Review: Penumbra (Spook Squad #3) by Keri Arthur

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Penumbra Book Cover Penumbra
Spook Squad #3
Keri Arthur
Urban Fantasy
October 28th 2014



Agent Sam Ryan wants out of the Special Investigations Unit. She’s sick of the attitude from her partner, Gabriel Stern. She’s sick of the paperwork. Most of all, she’s sick of feeling lonely. But her boss isn’t about to let her go that easily. He gives Sam a choice: either stay stuck in her office or guard a clone replacement of Dan Wetherton, a government minister. Sam reluctantly chooses the latter—even though she suspects she’s being used as bait to draw out the SIU’s elusive nemesis.
Gabriel would like nothing better than to be on his own, without a partner to hold him back. Then he learns that Sam has been assigned to protect Wetherton—or whatever it is that’s replaced him. Wetherton’s clone could have come from only one place: Hopeworth, the military base that contains the secrets of Sam’s past. Determined to protect her, Gabriel is drawn into a fight against unspeakable evil. And all too soon, Sam and Gabriel discover that the connection between them is far more powerful than anyone could ever have imagined.


Penumbra is the third and final book in the Spook Squad series by Keri Arthur. This one answered many questions, but also leaves us with a few things left to be discovered. It’s another fast-paced and action-packed adventure.

I was eager to get into this third novel after finishing the second. I’m sad this is the last volume; because their is more to be discovered and flushed out even though many of our questions about Sam’s past and Sam in general get answered, the author leaves possibilities open to add more books.

Sam realizes she isn’t happy and even more alone and finally decides to apply for a transfer. Stephan doesn’t agree and offers her a solo mission. Gabriel has mixed feelings about this, even though he’s wanted Sam out of his life from the start, and well he gets what he wants; in the end ending up with a new partner and a mission of his own.

The mystery missions both Sam and Gabriel have to take on where intriguing to say the least. I liked seeing Sam on her own, she becomes more confident and dives into her strengths and weakness. She is starting to dream of her past or is she? She is also starting to have a life of her own and moving on. I think this time apart from Gabriel was good for both. And to see Sam struggle with the dreams, the mysterious Joe, and that she is/or might be a creation of Hopeworth added to the story and intrigue.

We get to meet Gabrie’s new partner Illie, who is funny and fresh and it’s only naturally to like him. We also finally get answers to many of our questions. We learn the truth about Sam, her past, her relationship with Gabriel, her relationship with Joe, and her origins. I loved seeing the evolution of her powers as a young woman and discovering what she really was and can do.

As for the romance, which I’ve been saying was nothing, is now coming into play. They have had this instant attraction, but Gabriel has fought it tooth and nail. Sam has tried to break down the barriers he put up, but to no avail and so, she’s deiced to move on, yet Gabriel isn’t happy about this and so we see a change in him and by the end they are tentatively together.

As for ending the novel. The epilogue was perfect, but ending the series well we are left with the knowledge that a war is coming. These first three novels in the series introduced the world and characters fabulous. I’m sorry we don’t have any more in the Spook Squad and I hope one day the author will come back to the series, because I still have questions and want more of these fabulously interesting characters.

To sum up this was an amazing trilogy although I may never know what happens afterwards. I still cherished the novels and the adventure.

Rated: 4 Stars

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14 comments on “Review: Penumbra (Spook Squad #3) by Keri Arthur

  1. I really need to try this author and series. It looks so good and right up my alley. Great review.
    Melanie Simmons recently posted…Outbreak Audiobook by Melissa F. Olson (REVIEW)My Profile

    • I think you’d enjoy this series. It’s got a lot of action, a kick-ass heroine, and non-stop surprises. I hope you get a chance to try it out one day. It’s a lot of fun. I’m glad I read the Spook Squad and I’m looking forward to trying out other series/books by this author.

  2. I haven’t tried this author, but this series sounds so good! I have 2 books in a series by her, not this one I need to look them up. I am adding this series though.
    Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer recently posted…Cowboy, Cross My Heart by Donna GrantMy Profile

    • I’ve got her other series on my TBR to try. I’ve heard good things about her books. I had fun with the Spook Squad series. My only complaint is that it’s 3 books. Their is so much possibility, but the author has no plans to return. I will say it does complete a lot of the question in the series with the 3 books, so you aren’t left with a lot of open ended stuff. UF fans will enjoy the books. Thank’s for visiting Kimberly.

  3. wow…look at the covers of the series. Good to know that it takes a while for the romance to build in the series. I always like to know that beforehand.

    • They are classified under romance, but all books are urban fantasy. The romance doesn’t trulls start to show until well into the last book and then it’s still blooming not full complete. I didn’t go into these for the romance. I went in for the story on our lead Sam and her story pulled me. I loved everything we got in all three books. Thank’s for visiting.

  4. I have got to get back to hers. Been years but I loved all the ones I read 🙂 These look good!
    herding cats recently posted…[memes] Teacherish Characters + my reading weekMy Profile

    • I had a lot of fun with this three book series. I’ve got plans to try out some of her other books. Thank’s for visiting.

  5. I read a review at Between Dreams and Reality which sounds like this is a series she won’t come back to this series. I’m torn. I love many of her other series. Would you read it anyway or do you feel it is too much left open? Anne – Books of My Heart

    • Ya, I looked on her website and she says the series is complete. It’s sad because their is more that can be explored and I’d love it if she does. As for your question I’d still read it. I don’t think their is too much left open. She wraps a lot of it up nicely, but their is the option open if she wants to every return to the series to add more to it. I haven’t had the pleasure yet of trying out some of her other series, but I plan too.

  6. Fabulous review angela!! Great cover!! Shared on all my socials!!

    • Thank’s!

  7. I always love her books so much!

    • I had a great time with the Spook Squad. I only wish their were more in the series. I’m going to be trying out other series by Keri Arthur too. ^_^