to his body that should have been illegal. Grimly, he reminded himself that she was injured and he was looking after her. She wasn’t some hot date he was taking back to his place for an evening of hot sex.

His lips quirked as he tilted her chin. Who’d have thought it? A Claus running into a girl called Candy Kane… He resisted the urge to look around to see if he could spot one of those blasted Fates. He wouldn’t put it past them to try something funny, not this close to the damn Christmas season. Bitches had always loved to meddle.

“Okay Candy. How many fingers am I holding up?” he asked, smoothing a thumb over the bruise at the corner of her lips and getting lost in the sensation of the silken skin.

When she didn’t reply, he flicked a glance up to find her looking at him with amusement in her eyes.

“Err… Rhod?”


“You’re not holding any fingers up.”




Farthing of Middle Earth (otherwise known as the Midlands, England) and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer. Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword (with varying degrees of efficiency) she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitable occupation these days.

So, instead of slaying dragons and hunting vampires and the like, Mina spends her days writing about hot shifters, government conspiracies and vampire lords with more than their fair share of RAWR. Turns out wanna-be adventurers have quite the turn of imagination after all…

(But she keeps that sword sharp, just in case the writing career is just a dream and she really *is* an adventurer.)

The boring part: A full time author and cover artist, Mina can usually be found hunched over a keyboard or graphics tablet, frantically trying to get the images and words in her head out and onto the screen before they drive her mad. She’s addicted to coffee and would like to be addicted to chocolate, but unfortunately chocolate dislikes her.


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I'm an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, animal & book lover. I'm the owner, reviewer & mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy & my favorite shifters are dragons.

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