Sworn to a Highland Laird by Sky Purington (Tour) ~ Excerpt

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The MacLomain Series

A New Beginning 

Book One

Sky Purington

Genre:  Time-Travel Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication:  September 26, 2017


Number of pages:  275

Word Count:  86,500

Cover Artist:  Tara West

Book Description:

When Milly is hired by an anonymous client interested in selling his New Hampshire colonial, she’s drawn not only to his sexy brogue over the phone but to the house itself. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she finds the home abandoned and the man who contacted her non-existent. If that isn’t enough, the mystery only deepens when she discovers something in the attic she dreamt about as a child. A Claddagh ring that whisks her back in time to medieval Scotland.

Reborn into a new life, Laird Adlin MacLomain knows things are about to get complicated. Devoted to both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, he and his clan are determined to fight in the First War of Scottish Independence. However, it will take more than brawn and battle skills to see their country through to freedom. It’s going to take help from the future. Specifically, from a lass named Milly.

When Adlin and Milly connect across time, enemies take notice. England becomes more of a threat as well as its unknown allies. After all, there’s power to be had in a Scottish Laird and a modern day woman finding each other…remembering one another. The life they once shared. The love that was theirs. More so, the strength and perseverance they were capable of together.

Will it be enough to fight all that’s coming their way? Find out in Sworn to a Highland Laird.

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Milly tried not to frown. “His lasses?”

Like there had been so many.

“Aye, did ye not know he was once immortal and rumored to have been with quite a few…”

“I’ve heard,” she interrupted before he could innocently drive her away from Adlin. “He’s quite loved.”

“Aye, quite,” William agreed, grinning as he eyed her. “But for all the rumored lasses ‘tis also said that only one ever truly claimed his heart.”

“Is that right?” she murmured, surprised by how winded she suddenly felt. “And who was that?”

“I think ye well know who she was, lassie,” William said softly as he took her hand and pulled her after him.

“Not sure I do,” she murmured as they stopped almost at the very spot Adlin had dipped her hand in the water the night before.

“Were ye not once called Mildred then?” William asked as he pulled off his shirt. “Were ye not called by the same name in another life?”

“I…uh…oh…what are you doing?” Her eyes widened as he yanked his boots off then did the same with his pants.

“I think ‘tis obvious.” He grinned as he waded into the water naked. Milly knew she should turn, but for shit’s sake, this was William Wallace and what modern day Scots loving girl in her right mind would look away? Unfortunately, after a brief glimpse, it seemed she would as she averted her eyes then did, in fact, turn away.

“What’s obvious is that you just stripped down in front of me,” she called over her shoulder.

“Aye.” He issued a low whistle. “And ‘tis bloody cold!”

“I know.” She sure as hell did. “So back to what you said before…”

“And what was that?” came a low, dark tone she almost didn’t recognize as Adlin until he appeared through the woods with a thunderous look on his face. One solely focused on William.

Milly’s mouth dropped as Adlin yanked off his shirt but didn’t bother with anything else except his boots before he strode into the water with rage in his eyes. “My kin and I treated ye bloody good, lad, yet here ye are strippin’ down in front of my lass! What are ye hoping for being so brazen because ‘tis bloody disrespectful to both Milly and me!”

She was so focused on Adlin’s upper body and how cut he was that she didn’t realize he had a sword and seemed set to kill William. An important man with one hell of an army really nearby. One that would come to his defense in no time. For that matter, based on the whistles then roars, she’d guess they were seconds away.

“Och, nay, ye’ve got this all wrong, Adlin.” William shook his head and ducked beneath the first swing of Adlin’s sword. “I wasnae wooin’ her.”

“Nay?” When Adlin thrust, William leapt to the side. “Yet ye’ve yer cock swingin’ for her to admire, aye then?”

“I wasn’t admiring anything,” she called out. Her voice trailed off as plain old female appreciation took over. She tilted her head and started admiring a whole lot as Adlin’s tartan started to slip.

“Oh, look at that,” she whispered, her eyes wide on his tight ass as he thrust his blade at William so quickly that Wallace stumbled back into the water. But not before someone tossed him a sword, and he blocked Adlin’s blade as it came down hard.

It was that, the harsh sound of metal clanging against metal, that finally snapped her out of her reverie and she screeched, “Stop, you’ve got it all wrong, Adlin!”

That didn’t slow him in the least. He was roaring mad and going at William with fury.

“Oh no, oh no, no,” she kept muttering as she raced into the water after them. By that time they were going at each other viciously as William mostly defended and tried to explain that Milly wanted Adlin and no one else. Though she might argue that to some degree it did not stop her from splashing downstream after them.

“Adlin, stop!” she cried, but with all their clinking and clanging she wasn’t sure anyone heard a word.

Adlin was out for blood, and at this point, it seemed William was too. Adlin slashed, William ducked. William thrust, Adlin leapt to the side. They were well matched and moving fast. How could this end well? It would not if she were the judge of it. And it appeared she was seeing how she was the only one willing to stop the battle in a river now lined with warriors.

“No,” she cried again and stumbled forward, determined to see an end to this. Unfortunately, she was so caught up in stopping it that she didn’t realize how foolish she was until she’d leapt in between them and William’s sword came down on her.


Sky Purington is the bestselling author of over thirty novels and several novellas. A New Englander born and bred, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth and legend. When combined with a love for nature, romance and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Sky@SkyPurington.com. Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases?

Visit Sky’s website to download her free App on iTunes and Android or sign up for her quarterly newsletter. Love social networking? Find Sky on Facebook and Twitter.

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