Review: Jaz’s Warriors (Bondmates #1.5) by Ann Mayburn

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Jaz's Warriors Book Cover Jaz's Warriors
Bondmates #1.5
Ann Mayburn
Erotic Sci-Fi Romance - Aliens - Menage
Honey Mountain Publishing
February 18th 2016


While growing up in Harlem, Jaz Brooks never imagined that there would be a day where she’d have two smoking hot alien husbands, Mavet and Xentix. Or that she would be living on a Kadothian spaceship stationed on one of Saturn’s moons as an Earth Ambassador. And she certainly never imagined that her bondmates would be encouraging her to take a third husband, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

Tandar Glycin has been fighting the Hive in the distant Bel’Tan galaxy for so long now he’d given up hope of ever finding his Matriarch. When word reaches him that his blood brother, Mavet, has bonded an Earth female Tandar is both elated and worried. Vicious rumors abound in the Bel’Tan galaxy about how horrible Earth women are and he worries that Mavet has taken a monster as his wife. When he first meets Jaz he quickly realizes that not all of the stories are true, and that the Lord of Life has blessed him with a kind, beautiful, and feisty alyah who is going to make him work to win her heart.

Warning: This story is set in the Bel'Tan galaxy where polyamorous relationships are the norm and love in all of its forms is accepted including M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M/F sexual situations.



~ 3 Jaz’s Warriors Stars ~

Jaz’s Warriors is a novella #1.5 in the Bondmates series by Ann Mayburn.

This was a very short novella ending at around 67-70%. The rest of the book is filler with the first chapter of Casey’s Warriors and author/book promotions.

We meet Jaz in Casey’s Warriors. I liked her the moment she was introduced. She’s got spunk and is very friendly to all the new arrivals. She already has two husbands, so she understands the culture differences and shock of having more then one man. She also plays a major role in helping the earth women who are brought aboard the Kadothian Reaping Ship adjust to the new lifestyle.

As for the story it’s short, quick, and very steamy. We get a little tension between a few people, the rumors going around are meant to sabotage the bonding of earth women to the alien men, and a small conflict arises that Jaz’s administrative duties must resolve. All of this is happening while she is intruded to and trying to bond with Tandar whom Mavet one of her husbands is blood brother too. He wants her to choose Tandar as a third husband. We also see a few previous characters from the first book pop in and a new character is introduced that will be featured in Page’s Warriors. The sex scenes are very hot, very steamy, and well written.

I enjoyed Jaz’s Warriors. I would have liked it to be a full book. I felt it could have been made longer, but with novella’s we just get a taste of the world and characters. It was a nice addition to the series. I am curious to read Page’s Warriors.

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  1. Oh this series sounds interesting, and I have never heard of it. I haven’t read anything like it.
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    • I’ve read very view Sci-Fi books. I just recently found about this series when I spotted the first book up on NetGalley and was like hmm, why not try it out? I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s not as in-depth as other romances, but it’s interesting how the world is set up and the relationships are built with more then one man, make a family unit. The challenges in cultures and opening up to new views.