ARC Review: Unwanted Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit #3) by Milly Taiden

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Unwanted Protector Book Cover Unwanted Protector
Federal Paranormal Unit #3
Milly Taiden
Erotic Paranormal Romance - Shapeshifters
Latin Goddess Press
April 15th 2016
ARC Review Copy


Unwanted Protector
Jane Donovan has been living a lie. Every day for the past ten years, she's run from reality and the temptation that Tony Ramirez represents. But this year, Jane’s getaway is filled with more than just relaxation; there’s a dead man on her kitchen floor. Suddenly, keeping Tony away is the last thing Jane can do.

Tony Ramirez has wanted Jane for ten years. While she may not be his mate, the attraction is undeniable. When he can’t shake the feeling he needs to check on her, he decides to crash her vacation to ensure her safety. When he gets to her cabin, Jane is gone and nobody knows where she could be.

Finding out who the dead man is may be the least of their troubles when a pint-sized, pink-haired little girl who needs help suddenly makes an appearance. Unfortunately for Jane, the trouble with a small lie is that it grows with time. The truth may come to light before she’s ready. Now they have a murder, a child, a mystery, and the unwavering attraction to deal with.

Reader Note: These books are a work of fiction. There's hot, sweaty, naughty sex, adult language, lots of violence and blood. Heroines with a sassy attitude and growly Alpha males that will claim their mates at any cost. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you're a fan of all things naughty, sexual tension, action and humor, this is perfect for you. Enjoy!



~ 1 Unwanted Stars ~

Unwanted Protector is book three in the Federal Paranormal Unit by Milly Taiden. It can be read as a stand-a-lone.

Unwanted Protector delivers a murder mystery, conspiracy, aliens, a kidnaped girl, and an attraction that blazes to an inferno at one glance.

So whats not to like?

To start, Jane and Tony see each other across a room for the first time and once their eyes meet, well it’s instant and their libidos take over. Yep, they don’t know each other, so what do these two strangers do they have hot dirty sex. Jane lets her bodies lust control her. Yes, he knows she’s his mate and she feels the same, but that’s not enough for me to have two people hop into bed at first glance. I dis-like these types of hook-ups. Where the couple sleeps with each other; because their body has to have their mate now, especially at the start of a book.

Now lets move onto my second issue. Jane uses her unique abilities to make her mate forget the night of passion as well as making Tony’s tiger forget her smell, so if they do end up in the same room he won’t know that she’s his mate. I was so POD with her that she does this instead of talking to Tony or trying to get to know him.

You may be wondering why does she do this? Well this brings me to the third thing that had me reeling. She was running away from home; because she doesn’t want to become like her mother, a domestic house wife. She wants a career. She feels that if she has kids her life will be over. She’ll have to stay at home with them and can’t do anything else. GOOD GOD!!

And, to make it worse this was just the prologue. The introduction. Not the actual story…. At this point I was just fed up and thought to myself; do I want to go on or should I DNF? (Well I read the whole thing!)

Last, the insta thing never turned into love for me. Even though the author makes her characters say “I love you.” I never did believe that the lust changed to love. The couple does have lots of hot, steamy, and wild sex throughout the book. It was great up to a point, but with the romance not working for me, it felt like it was sex.

What I Did Like: 
I liked the mystery, conspiracy, and our kidnapped child Sari. She is one unique and special kid. I also enjoyed the aliens or what we learned about them. Jane’s brother was fun and cool. He added a little laughter and levity to the story. Close to the end we do get lots of fighting action; which I always enjoy reading.

Unwanted Protector was not the book for me. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary ARC copy provided by Milly Taiden via Wickedly Innocent Promotions with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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  1. Sorry this one didn’t work out for you. I hope you have better luck with the next one. I do have to say that I wouldn’t like the things you mention either.
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    • I kinda went on a little rant with this one. I have loved several of Milly Taiden’s books, but this one just rubbed me wrong. Thank’s for checking out my review!