Review: Devil’s Gate (Elder Races #4.6) by Thea Harrison

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Devil's Gate Book Cover Devil's Gate
Elder Races #4.6
Thea Harrison
Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy - Novella
Teddy Harrison LLC
August 22, 2017


This title was previously published and is being rereleased by the author. It has not been revised.

As a coroner, medusa Seremela Telemar has always felt more comfortable chatting over a dead body than over drinks. But when her wild niece, Vetta, runs off to Devil’s Gate, a lawless town that sprung up overnight in a modern-day gold rush, she knows she has to extricate her before the rebellious girl gets into real trouble.

Vampyre Duncan Turner is not about to let his new co-worker go into that chaotic Wild West town alone. His Vampyric power and lawyer smarts make him the perfect ally, and the fact that he already had his eye on Seremela for more…personal reasons, doesn’t hurt matters. Any romantic thoughts are put on hold, however, when they arrive at Devil’s Gate and learn Vetta is set to hang by morning.

In order to save Vetta and themselves, Seremela and Duncan are going to have to fight fire with force, and magic with fangs. And pray they make it out of Devil’s Gate alive.


I read Devil’s Gate when it was first published and loved it. 

Even if you haven’t read an Elder Race book you could still pick this novella up, but I would recommend at least reading Books 1 & 2 first in the Elder Race series; since they give you a sense of what is going on in the world. 

Devil’s Gate features Seremela a Medusa and Duncan a Vampyre. These characters are secondary characters introduced somewhere along the line in the Elder Race series. 

As for the story, their is no shortage of action, adventure, and danger. The romance is sweet; between these two and their is some major sexual tension that will combust by the end. I also have to point out that when we think of Medusa we don’t think nice creatures, so I have to say I like how the author portrayed her Medusa’s. They weren’t creepy, but came of different and noteworthy.

The Elder Race series brings us a verity of unique supernaturals, worlds, and so much more. It’s an entering series to read or listen too. I highly recommend diving in. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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18 comments on “Review: Devil’s Gate (Elder Races #4.6) by Thea Harrison

  1. Oh I have got to try these out. I have book one, I believe. Yay for a good one.

    • It’s a fun series. I like the unique characters and supernaturals. Hope you enjoy!

  2. This is a series I really want to start reading, Angela! It sounds really good 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this novella.

    • It’s a fun one. I really like Ms. Harrison’s Elder Races stories and her spin-off Moonshadow. I will say I did have problems with book 3 in the Elder Races series. It didn’t wow me. Oracle’s Moon is by far my favorite next to the Dragons ^_^. Hope you enjoy when every you try them.

  3. I’ve seen these around many times, but have never read one. You have me intrigued! Thanks for the recommendation.

    • You are welcome. I like the series. Oracle’s Moon is my favorite besides the ones with the Dragon Family in them. ^_^

  4. I really like this series, but I haven’t read most of the novellas, only full-length books (with an exception of the ones with the royal family). Glad you enjoyed this one.

    • Ah the dragon’s (royal family) are a lot of fun with their novellas, but you do have to read their books/novellas in order. As for the other novellas in the series they can all be read as stand a lone some do happen after certain things in the series, but you can still enjoy them either as the series or separately. The audios are good for the novellas. ^_^

  5. This is another series I want to try. I love the overall arc premise. Glad this will work after reading the first two books

    • It’s a fun series. I really like the uniqueness of the world and how the overall arc keeps growing. I also love the verity of supernaturals. My favorite in the series is Oracle’s Moon. I’d love to have more Jinn books. Hope you enjoy whenever you try out the books and novellas.

  6. Thanks Angela, I’ve been wanting to try this author

    • Hope you enjoy!

  7. I read a different Elder Races novella as part of an anthology last December had it had me eager to start the series. I am intrigued by a medusa race. 🙂

    • I enjoyed the winter novella too. Their are a lot of cool races featured in the series. Hope you enjoy the novels when you get read them.

  8. Awesome review!! Angela!! Shared on all my!! Love this cover this guy is hot!!

    • It is a very nice cover. Thank’s!

  9. I have the 2 first novels in the series but I still need to try them!

    • It’s quit a unique world, with interesting characters, and it only gets better the farther along in the series we get. The novellas are a lot of fun too! Hope you enjoy!