Review: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (White Wolf #2) by Terry Spear

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Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas Book Cover Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas
White Wolf #2
Terry Spear
Paranormal Romance
Sourcebooks Casablanca
October 3rd 2017


Tangling with a White Wolf—Best Christmas Ever, or Real Trouble?

Romance writer Candice Mayfair never missed a deadline in her life—until an accidental bite from a werewolf puppy turns her into an Arctic wolf shifter. She's forced to isolate herself in the wilderness to cope with her unpredictable shifting while she works on her deadlines. After all, for Candice, Christmas is just another day.

Enter private investigator Owen Nottingham, a wolf shifter hired to find Candice so she can collect her inheritance. They have a real problem: she must arrive home in human form, and that's not happening during the full moon. Besides, Owen has a new mission: to convince the pretty she-wolf her best move is to join his pack in time for Christmas...and to prove he's the only wolf for her.


Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas is book two in the White Wolf series by Terry Spear. It’s part of her bigger series Heart of the Wolf.

The characters featured in Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas I remember reading about them in Legend of the White Wolf and of corse they popped up again in another installment in the series, so I have some familiarity with them.

This novel was on ok read. It didn’t wow me or pull me into it. Everything was simple and happens very quickly. The major setup happens in the fist chapter, making it feel rushed. The tone of the book is light. Only touching upon things that should have more importance. For example; the introduction to our heroine and hero, is rushed. We don’t get much depth for the characters. Which made me not fall for them or be invested in them. They where just their.

The romance between Candice and Owen has just a little spice and sweetness. The sweetness was just a little too sweet and so the descriptions got to be a bit repetitive and straightforward.

As for the world building. I’ve always had trouble understanding it. Reading in order would be best, but even then I’m still confused. At the start of the series the world doesn’t know about shifters. They also live very very long lives, but then things kinda change on how long they live, but they are still in hiding from humans. I have always felt like the author wasn’t sure on what direction she wanted to go. Things kinda change suddenly on the life span for the shifters and we still don’t know why this is.

After reading Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas I’m kinda questioning what I saw in Ms. Spear’s wolf series. From what I remember in the earlier books they use to have more depth to the characters and more action, suspense, a dilemma they had to over come, a bad person after them, or some kind of mystery to solve, so that things actually felt like something was going on, but now it feels blasé. From now on if I do pick up Ms. Spear’s I’ll be grabbing the books from my library instead of purchasing. This series and author have lost their appeal to me and I no longer have a big interest in the writing.

Rated: 3 Stars

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8 comments on “Review: Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (White Wolf #2) by Terry Spear

  1. This is an author who has been on my TBR for some time. I’m sorry to hear this isn’t as mind blowing as I was hoping. Might be a little longer before I pick her up.

    • I really enjoyed her earlier books and the Highland Wolves, but these later/new releases just don’t have that special something the others did. I feel they have lost and just become blasé. I’d suggest reading the Highland Wolves at least or start their or you could start the series from the beginning. The first book in the Heart of the Wolf series was a good start, but the ones after worked out well for me as I remember. Thank’s Tanya for visiting.

  2. Awesome review angela! I love this cover!! Shared on all my socials!!

    • I do like the cover. Thank’s for visiting!

  3. Thanks Angela I’ve read her pr novels before and they were good, not super but good reads. Looks like this one is too!

    • Her Highland Wolves are still my favorite. The others are so so. I had a good time, but it wasn’t a super read. Thank’s Debbie for visiting.

  4. I sadly have to agree with you on this. I loved her first two books in this series. I read only half of this and put it away. I expected more from the book like the others. I have not read anything since unfortunately.

    • Her Highland Wolves are my favorite all the others have been so so. The earlier books I feel where really good and had more depth to them, but now they are just blasé. Not a lot to them. Rinse Recycle and Repeat is what they feel like now. Something is just missing. I’ve also DNF one of her books in the PNR Genre and I never thought I do that. Thank’s May for visiting.