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Alpha Passions Book Cover Alpha Passions
Anna Lowe
Paranormal Romance
Twin Moon Press
March 10th 2018


Powerful dragons. Burly bears. Passionate wolves. Sizzling romance & suspense guaranteed!
Discover your next hot alpha hero in this unforgettable volume of steamy & suspenseful paranormal romances! Each story puts the “hero” back into “heroine” and introduces a rich story world, from tropical Maui to the shady side of Vegas and the spellbinding scenery of the desert Southwest. Sizzling romance guaranteed!

In Lure of the Dragon, Kai Llewellyn and his band of battle-hardened shapeshifters fight to save a mysterious woman from a ruthless dragon. In Desert Moon, wolf shifter Ty Hawthorne puts duty above everything - but not even this pack alpha can resist the call of his mate. In Damnation, burly bear shifters clash with a pair of she-wolves in an action-packed tale of second chance romance. And in Gambling on Trouble, a diamond thief falls for a bear shifter security chief. What could possibly go wrong?

Each of these stories is Book 1 in a different best-selling series. Two are RONE AWARD WINNERS/FINALISTS! What better way to decide which great series to sink your teeth into next? Grab this incredible box set deal today!


I read each of these books as they came out. If you are looking for some sexy shifters to keep you warm at night, then look no further. Each book in this Box Set is the first in a series and can stand on their own. It’s a nice taste of the different worlds and shifters the author writes. We get action, suspense, mystery, and romance in each of these shifter stories. 

Lure of the Dragon is a wonderful start to a new series by Anna Lowe. It’s full of suspense, mystery, and romance.  

Lure of the Dragon shows us that everyone has secrets and that not ever supernatural is good. The story was a little slow to start and it took me sometime to get into, but once I did, I enjoyed it.  

We are introduced to a band of brothers, men who severed in a special military unit together. These men have been through a lot and have formed a family. I feel in love with the shifter brothers that were introduced. Each one is unique, has their own personalities, and pasts. I’m curious to learn about each one and see who their mates will be. 

I loved how the author brought all her characters together and that we are still in the same world with ties to Twin Moon. The plot has a few twists and surprises. 

I do have to point out that the first kiss between Tessa and Kai, Holy Smokes it’s smoking. 

It was great to get our first taste of dragons, good and bad, fated mates and lost treasures. I’m curious to see where this new series goes and how it all unfolds. 

Rated: 3.5 Stars

“There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love.” –  The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Series

Desert Moon is book one in The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch by Anna Lowe. I am reading this series out of order and each book can stand-a-lone.

Ty, an Alpha and son of an Alpha. He is bossy, busy, sexy, and wounded in a way that only his true mate can see. I liked Ty.

Lana, daughter of an Alpha. She knows how the Alphas work and she wants nothing to do with an Alpha even if it is her true mate. She is sexy, smart, strong willed, and independent. I liked Lana.

ALowe is an awesome writer. I was pulled into the characters, plot, and world from the first to the last page. I could not put Desert Moon down. I love how the author pulled me into the storyline and connected me to the characters. I become so engrossed in the authors characters; that I felt everything they felt whether they were happy, sad, frustrated, etc. The emotions are so real and the world is unique. I also like how the shifters are portrayed. We are also given a great conflict on more then one front with the feud and rouges. 

Ty and Lana are a perfect couple. They complemented each other and when they connected the sex was passionate and sensual. Destained mates are rare and to find one is something you fight to keep and protect. The wolf side knows it’s destained mate, but the human side will struggle with life’s conflicts and emotions before they come around.

Desert Moon was fantastic, the storyline was gripping, and the characters are captivating. I look forward to more in this series. I am riveted and blown away. 

Rated: 4.5 Stars

What happens when old hurts still linger and old threats come calling?

Damnation is book one in the Blue Moon Saloon series by Anna Lowe. What a wonderful new series that brings us strong heroines, alpha heroes, shifters of all kinds, hot cowboys, action, and much more.

The Blue Moon Saloon series takes place in the same world as The Twin Moon Ranch series. What is important to note is that both series can be read separately even though they are in the same world coexisting side-by-side. The author does a fabulous job bring her world to life and working in the characters from the other series, but what’s impressive is that she made them feel brand new or if you are a fan, ones you have come to love.  

I devoured this book in one sitting. I had a great time with this second chance romance. I will never be board or get enough of Ms. Lowe’s characters and world. She is an outstanding writing that can bring her characters to life, pulling the reader in deeply, making you feel for them. 

Jessica and Simon have a past that caused them both to be hurt in more ways then one. These two had a few things to work out and also an old enemy that doesn’t want to see them together come around. These two go through so many emotions; before they finally clear the air and work everything out. When they finally hook-up again, well the sexy times are sensual, steamy, and romantic. As for our enemy it was rather quick, but you know they will be back.

Their is a prequel, Perfection, for Simon and Jessica. It’s their beginning, before everything went wrong. No, I have not read it. Should you read it before you read Damnation? Well some reviewers say yes, I on the other hand can’t say until I read it, but I felt the story stood on it’s own.

Damnation was a sweet second chance romance that will take you on a whirlwind of emotions, action, suspense, and love that never faded. I highly recommend this new series as well as her Twin Moon Ranch. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series. 

Rated: 4 Stars

Gambling on Trouble is a steamy short story prequel to Gambling on Her Bear in the Shifters in Vegas series.

We get to go inside Karen and Tanner’s heads. We get two chapters one is Karen’s POV and the other is Tanner’s POV. Both are in Vegas for specific reasons. Both have plans and secrets. We get to see that first time meet and the one night of passion they had out in the desert, before all those plans come into play. 

I very much enjoyed this short prequel. It was fun to see their first meet and see how all consuming it is when you find your mate. Destiny loves to sneak up on us all.

Ms. Lowe is an amazing writer and storyteller. She has a way of capturing the reader and pulling us in. Getting us emotionally involved in the characters. I have loved all her paranormal works and highly recommend pick them up. 

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. Love your review! I have to start this collection!

    • I really like her Twin Moon Ranch series and Blue Moon Saloon series. I’ve got all those eBooks. I like the new series too that’s in Hawaii. That one we get to see different shifters living together. Really all her work is enjoyable. They have moved me in one way or another. I hope you enjoy! Happy Reading.

  2. Fabulous review!! I love how you breakdown each book and review!! Your awesome angela!! Shared on all my socials!!

    • You are welcome! Thank you for visiting and sharing.

  3. oh nice, it looks like it is a good selection
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    • Yes and it’s the first book in each series too. Thank’s for visiting Melliane.

  4. These sound like great stories! I’ve never been big on getting book bundles. I don’t know why, some weird quirk. But this one sounds worth adding to my TBR! Love shifters.

    • I’ve also not been big on book bundles, but sometimes I feel they are worth getting. I like this one Author Anna Lowe, because it gives someone, new reader, a chance to experience all the different shifters she writes and all the different pack, clan, pride, etc structures.
      Thank’s Tanya for visiting!