ARC Review: Promise the Moon (Lorimar Pack #1)(Gemini #4) by Hailey Edwards

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Promise the Moon Book Cover Promise the Moon
Lorimar Pack #1
Hailey Edwards
Urban Fantasy
October 29th 2016


Lorimar Pack, Book 1

War is a constant threat on Dell Preston's horizon. As beta of the Lorimar pack, her job is to maintain the peace on the new border between Faerie and Earth at all costs. Even if that means playing nice with her ex, Isaac, the fae who savaged her wolf's soul, and Enzo Garza, the flirty witch who ought to be focused on building up their magical defenses instead of tearing down the walls around Dell's heart.

Butler, Tennessee is a pinprick on the map with a diverse population of supernaturals. It's also chockful of humans who are unaware of the magical rift bruising the sky or the otherworldly insurgents raining down into their zipcode. 

A local fae's disappearance catches Dell's attention, but she dismisses it as an isolated event. Until it happens again. Unable to ignore the strange happenings in her town, she begins an investigation that uncovers so much more than a simple rash of kidnappings. 

Now Dell finds herself at the sharp end of a pointed ultimatum. Find the missing and return them to their families or get ready for prime time. Botch this job, and forget coming soon. The war will become tomorrow's featured attraction instead.


Promise the Moon is book one in the Lorimar Pack series by Hailey Edwards. This was a nice start to a new series in the Black Dog world. It’s fast-paced, non-stop action, and adventure.

Ms. Edwards is a remarkable author. The writing is incredible, she mixes characters from her other series, and has way of pulling the reader into the adventure.

Promise the Moon is a spin-off. Dell is introduced to us in the Gemini series. This story is in Dell’s POV. She’s one tough cookie, Beta of the Pack, hurting since she is estranged with her mate, and really taking on too much plus she’s been burned one too many times in the past. Some of those people from her past want a second chance.

I wasn’t a fan of the rival triangle. One has always had a thing for Dell, but she never gave him a chance nor did she lead him on, then her estranged mate well that’s complicated. But the romance or lack of takes second places to the troubles that are plaguing the Lorimar Pack. People in town are going missing and fae from fairy are invading earth.

As for Dell I like her, but don’t love her. She never fully grabbed me like so many other characters in the Black Dog world. I read all the Gemini series; before picking up this spin-off series. I got to meet Dell in that series, so I have a better understanding on what’s going on and her character. I would recommend reading the Gemini series; before this, but you don’t have too.

And last, OMG…. I’m reeling from the ending or should I say it leaves you wanting more NOW!!

I enjoyed Promise the Moon and look forward to more and seeing what will happening next for Dell and the Pack. I highly recommend Hailey Edward’s especially if you enjoy Urban Fantasy. You will be taken on an adventure full of action, mystery, suspense, and more.

Rated: 3.5 Promise Stars

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by CrushStar Multimedia LLC via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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  1. Hailey Edwards is a prolific writer! It seems like she’s got a new spin-off or book each month! It’s nice that she writes high-quality work on a fast pace!
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    • Agree!! Their is just something special about this world she has created. It keeps me coming back for more.