Review: Skin Deep (Laura Blackstone #1) by Mark Del Franco

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Skin Deep Book Cover Skin Deep
Laura Blackstone #1
Mark Del Franco
Urban Fantasy
July 28th 2009



She'll need to keep up appearances—if she wants to stay alive...

Being an undercover agent has its occupational hazards, but Laura Blackstone makes it look easy. As a spy for a fey intelligence agency, she uses her magical abilities to create disguises that are skin deep glamours that must never be compromised. But when Laura's worlds collide she'll have more to worry about than retiring an identity; she may just lose her life.


Skin Deep is book one in the Laura Blackstone series by Mark Del Franco.

WOW… It took me a while to wrap my head around the world and characters. It’s a bit confusing, but the deeper you get the more it works.

Laura Blackstone our main character is a spy. She’s got three identities Laura, Mariel Tate, and Janice Crawford. Her fey ability allows her to create these characters and switch between them when need be. We see that Laura is starting to feel rundown, overwhelmed and that her identities are her only identifies and she no long has lines drawn between them. She’s losing herself. She has no friends, no love life, no one. We see her struggle as she tries to find out who wants one of her identities killed.

Skin Deep is intense, intriguing, and action packed. It’s told in first person POV. Reading other reviews it sounds like this series takes place in the same world as the Connor Grey series. I haven’t read that series, but after reading this, I’m curious about the other series.

This was a great urban fantasy. I was confused, but in a good way. A way that made me dig deeper into the story and devour the book. 

Rated: 4.5 Stars

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6 comments on “Review: Skin Deep (Laura Blackstone #1) by Mark Del Franco

  1. Great review angela!! Love the cover!! Shared on all my socials!!??

    • It’s a nice cover. Glad you enjoyed my review and as always thank you for sharing!

  2. This sounds fascinating. Great review! UF is my favorite. I will have to look into this author. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • Glad you enjoyed my review. I found this story fascinating and actually went out and bought book 1 & 2. Their are only 2 books in this series so far. Not sure if more are coming.

      I do think Laura Blackstone is a spin-off from his Connor Grey Series; because they sound like they are in the same world. Not sure, but I think they are. I’ve got the Connor Grey on my TBR to try out too.

  3. oh yes I heard about this author
    Melliane recently posted…Far From True by Linwood BarclayMy Profile

    • He has another series and I think this one is a spin-off from it, but it works on it’s own. I never heard of him until I saw this book pop up on my Goodreads suggestions. It was interesting.