Review: Chaotic War (Sons of War #3) by Lia Davis

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Chaotic War Book Cover Chaotic War
Sons of War #3
Lia Davis
Paranormal Romance - Mythology - Dragons
Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
February 23rd 2016


While Zavier Sullivan may be the calm, reserved brother, his dragon is not. Especially since the beautiful, unorganized demi-goddess, Danielle Roberts—a.k.a Elle—moved into the mansion and into his life. She disturbs his OCD and makes him yearn for things he shouldn’t, but he can’t stay away from her. Nor can he deny her anything. Including his blood.

Ever since arriving at the home of the Sons of War, Elle has been plagued with dreams of the past and future. The visions are taking a toll, causing her debilitating headaches and ruining her sleep, but she doesn’t know what it all means. Her mother, Nyx, the Goddess of Night, has never bothered to show up and explain things to her. Until she arrives and unlocks Elle's powers, promptly transforming her into a half-daimon, half-goddess. Now, Zavier may be her only hope of holding onto her humanity, but can she bond with him after everything she’s seen? Especially in the midst of everything the Sons and their mates are going through.



Chaotic War is book three in the Sons of War series by Lia Davis. This series does need to be read in order as each story builds on the other and the plot thickens as we move along.

I was very excited to read Chaotic War after finishing Ashes of War. The plot had thickened and the build up for Zavier and Danielle throughout the first two books was wonderful done, but sadly their relationship in this story was lacking.

It’s an exciting, quick, and fast-paced read. The storyline seemed unnecessarily rushed. The characters didn’t feel as developed as the past two and the romance felt week, even with the build up throughout the books. We do get to learn about Danielle a.k.a Elle, but what we learned went by way to fast. I would have liked to dig deeper into her heritage. I liked Zavier, but we learn nothing about him or what made him who he is. In Ashes of War we get inside Ty, but here nothing.

I was disappointed in how short this story turned out to be. It’s only 80 pages compared to the first to stories that top over 200 pages. I thought when I bought this I was getting a full length story and then I read it in no time and go “oh that was short.”

Chaotic War was an ok read, but it needed to be longer to help the storyline and characters develop more. I wanted to love this one, but couldn’t. I will be check out the next book; since the set up for our next character has me intrigued. Hopefully we get more.

Rated: 3 Stars

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2 comments on “Review: Chaotic War (Sons of War #3) by Lia Davis

  1. Sorry their relationship didn’t work as well in this book, especially as it sounds like the first two books were quite good. And that’s weird this one is so short while the first two books were much longer. Sorry this one wasn’t as good as the first two!
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    • I excited for this couple. We got a nice set up with books one and two for them, but sadly it feel short. Ya, I didn’t look to see how many pages it had before I got it. I was thinking it would be longer since the others where at least book 2 was, but this was more novella and went way to fast. These things do happen. Thank’s for checking out my review.