Delectable Delights — Cherry-and-Balsamic-Glazed Pork Chops

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Over on herding cats and burning soup, Anna does Tasty Delights and Dazzling Disasters; where she shares about playing in the kitchen and having some fun.

I thought I would also share my kitchen creations or disasters with you! HelloFresh has become a godsend for me when it comes to cooking. I love the easy of deliver, all the ingredients included, all packaging is recyclable, and I get to try some new things too.

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Cherry-and-Balsamic-Glazed Pork Chops w/ Crispy Broccoli and Potatoes


Yukon Potatoes
Dried Thyme
Pork Chops
Broccoli Florets
Balsamic Vinegar
Cherry Jam

Preheat and Prep: Oven 450. Cut potatoes into 1/2 inch wedges. Halve, peel, and thinly slice shallot.

Roast Potatoes: Toss potatoes on one side of a baking sheet with oil, thyme, and slat and pepper. Roast 12-13min, toss, then continue to cook another 12-13min, until golden brown.

Cook Pork: In a large pan heat oil over med-high heat. Season pork chops on both sides with slat and pepper. Add to pan and sear until cooked to desired donees. Remove from pan and set aside.

Roast Broccoli: While pork cooks, toss broccoli in a med bowl with oil, slat and pepper. Mix. Then spread on the other side of baking sheet with potatoes. Roast until slightly crispy 12-15min.

Make Glaze: Add shallots and drizzle oil in same pan as pork was cooked. Med heat. Toss 4-5min, until caramelized. Add balsamic vinegar and simmer until syrupy and reduced by half. Swirl in 1 TBSP jam and 1 TBSP water. Salt and pepper to season. Taste and Add 1/2 tsp sugar, if you want sweetened more. Remove pan from heat and swirl in 1 TBSP butter.

Glaze Pork and Serve: When potatoes and broccoli are almost done, add pork chops to pan and glaze over med heat turning until thoroughly coated and heated through.  Serve alongside broccoli and potatoes. 



This was a delicious and easy to make dish. We loved it and I’ve made it a few times after that first go through. Some of the recipes I get. I keep and cook again. 



Want the recipe? Check out HelloFresh Cherry-and-Balsamic-Glazed Pork Chops!



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  1. I’ve always been curious about Hello Fresh. That meal looks amazing!

    • HelloFresh has worked wonders for us. I’m not big on shopping and planning meals, so to have everything come to me has been wonderful. Thank’s for stopping in.

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