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Series Synopsis

Five vampire Clans are led by the Rulers of Darkness. Each must find their fated mate or their immortality will be claimed by the Death Curse – a slow, agonizing death that consume the mind and body until the vampire wastes away to nothing.

Each Clan faces their own challenge, either from outside forces such as the Red Order Hunters, or personal trauma, in the case of the return or crazed exiled king. All want nothing more than to protect their people and bring out peace between vampires, witches, and shape-shifters and as they fight their battles, they mus also fight  to claim their mates. But there is something else at work, something that has triggered a change within their realm of darkness and they will have to work together if they all hope to survive.


The Books

Book 1: Caressed by Moonlight

  • Main couple: Dorian Vlakhos & Victoria Kingston


Book 2: Caressed by Night

  • Main couple: Dimitri Arsov & Kerstyn Ingmar


Book 3: Caressed by the Edge of Darkness

  • Main couple: Hadrian Lucretius & Eva Maldonado


Book 4: Caressed by Shadows

  • Main couple: Sonya Rebane & Falcon Kenwrec


Book 5: Caressed by the Edge of Darkness

  • Main couple: Gabriel Erhard & Jordan Culver



The Characters


*Dorian Vlakhos, King of the Mylonas Clan

*Caressed by Moonlight is his romance

* A Greek general, he was changed by Cassius, a pure vampire, and was the very first fledging ever created. Approximately 3,000 years have passed and he is now the second oldest vampire in existence, behind Dimitri.

*Marries Victoria Kingston without knowing she was his mate. 

*Tall, muscled and thick with deep brown hair and fathomless blue eyes like a sea after a tremendous storm. He is absolutely beautiful, in a dangerous, very male way. 

*Light-hearted but deadly.

*Cast: Hugh Jackman



*Victoria Kingston

*Eldest daughter of the Kingston family. After her parent’s deaths she and her young sister were left in debt. Forced to move to London to live with their spinster aunt, Victoria must find a suitable husband so that she may care for her sister.

*Caressed by Moonlight is where she makes her first appearance and is her romance.

*Marries Dorian without knowing she is his mate.

*She is no wilting flower. Victoria speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of a challenge.  

*Dark, long curling hair and deep, emerald green eyes. 

*Cast: Natalie Dormer



*Dimitri Arsov, King of Volkov Clan

*Appears in Caressed by Moonlight, romance is in Caressed by Night

 *Friends with Dimitri and the other Rulers of Darkness

*He is the last pure vampire, the only one who knows the secrets of their creation. He has been away from vampire society for hundreds of years and returns when he receives visions of his mate.

*Fated mate/wife, Kerstyn Ingmar

*Nearly seven feet tall with blonde hair and piercing, nearly colorless blue diamond eyes he reminds many of a Viking warrior—has a commanding presence.

*His accent is old, but light. Every now and then his phrasing gives away his age.

*Regal, powerful, he is the oldest and strongest of their kind.

*Cast: Brad Pitt



*Kersytn Ingmar

*First appears in Caressed by Night. Romance is in Caressed by Night

*She’d lived a sheltered life until she struck out on her own and moved to Las Vegas. She has devoted her life to her studies and everything has gone smoothly until she meets Dimitri.

*Mate/husband, Dimitri Arsov

*Likes her to earn her way, independent, easy going. She prefers to go with the flow. Kerstyn is intelligent and has worked hard to achieve her dream of being an art historian and museum director.

*Shoulder length strawberry-blond hair, sapphire eyes, fair skinned, lithe and slender.

*Cast: Ashley Greene



* Hadrian Lucretius, Kind of the Validus Clan

*First appears in Caressed by Night, but his romance is in Caressed by a Crimson Moon

*After the tragic death of his twin brother, he lost control over his vampire and went mad. He’s lived in self-imposed exile for roughly 350 years and abdicated his throne.

*Fated mate, Eva Maldonado

*Intelligent, calculating, tortured, and dark, many rumors are whispered about his past. Mysterious, cunning, and guarded, he has many secrets to hide.

*Speaks with an older accent and has worked hard to learn/adjust to current times.

*Tall, leanly muscled, with short black hair and obsidian eyes.  

*Cast: Luke Evans



*Eva Maldonado, from the jaguar shape-shifting pack, Silveria

*First appears in Caressed by a Crimson Moon, romance in Caressed by a Crimson Moon

*Hadrian Lucretius’ fated mate

*Only half shape-shifter, she is treated like an outcast among her father’s tribe. She wants nothing more than to be free and when she is sent as a peace offering to the vampires she feels this will be her change to escape. But she never expected the mad king, Hadrian, to be so darkly seductive.

*She’s brave, outspoken, stubborn, and not easily intimated.

*Petite but can pack a punch. She is beautiful with dark, wavy hair and amber eyes. 

*Cast: Débora Nascimento



*Sonya Reban, Queen of the Voidukas Clan

*First appears in Caressed by Moonlight, romance takes place in Caressed by Shadows

*She is the only female Ruler of Darkness and is much younger than her male counter parts, but she is a fierce warrior and is known as the Warrior Queen.

*Mate, Falcon Kenwrec

*Willing to do anything for her Clan and will never back down from a fight, but she has a softer side not many see. She is nurturing and has always wanted a family of her own.

*She is tall with a willowy figure with long, golden hair. Her eyes are a striking yellow-green. 

*Cast: Charlize Theron



*Falcon Kenwrec, Validus Clan Black Knight

*First appears in Caressed by Moonlight, romance in Caressed by Shadows

*Fated mate to Sonya Reban

*Loyal, steadfast, takes his vows as a knight seriously. Had faith that Hadrian would recover and return to the Clan.

*Fit and muscled, he trains constantly with his sword. 

*Light brown hair and silver eyes.

*Cast: Stephen Amell



*Gabriel Erhard, King of the Tapfer Clan

*First appears in Caressed by Moonlight and his romance is in Caressed by the Edge of Darkness

*Fated mate, Jordan Culver

*Created his own Clan.

*Former blood slave, turned into a vampire against his will, and fought hard to become successful. He’s powerful and highly respected. 

*Tormented by his past, he seeks to end the slave trade.

*Easily over 6feet with blond hair ad glacial green eyes. Dresses in an all-black suit all the time, with black leather gloves.

*Cast: Chris Hemsworth



*Jordan Culver, (unprofessional) vampire hunter

*First appears in Caressed by Shadows, her romance is in Caressed by the Edge of Darkness

*Fated mate of Gabriel Erhard

*Has the voice a siren and has the ability to enthrall with her song.

*Experienced fighter and always ready for battle. She will never give up on those she believes in.   

*Deep red, burgundy hair and vivid violet eyes.

*Cast: Meghan Ory


Meet The Author

Amanda J. Greene creates paranormal romance for ravenous readers. She lives in Southern California, where she enjoys escaping the rewarding but hectic world of writing by spending time in the sun and sand with her military husband and their two dogs. 


I'm an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, animal & book lover. I'm the owner, reviewer & mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy & my favorite shifters are dragons.

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