Review: Celestial Beauty (The Quads of Galafrax #4) by Angela Castle

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Celestial Beauty Book Cover Celestial Beauty
The Quads of Galafrax #4
Angela Castle
Erotic Sci-Fi Romance
Evernight Publishing
September 29th 2015


Forced to land their scavenger ship on a remote planet, the last thing Demos quads Zeb, Raz, Kue, and Loc expect is to find is a lovely and feisty human female. 

Celeste has survived a life of abandonment and abuse on Earth, being abducted by cruel aliens, and the ship crashing on a strange planet. But can she survive four sexy red alien men, intent on rescuing her and making her theirs? 

To win her trust, the brothers make her a part of their crew, assisting in the repairs on their ship. Their friendship blooms into a heated passion that Celeste never thought possible with four alien brothers. 

When their new bond is threatened by the very aliens who abducted her, her quads reveal some unique hidden skills, showing just how capable they are at protecting the woman they’ve come to love, no matter the cost.



I have been enjoying this sexy series. I have a hard time finding good alien romance these day’s, so when I find a series or author I enjoy. I stick with it.

Celestial Beauty is book four in The Quads of Galafrax series by Angela Castle. It can be read as a stand-a-lone. It’s a fast, sexy, sensual, and steamy read.

Kudos to Celeste. She was a tough women. Surviving being abducted and be stranded on an alien plant all by herself once the ship that she was on crashes. I liked her strength and also understood her fears and self doubt. As for the men, each Demos man is unique and you can tell that they each have their own personalities even for being identical, they are different.

The Quad Brothers, once they find her, help her heal and in doing so help themselves to heal from a relationship mistake. The relationship is quick. The sex is steamy, will get your blood pumping, and set the sheets on fire.

The plot is not complicated, but entertaining enough. The world is explained nicely, especially on the dynamics of the brothers. I like the world that has been created here. Who wouldn’t enjoy having four sexy alien men adore and pleasure you?

The only downside to this story was the editing. I was disappointed. Way to many word mistakes especially for the price. It needs to be polished more, but other then that I had a delightful time returning The Quads of Galafrax.

Rated: 4 Celestial Stars

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2 comments on “Review: Celestial Beauty (The Quads of Galafrax #4) by Angela Castle

  1. It is always a shame when there are editing issues with a book. When it is an ARC, you can sometimes write it off as an unfinished book that you hope will be fixed before the final release. When you buy the book, it is very concerning.
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    • Yes, I agree! The first three in the series I didn’t see this issue, but this one..well it was disappointing especially at the price it’s at.